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Current Version:  Beta 0.999e

Horizon is a large scale overhaul of Fallout 4 that rebalances and expands the gameplay from the ground up.

It contains thousands of changes, redesigned systems, and new additions to very carefully balance everything together.

Horizon is heavily focused and balanced around Survival Mode to make the game more challenging,

but it can technically be used with any difficulty mode if you wish.

NOTE:  At this point, there's actually a lot of missing changes/additions in this description tab.  The last few updates have added quite a bit to the game, that aren't even advertised.  I plan on making some type of articles to split up the documentation better.  Be sure to check the "Change Log" or the Posts tab to see any recent changes from the last few updates.

Check the change log for full patch notes.

  • v0.999e - New methods of breaking into locks, new companion weapons, Raider Overhaul compatibility patch, and more
  • v0.999d - Update to medical items, Weapons Lab crafting station, Cargo Bot updates, new Timescale addon, fixes, misc changes
  • v0.999c -  New Save Game consumable item, Large overhaul of the Caravan Travel, misc fixes/tweaks
  • v0.999b -  New system to catalog magazines into Recipe Perks.  Fixes for ammo crafting and ammo loot. 
  • v0.999 -  Large Update:  Doctor overhaul, poison overhaul, ammo crafting, vendor overhaul, NPC changes, many more things..

  • v0.998 -  Resource Manager overhaul, Companion additions/changes, Vendor changes, new Cargo Bot NPC, Crossbow patch, and more

  • v0.997 -  Stimpak overhaul - Companion stimpaks, more NPC scaling, weapon tweaks, and more

  • v0.996 -  Full tagging/icons for weapons/armor/clothing;  Super Mutant and companion overhaul, misc changes

  • v0.995 - Synth updates to balance and add variety, other NPC changes, Cryo weapon update, misc changes

  • v0.994 - Proper NPC scaling (for raiders so far), new survival items, water production changes, bartering changes, real fire damage

  • v0.993 - A very large update, containing a combat overhaul, survival changes and additions, new items, the Steel Yard, crafting tweaks

  • v0.992 - Item tagging/icons added for: Junk, components, mods; better sorting and icons for certain item types; 2 DEF_UI config choices

  • v0.991 - A large overhaul to purified water and water production, 2 new water devices, 2 new defenses, misc changes

  • v0.990 - A large update containing a new settlement progression system, along with new settlement utilities:

  • v0.985 - Container changes, new component: Packing material, item adjustments, minor weapon tweaks
  • v0.982 - Deathclaw overhaul; Sentry Bot tweaks; Hunter perk change
  • v0.981 - Medical supplies update; Locked containers overhaul started; Companion gifts changed; misc tweaks; updated docs
  • v0.91 to v0.98 - Initial versions


  • The road to v1.0:
  • More companion weapons (for most companions)
  • Minor fixes
  • Separate articles for better documentation
  • Possible changes to crop production
  • Some NPC changes
  • Tweaks to the economy

  • After v1.0:
  • Many planned additions
  • More additions to the settlement progression system
  • Continued loot/economy balancing changes


I want to thank EVERYONE who has been beta testing Horizon.  You guys rock.  You've given excellent feedback!

I have 1 more pre-patch planned before I call this v1.0.  What does v1.0 mean?  Nothing!  Sad, but true.  It simply means that I've got all the original overhauling that I had planned from the beginning, now in the mod.  It doesn't mean development is done, there's a lot more that can be added and tweaked in the mod.

Provided the mod exports properly, XBox versions of the mod will be released after the PC version has been tested well.  If there are any XBox players who would be willing to volunteer to test for me, let me know.. because I don't have access to Xbox right.  So the initial console version is really going to be an alpha test until players tell me it ported OK.  Also... optionals are going to be difficult or impossible to manage.  I'll have to at least release the DLC addon separately.  Tell Bethesda to support multiple files already.

Horizon completely overhauls Fallout 4 in an effort to rebalance and expand the entire game.

It contains thousands of override changes and a large assortment of brand new additions.

