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This mod adds the legendary Pancor Jackhammer shotgun to the Commonwealth, complete with custom meshes, 4K textures, sounds, and 1st and 3rd person animations. It also adds a craftable landmine based on the shotgun's unique drum magazine.

Permissions and credits

The Pancor Jackhammer was designed by John Anderson in 1984 as a fully-automatic bullpup shotgun intended for military use. Anderson was a veteran of the Korean War, and was experienced with standard pump-action shotguns in warfare. He intended to design a weapon that would improve upon this platform by providing immense stopping power, reliability, and speed in close-range combat roles. The Jackhammer has all three of these traits.

The Jackhammer operates on a very mechanically interesting action, combining many elements from historical firearms to create an elegant piece of machinery. The gun works on a gas-operated blow-forward mechanism, similar to the Mannlicher 1894 pistol. The forward-recoiling barrel moves an op-rod which cams the magazine drum into battery through a series of unique geometric grooves machined on the outside of the drum, nearly identical in concept to the Webley-Fosbery Automatic Revolver. The barrel itself rests in a series of counter-bored notches on the drum when in battery, effectively creating a gas-seal while at the same time indexing the drum, much like the 1895 Nagant revolver. 

The gun was patented in 1987 and underwent U.S. military trials. The prototypes made by Anderson performed outstandingly well in the trials, shooting over 50,000 shells of ammunition with no significant wear on the gun. The Jackhammer was also fitted with a pump-action grip, which allows the user to manually cock the  gun if a shell fails to fire or lacks the power to cycle the action. This meant that jams were nearly impossible during normal operation. Though the gun did very well, Anderson's small New Mexico-based company quickly ran out of funds as the trials dragged on, and was forced to shut down before the military would have given him a contract. Only three Jackhammers were ever made, and two were destroyed by the HP White Laboratory during the military trials. The sole surviving Jackhammer was Anderson's shop prototype, which he kept and later sold off. 

One idea Anderson was going to implement if the gun entered military service was creating anti-personnel mines out of the gun's drum. A fixture would be attached to the magazine which would fire all ten shells in the drum simultaneously when stepped on. I have included such a device with this mod. 

Most existing 3D models of the Pancor Jackhammer in other games are based on the original patent drawings, which differ significantly from the actual gun. My model, however, is made to resemble the actual gun which Anderson kept, which can be seen in great detail here. Forgotten Weapons provides excellent reference material, and I would like to take a moment to thank Gun Jesus for providing the awesome source imagery. 

This is my first attempt at making a full set of custom animations for a weapon, so if you experience any bugs, or have any constructive criticism, please let me know!

There is one "quirk" about the gun, but it doesn't really mess anything up too badly. There is an animation that causes the player's hand to momentarily slip forward on the gun's grip. It is part of the vanilla SMG anims and I have no clue how to replace it with one of my own (I made the proper animation but I don't know what the animation is called so I can replace it.) It is very minor, however, and almost unnoticeable.


  • Custom Mesh
  • Custom 4K Textures
  • Custom Sounds
  • Custom 1st and 3rd Person Animations
  • Custom Projectiles (Oooooooh!)
  • 9 Receivers, 3 Magazines, 3 Sights, and 9 Ammo Types.
  • Anti-personnel mine


Includes all animations and special ammo demos.


Since only one Jackhammer still exists, I have only included one in-game. To find it, you must complete an unmarked note quest that starts at the Starlight Drive-In. It requires a lot of searching around for notes and keys.

However, the gun and the drum mines can be made at a chemistry station, provided you have the ridiculous amount of materials and perks required to forge it.
(Requires Gun Nut level 4 and Science level 2)

And if you feel like cheating, type "help "pancor jackhammer" 4" into the console and add it into your inventory using the base id.


  • Base damage: 71
  • Base DPS: 258
  • Base critical multiplier: 4x
  • Magazine capacity: 10
  • Base Weight: 18 lbs
  • Base value: 32500 caps
  • Base fire rate: 3.64 shots/second
  • Base reload time: 6.63 seconds


To install the mod, simply extract the folder labeled "Data" into your Fallout 4 main directory, and allow all folders to merge. Then, activate the .esp in your load order. Or, you could use a Mod Manager.


All meshes, textures, and animations made by TactaGhoul.

Tools used: Blender 2.77, 3ds Max 2015, GIMP 2, Bethesda Creation Kit, and Maik's F4Biped Animation Rig.

Inspiration given by: WarDaddy, Gun Jesus, and AlChestBreach.


  • v1.0: Original file
  • v1.1: Smoothed out quick-equip animation, increased firing sound volume
  • v1.2: Decreased base damage, decreased firing rate, fixed walk speed issue
  • v1.3: Removed extra sight slot.
  • v1.4: Added a version packed in .ba2 files.
  • v1.5: Moved gun to a different location and added an unmarked side quest. Increased recoil slightly. Fixed pipboy map issue with .ba2 version. Added an optional file to increase recoil even more.