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Adds the M4A1 from Modern Warfare 2019 and it's variants/Blueprints into Fallout 4.

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Permissions and credits
  • Russian
  • Mandarin

Console: https://bethesda.net/en/mods/fallout4/mod-detail/4161236

MWM4 description

The M4A1 (referred to as Mike4 in the game files) is a Assault rifle featured in Call of duty: Modern Warfare 2019. It is manufactured by FORGE TAC.

"Fully automatic, all-purpose battle rifle. Control your shots and this weapon can be very effective at range."— In-game description.

Mod details


  • FSS 11.5" Commando 
  • Stock M16 Grenadier 
  • FSS 14.5" Tac Lite 
  • Corvus Custom Marksman 
  • FSS 12.4" Predator 
  • Ready up - Action points regenerate at a faster rate.
  • Sleight of hand - Reloads faster (Animation changer)
  • Marathon - Increases the amount of action points.
  • Stalker - Increased speed movement while aiming down sights
  • Heavyweight - Increases the amount of weight you can carry.
  • Quickdraw - Timing of aiming down sight halved
  • Steady Aim - Hip firing is somewhat more accurate
  • Perceptive - Improves V.A.T.S hit chance, 25% less Action Point cost.
  • Blast Shield - Blast Shield slices all damage you receive considerably.
  • ICU - Faster HP regeneration
  • Nuclear born - Rad damage negated
  • Resilience - Falling damage negated

  • Zip Tie
  • XRK M4
  • Polytope
  • Florin
  • Task Force
  • White Noise
  • The Mind of the Beast

How to get

the gun and ammo types are all craftable at Chem Station

Recommended Mods
PIP-PAD - https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/21953
(As this mod was animated without the Pip-boy it is highly recommended you download something that removes it)
Targeting HUD - https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/4314 to customize how you see the targeting HUD


First of all I just want to give a massive thank you to Activision support on Twitter for being so graceful as to give me permission to use assets as long as they're credited. I really appreciate their work and I recommend you try out their products as they are completely worth it.

If there's anyone I've forgotten to credit, contact me so I can add their names.

Massive thanks to the Infinity Ward animation team, more specifically I believe Hyper and Khoa?  Every game they make the animations are always pristine and are just pure perfection in every way. I really recommend (If you haven't) check their page.

NOTE: I do not take commissions, I do these mods as a hobby as I just want to make people happy and enjoy the time I put into my stuff. I did not start off this hobby with making money EVER being a possible opportunity.

Cubemaps - Ajhakra
Screenshots - Little Light
Design - IW weapons team
Infinity Ward animation team
20% of the animations are ported rest are handmade.

Special thanks to FN Thorn-H for some assets.
Thanks to AKKSI for tweaking the firing sounds for the 1.5 update

Permission and legal information:
Check the permissions tab for more info.