The goal is to make Fallout's gameplay more challenging, balanced, and interesting throughout your entire playthrough.  

I have included 5 difficulty modes so that Fallout players of all skill levels can enjoy survival mode and the changes Horizon introduces.

First, be aware that Horizon is meant to be an entire Fallout 4 overhaul, and not a "drop in" mod.

Horizon is designed to be played over an entire playthrough from start to finish, and not intended to be removed in the middle (or added to an existing save game.)

  • Massive overhaul and rebalance of many gameplay elements:  Stats, NPC's, items, perks, loot, etc.
  • Survival and combat is more challenging without feeling bloated
  • Most perks have been rebalanced, and some are completely redesigned
  • The loot system has been revamped, reducing the overabundance of rare items and materials
  • Many new items and loot changes make looting containers and NPC's more immersive
  • A brand new settlement progression system, that has goals/rewards for settlement builders
  • New crafted items and components for medical supplies, utilities, and more
  • New settlement objects: defenses, vendors, decorations, and a new type of crafting station
  • New carry weight bonuses that can be crafted based on your allies and skills
  • New fast travel system built for survival mode
  • Many various minor tweaks and bug fixes
  • Inventory sorting (with optional DEF_UI config)
  • Optional screen effect tweaks
  • Full support for all DLC's

Exploration, crafting, and survival, are key aspects of the Fallout games.  Unfortunately they sometimes quickly fall to the wayside and become boring, uneventful, and lose their purpose.  Horizon attempts to reclaim these aspects, by making your entire playthrough more challenging and interesting.


One thing that Horizon strives for, is to make more individual items have an actual (and sometimes more realistic) purpose now.  This in turn makes exploring and salvaging more interesting.  You should actually WANT to explore some cabin because it might have something good in it.  In an unmodded Fallout 4, item rarity/purpose is somewhat unrewarding and boring.  Horizon changes this.


And of course, one of the biggest features of Horizon is all of the healing and survival changes.  Eliminating all the free/easy healing makes the game much more immersive and strategic.  You can no longer be healed for free from sleeping, eating, and level-ups.

And at the same time I want to reduce some annoyances that seem pointless.. like making you eat and drink so often.  Instead.. eating 1-3 cooked meals for the day (like a big dinner), and you'll be good to go until tomorrow.  However, gaining nourishing food and water takes much more effort now.  Most pre-war food and crops will have high radiation and little nutritional value.  Ideally you want to aim for real cooked meals.

Some of the key features that should be understood before playing Horizon:

  • Food/Water/Sleep/Perks/Level-ups no longer restore health.
  • Bandages and First Aid Kits can be used out of combat to heal wounds (crafted only; at the chem station.)
  • Limb damage can only be cured by "Trauma Kits" (and doctors) now (crafted only; at the chem station.)
  • Stimpaks are the only thing that heals in combat (and no longer heals limb damage*)
  • Loot (especially ammo and rare materials) is reduced.
  • Loot containers and NPCs are given more appropriate/immersive loot, including brand new items
  • Leveling is much slower, and stats/health/damage is all rescaled and balanced around it.
  • Many of the bloated damage and resist perks are rebalanced against the new scaling system.
  • Some perks were completely overhauled to give new bonuses and utility.
  • The "VANS" perk now grants you bonus perk points every 5 levels (this offsets the slower leveling progression.)
  • Many NPCs scale better with your level, and should be more challenging throughout your entire playthrough.
  • New crafting ingredients are added to some recipes (some require salvaging, some crafting.)
  • Pharmaceuticals are crafted under the "Utility" category of the chem station, and are used to craft medical supplies.
  • A new equipment item is used to increase or offload your carry weight depending on perks/allies, crafted at the new "Robotics Lab."
  • A new settlement fast travel system is implemented through the settlement workshop under "Resources - Misc."
  • A new settlement progression system gives you goals and rewards for progressing your settlements (still in development.)
  • New guard towers, sentry turrets, vendor stalls, misc objects are available.

