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About this mod

Adds a MP-412 to the Commonwealth with custom animations!

Permissions and credits

Adds a brand new MP-412 to the Commonwealth!
Comes with custom high quality 2k textures and animations!

The gun currently has:

4 Receivers
2 Barrels
3 Sights
3 Ammo types

Wearable version now available! Get it here

As usual remember to back up your save before installing any mods. I take no responsibility for any broken saves.

If you find any bugs, please include as much detail in your bug post as possible. Half assed reports get nobody anywhere.

The gun is added into the levelled lists through scripts. It spawns on a variety of enemies and isn't common by any means.

If you dont want to get it the proper way, you can use this command to spawn it in through the console:

player.additem XX000F9AXX is your load order number.

ajhakra(me)- Creation Kit and texture work
Synths- Base weapon model and bullets
The Edge- Reflex sight model
Damage Inc.- Speedloader model
Shiny Hax(robersonb1)- The amazing animations
New World Interactive- Weapon sounds
Nightcall(firetruckboy2)- The wonderful screenshots

Do not redistribute this mod or any files contained within this mod without my permission.

Lever Action Reload Fix

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