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About this mod

This mod's will add many possible configurations of the Smith and Wesson 500 revolver along with custom animations and sounds. The current version of the mod contains majority of the content.

Permissions and credits
Have you also imagined shooting deathclaw heads as they were watermelons on hickock45's shooting range?

This mod adds multiple variants of the powerfull Smith & Wesson 500 along with it's custom sounds and animations.

Where to find it:
It appears in the inventory of raiders, you can obtain the gun and ammo through fighting with raider bosses, supermutants and gunners.
You can find it in Arturos gun store in Diamond City. However, both the ammo and gun itself are a bit overpriced because of the OP nature of the S&W 500. You can convert the revolver to a bigger caliber.
I'm opened to any suggestions concerning the balance as its a beta.

All receivers require a 44 cal standard receiver mod.

Currently it contains:
-The gun is added to leveled list.
-2 ammo types (500 SW, 45-70)
-3 grips
-4 sights
-6 barrels including 2 different meshes and 3 textures (one by dpillari)
-6 receivers (matching the abovementioned barrel)
-1 built in muzzle
-1 silencer
-custom fire sounds
-custom fire animations

In the next couple days it will probably get much more as I already have many more barrels and textures.

Known bugs:
The suppresor was created mainly for the "punisher" receiver and barrel. It may work with some other barrels.

The mod requires:
-See-Through Combat Scopes - 4x Magnification by henkspamadres
-One Handed Revolver

1.00 Changes:
-Replaced gun down animation
-New meshes/textures
-Balance tweaks (more SW 500 ammo, small damage decrease)

0.99 Added a lot of stuff.

0.9 Fixed the vast majority of bugs

0.82 Fixed some crash issues (hopefully)
-Fixed texture size

-New barrel- 6 inch

-New scopes
-New barrel
_New receivers
-New silencer
-Bug fixes

0.5 FIXES:
-The bugs in 3rd person camera have been fixed. For the animations to be displayed correctly I recommend installing the emply muzzle attachment.
-Attachment names have been corrected.

Where to find it:
Its hidden under a bush right next to Covenant,
Another one is hidden in a box behing a car in Lexington.
Also its somewhere near the redrocket.

Short future:

In the future I will add a custom ammunition type, dpillari's textures, many already finished and textured meshes as well as probably some new sounds and more custom animations.