* Stimpaks have 1 exception, in that they will heal both legs by a very small amount.  I did this so that players won't accidentally get stuck limping around if they forgot to bring trauma kits with them.

(PLEASE NOTE:  Make sure any healing effects have finished BEFORE you sleep.  Sleeping will remove all active healing conditions.)
(If I can figure out how to fix this, I will.)

The full list of (most) documented changes are listed further down in the documentation section.  It's very very large, so read at your own risk of falling asleep.


The economy of the Commonwealth actually feels more like a real thing now.  Caps are much more valuable than they were in vanilla Fallout 4.  Many items and services (such as doctors) are more expensive, and you will often find yourself actually needing to use them occasionally now.  You may even need to buy cooked food and water, something that probably was rarely ever done before.  

Ammo is very expensive, and more difficult to find.  You will most likely find yourself buying ammo wherever and whenever you can.  You may want to consider a wider range of weaponry to make use of different ammo.  Ammo crafting is now available in Horizon too.  

Horizon also gives purpose to some crafting ingredients that weren't widely used before, adding more diversity to hunting down materials.  Certain junk items are even converted into real crafting ingredients (such as tools), instead of just being scrap.

Bartering is more normalized, because of the fact that items have such high prices now.  What this means is the maximum range on prices won't be as drastic as it used to (mainly due to the lack of charisma.)  I'm not completely satisfied with the balance of bartering, but it's better than it was.

Overall, more items feel useful and valuable.

Combat / NPCs

The first thing you need to understand with Horizon is that combat is rebuilt from the ground up.  I started with player damage at a standard 1.0x multiplier, and rebalanced the entire game around it to create smoother and more fluid gameplay from level 1 to 40+.  One of the main goals with Horizon is to reduce (or eliminate) any bloated scaling from leveling and buffs/perks (for both NPC and player.)  Some of these change are still a work in progress, but overall it's coming along well.

In Horizon, the player's health pool is somewhat larger than normal, but enemies will wear you (and your supplies) down.  The fact that it's much harder to regain that health back in Horizon, means you need to make better choices.  All healing (except doctors) is now fixed-values, which means that the larger health pool won't be directly effecting heals themselves.  This is what allows the healing system in Horizon to work so well.

I believe this creates a much more intense survival experience.  Instead of just getting "1-shot from full health and reloading your save game", you gain more time to re-evaluate your situation immediately, and respond to it...

  • Running away and regrouping might be a valid option now.  
  • Sneaking by enemies instead of engaging them might be a valid option now.  
  • Using tactics you normal don't use (like explosives and traps) might be a valid option now.  

This doesn't mean that enemies are pushovers, some enemies can still do large amounts of damage even to your larger health pool, and should be rightfully feared.  Choosing how much max health you want to invest in your character is up to you (perks, food buffs, endurance, etc.)

NPC vulnerabilities are more drastic and varied in some cases now (i.e. Headshots on humans deal more damage, etc.) Some enemies also have brand new vulnerabilities.  For example, a Protectron has a heavily armored torso that absorbs a high amount of damage, but it's flimsy legs and combat inhibitor are it's weak points. Deathclaws are another example, where their armored parts are even more armored now, but their weak points take extra damage.  This puts more emphasis on aiming well and using tactics.

Critical damage is completely overhauled.  Critical damage is much lower, but can still be built up with perks and bonuses.  Critical hits can also occur outside of VATS now, depending on the perks you invest in.  Sneak attacks are also greatly reduced, mainly because of targeted vulnerabilities adding more damage.  Overall, they are much more reasonable, without completely unbalancing combat.

Many NPCs are also given more variety in their loot drops.  For example, Raiders (and raider-based loot containers) drop more appropriate loot that raiders might have.  Raiders and synths have a chance to drop a damaged weapon instead of a functional weapon.  Damaged weapons are junk items that can be scrapped for useful "weapon parts."  Some creatures now drop new parts that can be scrapped into rare materials (ex: Deathclaws.)  Aside from adding more immersive flavor to looting, these items also fill in gaps for giving rewards for creatures that normally felt like they weren't even worth the ammo.

