China Lake and Holorifle by Shoeburglar Hitman47101 and 500slr
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This mod adds the Pump Action Grenade Launcher and the Holorifle from Fallout New Vegas into Fallout 4 complete with custom animations, sounds, various customisations options, 12 new ammo types for the China Lake, 5 unique attatchments and 2 legendary variants that can be found in the world as well as level list integration by a script so it won't conflict with other mods.

Base Damages:
China Lake: 100
Holorifle: 115 in addition to 15 points of damage overtime for 3 seconds.
The stats values are affected by various perks like Rifleman, Explosives Expert, ect.

China Lake: Can be found on enemies or purchased from vendors after level 25.
Holorifle: Follow the Relay Tower 1DL-109 Distress Signal
Fisherman's Friend: (Legendary China Lake) Can be found at Gibson Point Pier inside a chest in a shack.
Chigurh: (Legendary China Lake) Can be found in the Concord Speakeasy.
Seeker and Mini Boy: (Legendary attachments) Can be bought from KLE0 and Arturo.
Fisherman's Friend Stock and Anton: (Legendary attachments) Can be obtained from the Fisherman's Friend and Chigurh.
Minute Man: (Legendary attachment) Can be bought from Ronnie Shaw.
Ammo: can be found on enemies, bought at weapon vendors and crafted at Chemistry Stations.

After installing wait around 4 days in game to refresh the leveled lists.

Known issues:
3rd person animations in Power Armour don't work correctly there is nothing that can be done about that sadly.
The Lever Action Rifle reload bug where you load more shells than is necessary is a problem with the game not the mod. I have tried to implement the script fix but I couldn't get it working.

Xbox version here: https://bethesda.net/en/mods/fallout4/mod-detail/3963068

If you are having trouble finding the legendary versions: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a6NI3BbYSFo&t

Hitman47101 for making the animations.
500slr for his resources

A-Blind-Man for his Leveled List Injection Toolbox Scripts used in adding my weapon to the leveled lists.
reiven1989 for the in game pictures.
NWI for the reload sounds.
snorlax420 for fixing the Shotgun, Flechette and Slug Receiver's impact effects.
Sean_s for the Grenade Expansion Pack 2 Compatibility Patch.