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Plasma carbine/shotgun/sniper rifle/smart rifle with alternative fire mode, custom 1st and 3rd person animations (including power armor) and hotkeyable functions.

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Plasma rifle should be a pinnacle of energy weapons, a breakthrough in pre-war infantry armaments, and what do we get? A bunch of pipes glued together in form of something that look like it could break if touch a wall or something. So, I wanted to make something that will look like proper military issue plasma gun. Took some inspiration from Doom and a bit of other sci-fi and here we are.
With this gun you'll get a simple plasma rifle, a shotgun, a sniper rifle and a smart rifle with homing projectiles - all depending on currently installed barrel. Also it features an alternative fire mode - attach the Overcharge module to lower rail and you'll be able to activate it and shoot explosive projectiles, also depending on installed barrel - single lobber with carbine barrel, multiple lesser lobbers with splitter, propelled grenade with accelerator and homing propelled grenade with targeting barrel.
Damage output just slightly above vanilla plasma rifle (192+192 vs 180+180 with top attachments on maxed gun perk).

A huge thank you to all people who supported me after the AER15 release! You and only you made development of this mod possible, your support has been a really big help for me! I'm going through some dark times now, but your help gave me some light in the end of the tunnel and with it hopefully I'll be able to get rid of my issues around the end of 2021, and I really looking forward to it :)
And of course a huge thank you to my Patrons! I've started a Patreon page only recently, but you're already supporting the work I'm doing and I appreciate that very much! More guns ahead :D
Of course me starting a Patreon doesn't mean my future weapons will be paywalled, I'll still release everything I'm doing on the Nexus for free, Patrons are getting early access to beta work-in-progress builds, voting polls, some other odds and ends. Check it out if you're curious or if you want to support the future developments:

6 Receivers - each tier increases damage output;
8 Barrels - Carbine, Carbine Improved, Splitter, Splitter Improved, Accelerator, Accelerator Improved, Targeting, Targeting Improved. Improved versions have better stats and change projectiles (and glowing weapon parts) to blue color. Carbine and Targeting barrels have integrated flashlight and laser sight, Splitter barrel have flashlight only;
2 Laser sight colors (available with Carbine and Targeting barrels only) - red and green, can be enabled / disabled / changed anywhere using hotkey or controller item;
2 Magazines - Standard and Improved (higher capacity);
4 Sights - Default flip-up reflex sight (will be activated if you don't have any other scope attached), Aurora RS591C holographic sight, Lightforce 1-6x32 scope, ATACS MK28 targeting system. There's a scope controller menu allowing to change magnification for Lightforce and ATACS as well as toggle target acquisition and night vision for ATACS only without the need to use a workbench;
4 Stocks - Mk.I, Mk.II, Marksman, Recoil compensating;
1 Underbarrel attachment - Overcharge module. Enables an alternative fire option which can be toggled via hotkey or controller item. Alternative fire mode fires an explosive projectile in different forms depending on currently installed barrel - lobber grenade for Carbine barrel, multiple lesser lobber grenades for Splitter barrel, propelled grenade for Accelerator barrel, homing propelled grenade for Targeting barrel. Alternative fire mode uses its own ammunition - X12 Overcharge Cell - it can be crafted on chem bench or you can exchange plasma-related items (cartridges, grenades, mines) in weapon controller menu accessible via hotkey or controller item;
8 Skins (separated to another download to reduce main archive file size) - Default, Brotherhood of Steel, Lyons' Pride, Enclave, Institute, Minutemen, Railroad, Rusty;
Damage modifiers (another separate download) - from -60% to +1000% base damage (because why not).

Controllers has been divided to 4 hotkeys: Fire mode switcher (semi/auto), Scope controller (magnification/acquisition/nightvision), Weapon controller (laser sight/flashlight/ammunition exchange), Alternative fire.
Also for console players and for those who doesn't have much free hotkeys (or doesn't want MCM) there's a chem item craftable for free at chemistry workbench - it contains all functions in a single menu. You will craft two of those items at once and keep it this way if you want to use it from favorites menu (otherwise it will remove itself from favorites on each use).

Alternative fire mode works in pump-action way, its reloading animation supports Bullet Counted Reload, but will work without it as well.

HARD REQUIREMENT: Latest version of Fallout 4 - won't work on outdated game versions;
SOFT REQUIREMENT: Mod Configuration Menu - if you want to use hotkeys;
SOFT REQUIREMENT: Bullet Counted Reload - if you want alt.fire reloading sequence to reload only spent amount of cells.
Mod will work without any of the soft requirements. It won't work, however, without a hard requirement!

After installation (and assuming your character is level 2 or above) you'll see a menu allowing you to select a leveled list distribution option - NPCs (Institute, BoS, Gunners), Legendaries, Vendors (ones with weapon specialty like Arturo, CL-E-0 or Cricket) - all at once or any combination of them. Level restriction: 25.
Also you'll get the chance to cheat one X12 to your inventory on the menu that will appear a few seconds later.
At the Chemistry workbench under "X12 Plasmacaster" category you'll be able to craft the weapon itself (you'll need some perks), a controller item (for free), and alt.fire ammunition.

1). Using a weapon workbench while Alternative fire mode is activated can lead to unexpected results. Nothing serious, but better to avoid it. If you forgot and something screwed up - enabling/disabling alt.fire mode should fix everything.
2). Left hand fingers in 3rd person power armor underbarrel animation set are a bit weird (you can see it in 9th screenshot). It's blending issue with vanilla animations and nothing can be done about it.

Share your screenshots, endorse and vote if you'll find the gun worthy of that :)

Ajhakra - for the dark grey metal cubemap;
Zgabuterimon - for the power armor animation rig;
My Patrons - for the invaluable support I'm getting from them;
And all the people who supported me after the AER15 release - there won't be any X12 Plasmacaster without you, it's a fact! THANK YOU!

Have fun with the gun!