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Adds the Assault Rifle from Wolfenstein: The New Order.

Permissions and credits
UPDATE: 12/25/2017 - New Animations by Wardaddy, and updated Receiver Roster. 

My second attempt at a weapon mod. 

Adds (more or less) the assault rifle from Wolfenstein: The New Order. Though not really Lore Friendly, i tried to retcon it in as like a standard issue battle rifle for the European Commonwealth refereed to in previous Fallout games. Can be found on Gunners, Caravan Mercenaries, and some settlers. 

Wardaddy's Glorious Animations:

Mod includes the following:
- STG-60 (Sturmgewehr Modal 2060)
-Standard Long Rifle Barrel 
-Short Rifle Barrel
-Carbine Short Barrel
-Carbine Long Barrel
-All now with foregrip options! (Thanks again Wardaddy!)
-Muzzle Break
Same you would find with other weapons, semi, auto, armored piercing, etc etc etc. 
-...just the one...
-Rifle Stock
-Carbine Stud
-Marksman Scope (Standard and night vision)
-Reflex Sight
-Iron Sights
-Stick Frag Grenade
-Stick EM Pulse Grenade

Known issues: Still need to fix that loop issue. Requires Nukaworld DLC for AR Animations. 

Stuff to be done later: Scripted Level Lists so they dont conflict with other mods lists, adding attachments from the second Wolfenstein game, and ingame material swap options. 

Instillation through NMM or extract the rar contents to your fallout 4 data folder. 

Not available for Console versions yet. Fallout 3 and New Vegas Versions are also to come.  

Please post any bugs issues and I will try to fix them as soon as humanly possible. Requests for tweaks, alterations and such for your preferred play style will be taken under consideration but not guaranteed.

Modeled and UV mapped in Maya 2016, Texturing using Substance Painter and Photoshop CS6.  

Please do not re-upload or use in other mods without asking and waiting for permission first!