Keep in mind that while Horizon tries to add a lot of realistic elements to the Fallout world, it's not an "ultra realism" mod.  I try to balance a good sense of realism with challenging gameplay.  There's just some things that I believe don't work well if you try to make them too realistic.

Currently most NPCs are balanced better than vanilla FO4, however this is something I'm actively working on over the next few patches.  Stay tuned for more NPC changes!


Many weapons and weapon mods (receivers mainly) are rebalanced in Horizon.   Weapon damage in Horizon is balanced based on a slightly more realistic "damage per hit" rather than "damage per second", because of the fact that ammo is much harder to acquire now.

Automatic receivers are now much closer in damage to semi-auto.  Some weapons that felt underpowered (like Submachine Guns) were brought up to a usable status.  Weapons like the .38 pipe gun, remain low damage at low levels, but higher level receivers will allow it to be upgraded much better now.

Some weapons receivers are completely replaced.. bringing new options to fill gaps.  I've specifically hand selected only certain weapons to have special receivers, to create variety and specific purposes for each weapon. 

Some examples:

Assault Rifle - .50 receiver (Automatic - slow rate of fire)
Assault Rifle - 5.56mm Incendiary Round receiver (Semi or Automatic)
10mm - 5mm receiver (automatic - increased rate of fire / reduced damage)
10mm - 10mm Cryo Round receiver
Sub MG - .38 receiver
Pipe Gun - .44 receiver


  • Fallout 4 version 1.7+
  • Starting a fresh new game (after the mod is installed)*
  • Sorting mods are NOT compatible  (Horizon uses it's own sorting)
  • Do NOT merge Horizon's ESP files into new ESP files**
  • Placing Horizon's ESP files LAST in your mod load order
  • Any mod that changes the "HC_Manager" MUST be loaded BEFORE Horizon***


  • Playing the game on "Survival Mode" difficulty setting
  • DEF_UI (This makes inventory sorting look professional)
  • FO4 DLC's ****

NOTE: If you don't load Horizon after all other mods, you're potentially breaking the mod at your own risk.

New games - Using an existing save is NOT recommended, as it does not use the proper allocated stats or spawns or experience/levels, and defeats the intended purpose of this mod.  You can, of course, test the mod out with an existing save game first if you want to make sure it runs properly, etc.  

Merging - Do NOT merge Horizon into a new ESP file.. especially "Z_Horizon.esp", or you will cause problems and possibly ruin your save game data with future updates.

HC_Manager - mods such as "Everyone's Best Friend" will break the survival changes if they are loaded after Horizon.  I suggest using v1.0 of EBF to completely avoid problems (this is what I run.)  In Horizon v0.998+, it uses an archive file now.  If you want to make sure Horizon is using the hc_manager properly, you can even delete hc_manager.pex from "scripts/hardcore" folder.

**** DLC - he mod functions perfectly fine without the DLC's, but keep in mind it was created and balanced with an entire playthrough of all Fallout content in mind.

Horizon is aimed at players who enjoy the survival aspects of Fallout, however it can be enjoyed by players of all skill levels. I have included varying difficulty levels so that any player can enjoy survival mode and all the changes Horizon brings.

Regardless of the difficulty chosen for Horizon, you must set Fallout's difficulty to "Survival Mode" for everything to work properly.

There are 5 difficulty levels to choose from during installation:

  1.  Novice - NPC damage is reduced to 1.0x, player damage increased to 1.25x and medical crafting is easier (only recommended for casual or newer players)
  2.  Wanderer - NPC damage is reduced to 1.0x, this difficulty is similar to the default, but gives a even 1:1 damage ratio
  3.  Survivor - NPC damage is 1.5x. This is the default mode.  (RECOMMENDED - This is what I personally play on, so the mod is tuned for it.)
  4.  Veteran - NPC damage is increased to 2.5x, and doctor costs are increased
  5.  Outcast - NPC damage is increased to 3.5x, and doctor costs are increased

Please note that this is NOT a "customize your own difficulty" mod.  Everything is hardcoded to be balanced for a reason.  The main customization of this mod will come from the difficulty settings, in that each setting will have some variations.  I plan on tweaking and adding to each difficulty setting as needed.

