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Russian multi-caliber sniper rifle.

Permissions and credits
  • Russian
This mod adds the Russian Orsis F17 sniper rifle to the game. It's fully animated and comes with various customizations. It's designed in such a way, that you can use it almost anytime in the game: From when you find it till the end.

How To Acquire

The weapon can be found exactly once in the game world. There are reports that the Brotherhood of Steel confiscated a sniper rifle from an "evil communist" somewhere in Cambridge. They probably stored it in a garage just to make sure nobody else gets it.


The gun has several modification options. You can configure the receiver, bipod, sights, rail attachments and muzzle attachments. There's also an alternate color.
You can also choose between .338LM and .308 ammunition. .338LM can be crafted at the chemlab in packs of 20. .308 can be found...well... almost everywhere.

  • 4K texture package is absolutely unnecessary. But feel free to ignore this warning and use it anyway.
  • All scopes use the regular 1PV overlay. If you want see-through scopes, feel free to patch it yourself.
  • Damage is balanced against vanilla weapons.
  • Flash lights can cause issues in 3PV when the weapon is holstered.
  • The gun has no 3PV animations for Power Armor... because... fu** Power Armor.
  • Melee will always use the Taiga machete that comes with this mod. Therefore melee damage is higher compared to most other weapons.
  • The gun is a bit... too large. I noticed it after doing about all animations and rescaling the gun would mean re-doing all most all animations. It's designed for big russian snipers ;)
  • Requires game version 1.10.162 or later.

Special Thanks

Thanks goes to Sovereign (Discord) for purchasing the asset of the F17 rifle.
Also a big "Thank you" to my Patreons for supporting my work and allowing me to purchase and add more high quality assets to mods.
Thanks to Ikilgore14 for porting this gun to XB1.


  • maks02n (CGTrader) for the Orsis F17 Rifle 3D mode
  • ParallaxGameStudios (CGTrader)  for Schmidt and Bender scope,  M925V Flashlight, Nightforce ATACR
  • GameWeapons (CGTrader) PrimaryArms ACSS Scope
  • gazu (CGTrader) for Apital PEQ-15
  • Zraider (CGTrader) for MAWL