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This mod adds the Modular Kalash Assault Rifle to Fallout 4

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I LOVE seeing you using things I make SO...

(Only if you wanna :P)

The "Kalash" is actually a combination of 6 different weapons. The AKS-74, AK-74M, AKSU-74, AK-105, AKM, and RPK-74. All of these weapons were designed by Russian lieutenant general Mikhail Timofeyevich Kalashnikov (Михаи́л Тимофе́евич Кала́шников) between 1947 and 1974. Ranging from semi-automatic to fully automatic, these weapons are very modular and adaptive. Even after almost 300 years, it remains the most popular and widely used assault rifle in the world because of its substantial reliability under harsh conditions, low production costs compared to contemporary Western weapons, availability in virtually every geographic region and ease of use. The Kalash has been manufactured in many countries and has seen service with armed forces as well as irregular forces worldwide, and was the basis for developing many other types of individual and crew-served firearms.

Here is a short video demonstration by Oh Deer:

If you are on YouTube considered Subscribing to his Channel. He makes awesome cinematic videos.

The ENB Preset in the video and screenshots are by Oh Deer also. Check out his preset here:

Sugar Bloom II.7 (ENB and ReShade)

There are 75+ Weapon Modifications equaling over 5,000,000 different combinations! YES 5 MILLION!! It uses 5.56 Ammo with options to change caliber to .308 or .50 in many different variants (Armor Piercing, Full Metal Jacket, Hollow-point, Explosive, Incendiary, Plasma). Also includes custom sounds for semi-auto, automatic and silenced variants.

24 Ammo Types
15 Receivers
14 Scopes
8 Barrels
7 Magazines
6 Stocks
5 Muzzles

This mod is also compatible with the See-Through Scopes Framework, allowing you to customize the Reflex and Combat Sight reticles and dots! Just download the Framework and they will appear in the Weapons Workbench once you attach a compatible sight.

With the See-Through-Scopes Framework there are over 750,000,000 different weapon combinations!!!

Also, check out the New Calibers patch if you would like 7.62x39 or 5.45x39 ammo types!

Animation issues, as with most weapon mods out right now, there are some slight problems, mainly with the reload animations. I did my best to try to workaround this, but this is the best we will get for now. If you find any bugs please report them in the BUGS SECTION not in the POSTS SECTION. Thank you!

IMPORTANT! To get the weapon please make sure you follow these steps first:
Fallout 4 Mod Installation
The weapon is integrated into the Leveled Lists, so if you have other weapons that add to the Leveled Lists this may conflict.
Make sure you create a Merged Patch with FO4Edit.
If you just want to use Console Commands to get the Weapon type this in the console:

Look for the record that has "WEAP" in front of it then type this:
ADDITEM xx000800
Change the two x's to the number the WEAP Record shows.


Gunners Plaza Basement

All credit for the original Models and Textures go to Adept1993, SAM61 and Shizz at GameBanana. The Scope is by Paul Yakushev. The Reflex model is by Millenia (horrible textures by me). The Combat Scope is by Geoset. The Double Drum Mag is by TwinkieMasta, DarkElfa and Stroke. The Suppressor is by Yaznee. The Folding Stock is by Frimenitnet and lafugix. Thank you to henkspamadres for helping me to get the Combat Sights working correctly. Credit for the ammo framework goes to ff7cloudstrife. DOOM for messing everything else up.

Big thanks to Oh Deer for doing the awesome video and screenshots pre-launch so this could all be presented so well.

Thank you BasedGod