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Adds an early game shotgun that can be converted into an improvised explosive launcher. It is injected into the raider and gunner levelled list. Based on AsXas' pipe shotgun.

Permissions and credits
V 1.2 Update: Fixed an issue where the gun's damage would be scaled by both Gunslinger and Rifleman, which made it very overpowered. Tweaked level list (explosive variants should appear less). Reduced base damage slightly. Made Action Point cost higher. Damage modifiers now available in optional files. 

V 1.1 Update: Added a well oiled receiver (faster reload)  - Fixed Misc mods (mods can now be removed and reattached properly) - Subtle fixes and rebalances including weapon range and crafting requirements - Receivers are now in the right order in the workbench - Fixed issues with the aimpoint.

I felt the early game lacked a proper explosive weapon, like the grenade rifle in New Vegas - this mod is an attempt to bring that to the game. The raiders are crafty and I'm sure they're capable of a little more imagination than just the regular pipe gun.
It is based on AsXas' pipe shotgun, with a few custom parts, custom ammo and 6 new textures. The sounds are also custom made and I made new projectiles to balance them as much as possible. This is a new implementation so you should be safe to download both mods. It is also compatible with the other pipe shotgun mod.

It is integrated to the weapon vendors levelled list, as well as raiders and gunners. The explosive variants should be quite rare.
The weapon and its ammo are also craftable in the chemistry workbench.


3 new grips:

-2 pistol grips
-1 new rifle grip

4 explosive receivers:

-Improvised musket
-Explosive energy projectile (uses explosive slugs)
-Improvised grenade launcher (uses explosive slugs)
-Little Feller launcher (uses Little Feller ammo): This is a later-game option and a lighter alternative to the fat-man.


-An energy shotgun receiver 
(uses fusion cells)
-A shielded barrel
-The original assets (long barrel, short barrel, pipe stock, receiver, bayonets and compensator)

I'm open to suggestions for in-game balancing and bug fixing! Please go easy on me, it's my first mod.

If you're lazy and don't want to loot/craft/ buy it: 

You can type these to find the right weapon/ammo forms:
help makeshift 4 weap (for the shotgun version)
help improvised 4 weap (for the grenade launcher versions)
help feller 4 weap (for the little feller)
help feller 4 ammo (for the little feller ammo)
help slugs 4 ammo (for the explosive slugs ammo)
And then it's player.additem xxxxxxxx

AsXas for giving me the approval to use his original 3D model and textures of the pipe grip/ receiver and barrel.
mattsahuman for the inspiration with the original implementation of the pipe shotgun: https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/11274.
DankRafft and a_blind_man for the levelled list script: https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/37808?tab=description

If Nexus/your mod manager asks you to overwrite Dank_GunLLInject, you should be ok to do so, it is the same file.

Known issues: 

-The animations are reused double barrel shotgun animations - they fit well enough except the regular shotgun in 3rd person (the rotation point is off). The reload is also a tiny bit off in 3rd person.
-The new models are not up to the same standard as AsXas' originals but I did my best. 

Thanks for downloading! We made it to the front page. :)

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