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An alternative to the vanilla missile launcher with custom animations, sounds, leveled list integration, and a lot of different ammo types, switchable in the field.

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Thank you all for your votes! You made me one very happy modder!
I was planning to temporarily retire from modding for the summer season, but I want to show my gratitude to the community in more firepower than just words, so I'll make something special for you very soon.
You are awesome!

This is a missile launcher, it launches missiles. For the model I've got an inspiration from modern MATADOR / RGW-90 disposable rocket launcher, added a bit of imagination and named it after that nasty creature from New Vegas.
It's designed to be playable at both early and late levels since its strength completely depends on loaded ammunition (and Demolition Expert perk, of course). Ammunition is distributed throughout various leveled lists to appear in vendor inventories as well as various loot containers. The higher your level is - the higher is a chance to find most devastating ammo. And of course all missile types can be crafted at chem bench starting from Demolition Expert 2 (and Science/Chemist/Nuclear Physicist 2, depending on missile type) in most cases by combining 1 missile with 1 corresponding grenade or mine (or 5 if it's MIRV). Additional recipes for higher perk levels are also available, making crafting a bit cheaper (i.e. base Cryo MIRV missile recipe is 1 missile + 5 cryo grenades or mines, advanced recipe available at Science level 4 is 1 missile, 1 cryo grenade, 1 cryo mine and 1 coolant).
MCM menu is also available to define hotkeys for quick ammo type switching and Atlas scope night vision toggle in the field.
Also it is weighs significantly less than vanilla missile launcher, making it more viable option for your everyday payload.

4 scopes - Ironsights, West-Tek scope ( 4x with built-in See-Through Scopes support), Atlas NSG-27USC (with toggleable nightvision via MCM-defined hotkey, highlighting living actors and HUD icon displaying currently loaded missile type), Targeting Monitor (its HUD highlights living actors and displays your currently loaded missile type);
Left rail mover - allows to mount scopes on higher position (there's recipes on chem bench under "Cazador Utility" category allowing you to exchange regular scope mod inventory item to moved scope mod inventory item);

1 upper rail attachment - Guidance Tracking System (allows to lock on target and launch guided missile);
13 ammunition types:
- Standard (equals vanilla missile, uses vanilla missiles for ammunition);
- Acid (explodes with a pack of 10 little containers filled with acid);
- Cryo (equals to cryo grenade);
- Cryo MIRV (explodes with a pack of 5 warheads, each of them equals to cryo grenade);
- EMP (it's like a 2x stronger pulse grenade, but deal damage only to robots, synths and power armor wearers);
- EMP MIRV (explodes with a pack of 6 warheads, each of them equals to EMP missile);
- Frag MIRV (explodes with a pack of 5 warheads, each of them equals to frag grenade);
- Frenzy Gas (explodes with a pack of 5 warheads filled with HalluciGen gas, will turn your enemies on each other);
- Napalm (explodes with a pack of 10 warheads, similar to Molotovs with removed explosion damage but buffed burn damage);
- Plasma (shoots plasma ball inspired by X-Com plasma launcher, explosion equals to plasma grenade);
- Plasma MIRV (explodes with a pack of 6 little plasmoids, each of them equals to plasma grenade);
- Nuclear (equals to Fatman explosion);
- Nuclear MIRV (explodes with a pack of 5 cool little nuclear dudes, you better keep your distance).
2 ways of switching ammunition types in the field, without need to go back to the workbench:
- craftable chem item (add it to favorites menu for easy access), make sure you have 2 of them in your inventory at once;
- if you have MCM installed, you can select a hotkey for opening ammo switch menu.
8 skins: Default green, Arctic Warfare, Desert Warrior, Multicam Black, Stars and Stripes, Tiger Blue, UCP, Woodland.

Fallout 4 version 1.10.162 or higher.
See-Through Scopes - not a requirement, but highly advisable. Also with it installed you'll be able to customize reticles for West-Tek scope.

When you'll enter the game after the installation, you will be asked with a few questions about leveled lists distribution - you can add it to NPCs (Gunners, BoS soldiers, Minutemen, Raider bosses, Legendary spawns) and Vendors, or Vendors only, or nobody at all. After that you will be asked about ammunition leveled lists distribution (appropriate Vendors and random loot containers) - just yes or no. After that you'll have an option to cheat it to your inventory right away. Also you can craft it on chem bench under "Cazador Utility" category.

It really should be common knowledge already, but here it is: THIS MOD WON'T WORK ON OUTDATED FALLOUT 4! If your game version is lower than 1.10.162, you won't see the gun at all, and if your game version is lower than 1.10, even if you'll manage to run it by editing file header in FO4Edit, you will experience crashes to desktop on workbench and weapon inspection anyway since this mod uses material swaps for various functions.

For some odd reason my CK was unable to properly generate AnimTextData, which caused one problem - if you strafe back-right in 3rd person with gun raised, you will strafe forward-left instead. With aimed or lowered gun you won't have this issue. It happens only in 3rd person with raised gun (parallel to the ground, not aiming).
Also if you firing from scoped position and release aim button immediately after fire, gun may not trigger auto reload and you'll have to press R to reload manually. So either press R or don't depress aim button half second longer after the shot and everything will work fine.

Your screens and endorsements make me really happy and inspire me to make something else, so don't be shy. And your votes brings maximum happiness, like off the charts :D
And if you're enjoying my work so much you want to support me and make a contribution to my future creations - you're warmly welcome to do so:

TheRizzler - for his tutorial. Without it you'd never see any of my mods;
WarDaddy - for advising me on animation matter and the principles of balls;
Nova - for the laser beam mesh I'm using in various projects;
henkspamadres - for the monitor screen refraction warp effect and the scopes engine and overall help to make those scopes to be cooler;
Darkfox127 - for the scripting tutorials;
Seddon4494 - for the scripting tutorials;
Wanaming0 - for making me believe I can make scripts on my own;
Neto - for being cool dude (and the screenshots too);
Zenson - for the screenshots;
Little Light - for the screenshots;
Zone and Camp inhabitants - for hospitality and memes.

And as always, have fun with the gun!