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About this mod

Adds a brand new modular energy weapon into the game.

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  • French
Attention! This mod is discontinued from now on. Improved version with reworked structure, new rebuilt textures, new features and new cool name is available here: Rheinmetall EG-7 Energiegewehr

Hello Nexus!

I've got tired of massive and bulky vanilla energy weapons. In most of my playthroughs I've used conventional guns and every time I tried to equip energy weapon I felt like my character is about to trip over it, not to mention aiming and shooting.
So I've came up with the project of modular energy gun which will contain laser, gauss and plasma modules in one weapon - in the scale of typical conventional rifle, more or less.
I've started it in early January and I knew nothing about creating anything for this game, just some tricks about 3D modelling. I've got another branch of this project on the side, called "Modular Energy Weapon", but it's bullpup and requires brand-new animations (it was the first one, actually) which I will figure out later.
So I've picked up a layout of the vanilla Plasma gun (to fit its animations) and made something I've called

Modular Infantry Energy Rifle

NOTICE: All updated stuff will be BOLD AND COLORED
About the gun:

  • It has 5 barrels - Laser, Plasma, Plasma w/ Blue Shift, Gauss and Plasma Cannon;
  • It has 6 barrel attachments - Laser Beam Tuner and Beam Splitter, Plasma Bolt Accelerator and Bolt Splitter, Gauss Particle Splitter and Silencer;
  • Laser Barrel also have two Wavelength settings - 500 nm (Blue color) and 750 nm (Red color);
  • It has 3 stocks - Assault, Marksman and Recoil Compensating;
  • It has 2 grips - Pistol and Assault;
  • It has 5 receivers (capacitor modes): 100% recharge (semi-auto, full damage, slow fire rate), 80%, 60%, 40% and 20% recharge (automatic, each rank has lesser damage, but faster fire rate);
  • It uses its own ammunition - Extended Capacity Microfusion Cell which works similarly to Fusion Cores. You can craft 1 XMFC from 20 fusion cells, 1 XMFC from 5 Plasma Cartridges, 5 XMFC from 1 Fusion Core at Chem station;
  • Alternatively you can choose to use vanilla Fusion Cells. Plasma Cannon will force you to use XMFC though;
  • It has 4 sights - Iron sights, Reflex sight, Magnified Reflex sight, Optical Scope (4x, 6x and 10x)
  • It has 13 skins - Army, Black, GreenCamo, BlueCamo, BoS, Enclave, Gunners, Institute, Minutemen, Pink, Railroad, Red, Tan (see images section).
  • It has Damage Modifier settings: +20%, +40%, +60%, +80%, +100%, +150%, +200% for Laser, Plasma and Gauss modules, and 4 settings for Plasma Cannon: Vanilla Plasma Grenade damage (150+150), Default damage (250+250), Overpowered damage (350+350),  Apocalyptic damage (500+500). Additionally, your Explosives perks will improve Plasma Cannon ballistic damage part;
  • Semi-automatic and Automatic fire modes now will benefit from appropriate perks.

How to get the gun:

You can craft MIER at Chem station under "MIER" category along with the ammunition.
Or you can spawn it via console:
  • Open up your console (~)
  • Type this:help MIER 4 weap
  • You will see something like "WEAP:  (xx000f99) 'MIER'
  • Type this:player.additem xx000f99
  • You have the gun!

Known issues:

  • Laser and plasma barrel attachments will not work with 80% recharge capacitor mode. Fire rate drops below 15 and animation starts to behave funny.
  • If you're experiencing something like CTD on using workbench - try installing AWKCR. It's not a requirement, but I'll leave it here just in case.
  • DON'T TRY GAUSS BARREL WITH ANY AUTOMATIC CAPACITORS! It have significant recoil and will act very funny.


First, if you have something to say - say it! I'm always appreciate feedback, it gives me a chance to fix bugs and come up with the new ideas. Feedback is wonderful!
Second, please, upload screenshots with my gun if you like it! I'd love to see my work in your game!

Other stuff:

To-do list:
  • You can see it in the comments section from now on.

Credits and copyright stuff:

All assets in this mod was created from scratch.
Bethesda Softworks - the cool dudes who made this possible;
Millenia - his modelling and texturing tutorial is priceless gem;
My girlfriend - for her patience;
BBbewlay - my images felt incomplete without your comments, dude :D ;
All the other Nexus users who was supporting me in the process;
I will add someone else here when I'll remember :D

Don't really know what else to write here.