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ToastyFresh - WarDaddy - Fallout 4 New Vegas team

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Toasty Fresh

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Adds the .50 BMG Anti-Materiel Rifle from Fallout: New Vegas to Fallout 4, with custom animations

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.50 caliber rifle that behaves pretty much the same as it did in New Vegas. Spawns on Gunners beginning at level 25. Can also be found on the roof of Gunners' Plaza, and inside Federal supply cache 84NE. A special unique version can be found inside the Vault 95 cafeteria kitchen ;^)

How to get it
It starts to spawn from lvl 25, in case not for whatever reason, open console and type: help anti 4 weap,
then player.additem xxxxxxxx <---code of the item.

ToastyFresh: Model and textures
WarDaddy: Animations and implementation
Nadie: .esp and nif fixes
Navaro: Sounds
F4NV team: Inspiration, motivation and moral support

-When firing in third person with a scope, unscoping while cycling the bolt is bugged, this is an issue with the vanilla game and cannot be fixed. I may add 3D scopes in a future update to alleviate this issue.
-No animations for power armor 3rd person like any other mod
-Weapons made from egg pasta are not realistic or immersive