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The OG Minigun pack for Fallout 4. Rebuilt from the ground up with new assets and features to bring it up to 2021 standards. This is REBIRTH.

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When I released the "Miniguns Standalone" pack it was the only game in town for new miniguns in Fallout 4. Since then the 
quality and variety of weapons available on the nexus has exploded, and my works that at the time were considered high 
end are now antiquated.

As time passes, there are two choices; accept the slow fade into irrelevance, and content oneself with the memories of past
glory, OR embark on a journey to rescue that which is still valuable from the old to revivify what was lost to time.

This, is REBIRTH.

All 3 classic miniguns are now rescued and revived:

All new textures created in Substance, with 10 extra material swaps for each weapon.
All new sounds sampled and mixed by myself from public domain sources of real world analogues.
All new meshes rebuilt from scratch in 3dsMax, with custom working collision and physics.
All new plugin in esl format to save your load order.
All new scripted LList injection adding the weapons to vendors and select enemies.
All new instances of the weapons placed in the worldspace for you to discover.
And all of this wrapped up in BA2 archives, NO MORE LOOSE FILES!

Miniguns Rebirth is what my miniguns were always meant to be. 


Rockwell CZ53 Personal Minigun

Rockwell CZ57 Avenger

Rhinemetal AG Vindicator

Future plans for this mod:

3rd person reload animation is legacy and while functional, does not line up perfectly and has some clipping. Would like
to get a new set of reload anims for 3rd person and PA.

LList integration is mandatory in the current version but I would like to make it optional via a holotape trigger. 
*Integrated as of v1.1

Would like to add a cheat holotape to enable immediate acquisition of the weapons on installation so nobody has to
muck around with the console.
*Integrated as of v1.1

Would like to add the ability to craft each weapon.  

Regarding Consoles:

This mod will be available for Xbox One soon.

Xbox version is up on bethesda.net 


1. Make sure your game is set up to play mods (Archive invalidation)

2. Download the main file.

3. Install with a mod manager of your choice OR extract the contents of the main file to your Fallout 4 "Data" directory.

4. Activate "Skb-MinigunsRebirth.esl" in your load order.

5. Load up the game.

6. Smoke some fools.

All of the miniguns have been added to the levelled lists via script and can be bought from vendors and found on enemies
in the world. As of v1.1 the LList integration is optional on new playthroughs and can be enabled via the settings holotape. The Personal minigun spawns at level 1, the Avenger at level 10 and the Vindicator at level 20. There are also several locations in the world where you can find and loot each weapon, those locations are:

Concord - On the roof of the museum by the crashed Virtibird you will find a crate with the Personal Minigun and some ammo.
Fort Hagen - On the ground floor, inside the secure storage cage, you will find an Avenger Minigun.
Fort Strong - You can find a Vindicator on the sublevel in the armoury.

As of v1.1 there will be a settings holotape added to your inventory (and craftable at the Chem bench) which has an
option to spawn the weapons directly to your player, you can use this option as many times as you like.

If you want to get your hands on them Immediately then you can spawn them via the console.

To do this; open the console and type (without quotes):

For the Personal Minigun: "help personal 4 weap"

For the Avenger: "help avenger 4 weap"

For the Vindicator: "help vindicator 4 weap"

This will show you the weapon's item code. To spawn the weapon in your inventory then type:

"player.additem xxxxxxxx 1" 

Where xxxxxxxx is the 8 character item code, and the number at the end is the amount to spawn.


Bethesda for Fallout 4 and the CK.
Wardaddy755 for the reload animation.
Millenia for her 3dsMax tutorials.
The Rizzler for his weapon modding tutorials.
Autodesk for 3dsMax.
Algorithmic for Substance.
The Nifskope team for Nifskope.
The xEdit team for FO4Edit.
Me for making the mod.
You for downloading the mod.

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