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This mod adds a detailed M79 Grenade Launcher that can fire most of the games grenades and swap ammo types in the field without a workbench.

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Hello! This mod is about the...

This mod adds a M79 Grenade Launcher that fits well with the aesthetics of the game. It's main purpose is to act as a launcher for the majority of the grenades in the game. You can fire grenades like you would any other weapon, and use VATS as well. This means you can finally use VATS to fire grenades! It can also fire it's own 40mm Grenade that explodes on contact, and can be crafted at a Chemistry Station.

Also, thanks to a recent update, the launcher can now fire projectiles much further and faster than throwing grenades by hand. Additionally, Baseball Grenades now explode on contact when fired from a Grenade Launcher. When thrown by hand, they act as they always have.

You can locate standard Grenade Launchers being sold at vendors, used by enemies, and found within the Commonwealth. However, there is a legendary version that allows live ammo swapping without a workbench! It can be obtained from the cellar under Gorski's Cabin.

This is a fully independent version of the Grenade Launcher from Grenade Expansion Pack 2.
If you're into explosives, go give it a look!

Want to see it in action? Check out the Grenade Expansion Pack 2 Trailer

There are some interesting mechanics about the Grenade Launchers we will go over here:

The most important thing to know about Grenade Launchers is how they handle their ammo. All Grenade Launchers from this mod have to have grenades converted to sabots in order to be functional. There are currently two methods of converting grenades to sabots. The first is that there are options under UTILITIES in a Chemistry Station to convert all grenades to sabots and convert all sabots to grenades. These options will only appear if you have a Grenade Launcher in your inventory. The second option is simply using the ammo swapping ability of the legendary Grenade Launcher. Simply select the ammo type on the menu and all of that type of grenade will be converted to it's sabot form in your inventory.

There are two different kinds of Grenade Launchers. There are the normal Grenade Launchers, which can be found randomly around the game. They've been made to spawn where you would find Missile Launchers, so shops, enemies, and maybe some loot crates. There is a reasonable range of modding options for this weapon, though it's no Walther P99 by TrophiHunter by any measure, you'll find it's about as many mods as you would expect for a vanilla weapon. Most notable about Grenade Launchers is that you can swap what type of grenade it fires with a Weapons Workbench.

There is also the legendary Grenade Launcher, which can be found under Gorski's Cabin. There is only one of these in the game, so treat it well! It functions the same way as the normal grenade launchers, except it has a special ability. It's special ability is to allow you to swap out it's ammo type anywhere. This function replaces gun bashing, so in order to do it you need to push your favorite gun bash button and a menu will pop up. Don't worry, if you want you can still hold down the button to throw grenades.

The ammo swap menu will be populated with only the explosives you have on you, either in their grenade or sabot form, so the lists hopefully won't be too long unless you carry about every explosive under the sun. Once selected every grenade of that type will be converted to their sabot form and can be fired from your Grenade Launcher.

The most notable difference to using the Grenade Launcher over the way one would traditionally use grenades is that finally one can use VATS to aim their grenade throws. This works best with Contact Explosives (aim for the feet!) and Dart Weapons, but works with Timed Explosives as well (hopefully your target isn't running too fast). It also serves as just a nicer feeling method of deploying grenades that feels more reliable and more instant than holding down the grenade/gun-bash button. Also, thanks to a recent update, the Grenade Launcher fires all it's projectiles faster than throwing them by hand. This means you can fire them further than throwing them, and can aim your shots with a bit more reliability. Let the Grenade Launcher be a revolution to how you use grenades in your game!

It is thanks to this software and these people that this mod was made possible. A big thanks to all of them!

Tools Used

Creation Kit - Plugin authoring
FO4Edit - Plugin editing
Automation Tools - Plugins for FO4Edit
NifScope - Nif manipulation
3DS Max - Model editing
Paint.Net - Texture editing
Material Editor - For editing material files
BodySlide - NPC model rigging (Charges, Alarm Clock, Pipe Bomb, etc)
NormalMap-Online - Texture map creation



Aevi_Daudi of Bethesda.net - Beta testing and feedback
TrophiHunter of Nexus - Modeling support
Wenderer of Nexus - Scripting support


HQ Grenade Launcher Model - Nightfrontier of the Unity Asset Store

All other model assets are modifications of Bethesda assets. This mod would not be what it is today without these people and their talents, so once again a big thank you goes to all of them!