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Millenia - DOOMBASED - Hitman47101 - MrRifleman

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A professional quality, scratch-made, stand-alone OTs-02 "Kiparis" SMG with in-game modifications, leveled lists and custom sounds. Comes with custom animations courtesy of Hitman47101!

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This mod adds in standalone OTs-02 "Kiparis" sub-machinegun with in-game modifications. It comes with custom sounds and complete leveled list integration via script. As such, it can be found across the wasteland in random containers, vendors and enemies.


This mod should not conflict with any other mod. If, however, there are any texture conflicts while installing, particularly in the M3D_Shared folder, feel more than free to overwrite or ignore as these are the same textures shared across a variety of weapons.


Since the weapon has a custom idle pose, it currently breaks kill moves on the weapon itself. There is no known workaround for this but we shall readdress this should a fix emerge. We feel that having fitting custom animations for the weapon is worth the kill move animation bug.

The weapon does not currently have any custom third-person animations, so the fit in third person isn't quite optimal. We do not have any plans for custom third-person animations currently, but if someone wants to chip in with custom 3p animations I'm happy to include them.


Use NMM or extract the contents of the archive inside your Fallout 4/Data folder. If installing manually simply check off the plugin in your mod manager of choice.


Remove the contents of the archive from your Data folder.


Paul "Mr. Rifleman" Yakushev for creating the Kiparis, suppressor and extended magazine models and normal maps
Millenia for creating all textures as well as the rail mount and laser sight models
Hitman47101 for creating a lovely set of custom animations tailored for the weapon
The Shiny Haxorus (robersonb1) for the grenade & mine throw animations
RedRogueXIII for creating the Trijicon RMR holosight
And the true hero, DOOMBASED, for doing all the tedious conversion and implementation work for me. This mod would not exist without his help.


Do not edit or redistribute without explicit permission from Millenia & Hitman47101.