If you're looking for a more challenging survival feel.. this mod is for you.  
If you enjoy crafting, exploring for supplies, and using tactics in combat.. this mod is for you.  
If you're a veteran Fallout player looking to start a new playthrough and want to try something different.. this mod is for you.  
If you enjoy survival gameplay, but find Fallout's survival mode too hard.. this mod can still potentially be for you.

If you're not a hardcore player or heavily experienced with FO4, don't feel embarrassed to use "Novice" or "Wanderer" difficulty.  It's still challenging.  I want to have difficulty settings that allow everyone to enjoy all the changes I added with Horizon.  If you're finding "Novice" difficulty to still be too hard, feel free to send me a message, and I'll try making adjustments to this difficulty mode.

This is a very large mod.  Understand that there are limitations to compatibility with some mods.  And in some cases, mixing certain mods would either not make any sense or could break Horizon.

The Nexus Mod Manager is HIGHLY recommended.  It allows you to easily choose the options you want, and makes sure ESP files are loaded in a proper working order.  Manually installing is done so at your own risk.

First, make sure your Fallout 4 is setup properly for modding.  It must be able to load loose files and archives.
(Taken from: http://wiki.tesnexus.com/index.php/Fallout_4_Mod_Installation)

How to enable modding

  1. Navigate to your Fallout 4 Folder at the following location "Documents/My Games/Fallout 4"
  2. Within this folder you'll find a number of .ini files.
  3. Open (or create, if missing) Fallout4Custom.ini with your favourite text editor
  4. Add the following lines to your Fallout4Custom.ini


Steps to prevent breaking the mod or having issues:

1.  It is HIGHLY recommended to make sure Horizon is loaded LAST in your mod "load order" after all other mods. Just make sure the Horizon_DLC addons are after the main file, and make sure the "AllCaravan" DLC is loaded dead last if you use individual DLC addons.  Horizon difficulty addons/patches are loaded after these.

2.  Do NOT merge Horizon's ESP files (especially Z_Horizon.esp) into a new ESP file.  This can ruin your save game data when you go to upgrade to a new version of Horizon.  There's no reason to ever merge the main Horizon ESP file.

3.  Don't install mods that are redundant with Horizon.  Sorting mods will not work, and can break Horizon.  Horizon has it's own sorting, and all of the sorting is setup specifically for the hundreds of item changes from vanilla.  Horizon comes with custom DEF_UI configs to use this sorting with icons.

4.  Mods that change similar gameplay data to Horizon are most likely either not necessary or not wise.  In cases where it's possible, I will try to create compatibility patches in the future.  The best way to prevent major problems, is make sure these mods are loaded before Horizon.

5.  If you use "Everyone's Best Friend" either load it before Horizon, or use version 1.0 of it (I personally just use v1.0 to avoid problems.)  Any mod that edits the "HC_Manager" will break most of the survival changes in Horizon if it's loaded before it.

6.  If you manually install, make sure all of the files are properly installed.  Make sure any DLC addons or patches are installed.  Only choose 1 difficulty addon if you actually want one, otherwise don't install any of those ESPs.  Some instructions are located in the readme file inside the ZIP file.  I strongly recommend just using the NMM installer though.

7.  Make sure your FO4 install is setup properly for modding.  Horizon (like many mods) requires Fallout 4 to load "loose" files (meshes and scripts.)

8.  Make sure the mod is fully installed and working before you start to venture too far into your new playthrough.  You can tell if it's working when you choose your SPECIAL stats in the beginning, in that it will allow you to choose 29 points, instead of 21 (more on this below.)

If you wish to test out some of my new recipes and perks before starting a new game, you can use an existing save game to scope out the mod first.   But just realize that many of the mod's changes absolutely require a new game, and that using an existing save to play the actual game is not recommended (or supported) at all.

