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The best heavy weapons just got better, with two new contenders entering the fray. My machineguns; reborn!

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What many considered to be my signature work, the Mk22 and Mk19 remained the only heavy machineguns on the nexus to even try to make use of the Minigun animation set. Very few full HMG's have come since, and If nobody else has the determination to expand the heavy arsenal then it falls back to me to show the way.

This, is REBIRTH.

Both classic machineguns are now rescued and revived, with two brand new weapons to boot:

All new textures created in Substance.
All new meshes rebuilt from scratch in 3dsMax, with custom working collision and physics.
All new plugin in esl and esp format to your preference.
All new scripted LList injection adding the weapons to vendors and select enemies.
All new instances of the weapons placed in the worldspace for you to discover.
And all of this wrapped up in BA2 archives, NO MORE LOOSE FILES!

Machineguns Rebirth is my machineguns at their full potential. 


WH-Mk22 Heavy Machinegun

WH-Mk19 "Shrike" General Purpose Machinegun

Flack Gun Mk1

WestTek AGL-40

Future plans for this mod:

v1.0 does not include any extra skins or turrets, these will be coming in v1.1. I decided that rather than make everybody wait
another couple of weeks I'de release what I have, which is 4 fully functional weapons. Aside from these omissions, the mod is pretty feature complete. So v1.1 will be the main update before moving on to other things.

Regarding Consoles:

This mod will be available for Xbox One soon.

The Xbox version is available now on Bethesda.net


1. Make sure your game is set up to play mods (Archive invalidation), and that your Fallout 4 installation is updated to the latest version.

2. Download the main file.

3. Install with a mod manager of your choice OR extract the contents of the main file to your Fallout 4 "Data" directory.

4. Activate "Skb_MachinegunsRebirth.esl" in your load order.

5. Load up the game.

6. Smoke some fools.

There is a settings holotape that is added to your inventory on first load (and craftable at the Chem bench) which has an
option to spawn the weapons directly to your player, you can use this option as many times as you like.

All of the weapons have optional scripted LList integration that can be activated from the settings holotape. If activated you will find all weapons and ammo on vendors and enemies in the world. There are also several locations in the world where you can find and loot each weapon, those locations are:

National Guard Barracks Armory: Mk19 on a shelf near the PA frame
GNR Building: Mk19 in the Lobby, Mk22 in the Basement.
Federal Ration Stockpile: Flack Gun in the interior.
Listening Post Bravo: Flack Gun on the sublevel, second room.
Federal Surveillance Centre K-21B: Mk22, AGL, both on the bottom floor near the PA frame.

As of v1.1 there are now workshop turret versions of all weapons, and also a new option in the holotape to add enemy Mk19 and Mk22 turrets to the world. Enemy turret spawns start at level 10 for the Mk19 and level 20 for the Mk22.


Bethesda for Fallout 4 and the CK.
Wardaddy755 for the reload animations.
Millenia for her 3dsMax tutorials.
The Rizzler for his weapon modding tutorials.
Autodesk for 3dsMax.
Algorithmic for Substance.
The Nifskope team for Nifskope.
The xEdit team for FO4Edit.
Me for making the mod.
You for downloading the mod.

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