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Adds a modular laser rifle, pistol, submachine gun, sniper, flamethrower or shotgun.
Custom animations, sounds, models and textures. Injected into levelled lists.
Includes 3 craftable Zap Gun turrets.

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Based on salvaged electronic components from terminals and other technological remains, the Zap Gun is a crude laser weapon designed by resourceful wastelanders. It's perfect for those who need just a little more firepower (just be careful with your fingers).

The design of the Zap Gun originates pre-war; Increasingly paranoid citizens began arming themselves when resources started growing scarce. Legends say one of the first prototypes was confiscated, and waits in an ancient government building.

In 2287, realising their technological disadvantage against the Institute and the Brotherhood of Steel, the Gunners have set up a weapons manufacturing workshop to produce more refined and deadly versions of the Zap Gun.

If, like me, you liked the concept of the gamma gun and laser musket, but you want more modularity, visually and in gameplay, this is the mod for you. The design aesthetic is also inspired by the energy weapons of fallout 3 and new vegas.

It is integrated to the weapon vendors levelled list, as well as raiders, gunners, minutemen, wastelanders and super-mutants. Each type of enemy should have a relevant variant of the Zap Gun (gunners, for example, have more advanced versions of the gun).
The most basic version will start spawning at level 3, more advanced versions at level 12, and the sniper and flamer versions start spawning at level 25.
The weapon and is also craftable in the chemistry workbench.

In the early game, you can find one in the under the house of a particularly paranoid former resident of Sanctuary.

There is a unique variant, located in an ancient government building, where confiscated items were kept. 

The unique variant can not be modified - this is on purpose for balancing.

There is also a skill magazine, located in a place crawling with Gunners.

Custom first person animations, custom models, sounds and textures. Includes 3 craftable Zap Gun turrets.

Mod available on Xbox here : XBOX
My Artstation page: https://www.artstation.com/gaston_w

If you're lazy and don't want to loot/craft/buy it: 
You can type this to find the right weapon form:
help zap 4 weap
And then it's player.additem xxxxxxxx


Thanks to the Rizzler and his amazing mod tutorial series which I highly recommend to anyone who wants to get into modding.
DankRafft and a_blind_man for their levelled list script: https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/37808?tab=description
Thank you Wanaming0LittleLight042 and Spiffyskytrooper for taking the time to send me some screenshots!
Thanks the the BoneZone discord for their encouragement and feedback.


If Nexus/your mod manager asks you to overwrite Dank_GunLLInject, you should be ok to do so, it is the same file.

Miscellanous :

-Because this reuses the idle poses of the pipe-gun, it has the same slight issue 
with higher FOV settings (hand placement shifts when aiming the rifle) when in first person. I recommend that you play with the standard fov setting of 80.

-3rd person animations are just the pipe gun animations with new sounds. They all fit but lack the touches I've made to the first person animations.

-Yes, the bolt is left handed, and yes, the fusion core magazine is absurd. I originally designed it thinking I wouldn't make any custom animations so the placement is the same as the vanilla pipe gun magazine. However, in the words of the great Todd Howard, "it just works".

-Yes, laser weapons in Fallout have recoil. This is mainly a gameplay thing to help you feel the power of a weapon, but with the Zap Gun, imagine all kinds of badly designed mechanisms moving inside the the gun when you fire. Zap Zap!

Showcase by DiscoGnome:

Showcase by Degenerate Dak:

Showcase by KottabosGames:

Yay, the Zap Gun made it to hot mods! :)