Optional Modules you can also install that are included with Horizon:
  • Enhanced armor/clothing tags/icon (requires Armor Keywords)
  • Blur Removal - Removes the blurring effects from being at low health and other situations
  • Strict Carry Weight - Reduces carry weight perks/bonuses back to vanilla values

Currently, the mod has optional compatibility/balance patches for:
  • Homemaker (included: standard or SKE version)
  • Armorsmith Extended (included)
  • Crossbows of the Commonwealth
  • Gas Masks of the Commonwealth (Patch created by payl0ad)
  • (I will attempt to add compatibility patches for more mods in the future)

Types of mods that are NOT compatible:
  • Sorting mods (Horizon has it's own sorting)
  • Mods that edit a large amount of vanilla FO4 gameplay data
  • Mods that change a fair amount of loot lists
  • Mods that overhaul a lot of perks (or at least some specific ones)

Example of load order:

[..other mods]

*Z_Horizon.esp   (must be loaded first)
*Z_Horizon_DLC_All.esp  (all-in-one DLC module - only use this if you actually own every DLC)

*Z_Horizon_DLC_Automatron.esp (the individual DLC modules can be used if you only own some DLCs)
*Z_Horizon_DLC_AllCaravan.esp   (required to make the individual DLC modules use the caravan transport - always last for Horizon_DLC's)

*Z_Horizon_Diff_#######.esp  (optional difficulty addon - don't use any if you want the default difficulty)
*Z_Horizon_Patch_#######.esp  (optional mod compatibility patches)
*Z_Horizon_Tags.esp (optional enhanced tags mod - this should probably come after the armorsmith patch, just in case)
*Z_Horizon_DEFUI.esp (optional mod - adds icons to crafting menus and component tags to ground items)
*Z_BlurRemoval.esp (optioanl mod to remove screen blurring)


The mod can be uninstalled, but some of the character data will permanently be part of your save game file (see more on uninstalling further down.)


Q: Food/water is healing me -or- [insert junk item] isn't showing the right scrap.

A: You have some mod conflicting and overwriting all my changes.  Make sure Horizon is loaded LAST to minimize problems.  Using ESP merges with Horizon is also NEVER recommended or supported.

Q: Level-ups still heal me -or- the resource manager/etc doesn't work.

A: After you level up for the first time, you should see a message saying "Next level you'll no longer be healed."  The next level you gain should begin applying the no-heal mechanic.  If you don't see this, your Fallout 4 is most likely not setup properly for modding.  See the instructions above to fix it.

Q: I can't pick crops, how am I supposed to get any?

A: If you have more crops than you do settlers, the surplus will go into the workbench, in which you can use it for yourself.  Make sure you don't have a lot of food/water already in your workbench, or it will block production.  In the future, I plan on moving crop production into my own Resource Manager to handle all the problems myself.

Some farm vendors will now have crops on them to be purchased, as well as other food vendors.  They can also be looted in various places.  If you have the survivalist perk, you can plant wild crops into domesticated crops.  While you technically can't steal the crops off of non-allied settlements, you can steal them from people if you're desperate enough!

Q: Food doesn't seem to be satisfying my hunger very well.  What's wrong?

A: In Horizon, the first hunger stage is extended to 24 hours and requires 96 food points (item value.)  The amount of food points that is required per hour is the same as it was in vanilla.  However, by extending this window, it allows you to consume larger meals without them being wasted.. as well as not being pestered so often to eat food.  Cooked meals are the goal in Horizon, in which they only require 1-3 meals per day.  Eating garbage food, gets poor results, which at a minimum would be 6 foods per day.  Water is roughly 3 bottles of purified water, or 9 dirty waters per day.

If this doesn't match your in-game experience, you may have mods conflicting with items or the HC_manager script.

Q: I can't get enough purified water.

A: In Horizon, survival isn't supposed to be easy.  There's plenty of sources of purified water out there, you just need to find them.  If you can't find enough, drinking dirty water may just be what you need to do to survive, it just has risks/penalties.  You can buy water from certain vendors, you can find a lot of it by exploring, you can craft it using water filters, and you can produce it with water purifiers in settlements.

Horizon has it's own item sorting built-in, and is fully compatible with DEF_UI.  

I highly recommend using DEF_UI with Horizon, as it makes the inventory sorting look great.  And DEF_UI is very easy to install.  Horizon comes with a custom DEF_UI config you can choose with the installer, that will display all the icons properly.

When installing DEF_UI, you can choose option 2 ("already have an xml config") when asked which config to select.  Just make sure you either already installed Horizon's config, or reinstall Horizon after and select a DEF_UI config.  If you want to see icons in all areas possible, be sure to select both DEF_HUD and DEF_INV.

There are 2 preset configs to choose from when installing Horizon:  
  1. Vanilla - A simple layout with only 1 sub-menu for the keyring
  2. Config #2 - Contains sub-menus for:  keys, passwords, holotapes, notes, and magazines

I may add more config presets in the future.  If you'd like to share your custom Horizon DEF_UI config, let me know.

The "component tags" can be used by installing my DEF_UI addon ESP module.  You do not need the ESP file that comes with DEF_UI (and you should just disable it if you have loaded.)

ONCE AGAIN: Other sorting mods are NOT compatible with Horizon.  I use my own method of sorting because of the fact that I edit/balance so many items, that it would be impossible to constantly maintain patches for other sorting mods.

Adding custom icons when renaming weapons and armor:

Weapons and armor now have icons by default, but you can still add/replace your own if you wish to sort them to the top.

I added a few custom tags you can use inside of your weapon/armor renaming.  This will allow them to automatically sort at the top.

(1star)  = Star
(1aim)  = Crossheirs
(1gun)  = Pistol
(1pistol) = Pistol
(1rifle) = Rifle
(1melee) = Axe
(1armor) = Armor
(1helm) = Helmet
(1skull) = Skull
(1atom) = Atom
(1power) =  Power Armor Helmet

Example:   (1rifle) Combat Sniper Rifle


This will show an icon in front of the name, and it will sort at the top of your inventory.

Also note, you can use different types of brackets to change where it sorts, in case you want items on the bottom:

(1star) <- first
|1star| <- last

The Robotics Lab is a new crafting station, used to craft tools, parts, electronics, and settlement ingredients.  Ideally, you will want one of these early on in your main settlement.

A few useful items are:

  • Turret Deployment Parts - these parts can be carried with you, to make setting up simply pipe turrets at new settlements easier
  • Caravan Supply Kits - these are used to supply Caravan Travel Hubs
  • Cargo Bots - These are crafting ingredients used to build many new settlement devices
  • Cargo Bot summoning devices - these are used to access the Scrap Storage System remotely, to send junk back to your settlements
  • Water Filters - Used to either craft water purifiers or directly craft purified water bottles
  • Tools, parts, etc.
  • Ammunition Crafting and Disassemble
  • Crafting of external mod weapons (coming soon)

Contracted Work

There's a special category in the Robotics Lab called "CONTRACTED WORK."  This category allows you to bypass the perk requirement for crafting certain objects.  But it comes at a cost.. normally requiring caps and extra ingredients.   The concept is that a skilled artisan makes the item for you (i.e. could be a settler, etc.) if you lack the skill to make it yourself.

Take note, that if you have the skill to craft any of these objects, you should look for the "real" recipe located in another category, and NOT use the contracted work one.

This new system is designed to make building and advancing settlements more interactive and goal-oriented.

BETA NOTE: This particular system is still under construction 

Each level of progression grants new rewards and unlocks additional new settlement objects.

One of the goals of this system, is to give builders extra materials they require to build up the elements that aren't directly gameplay related (such as walls, floors, etc.)  Wood, concrete, and steel can be produced to continue building up your empire.

NOTE:  The first update is the base skeleton of the system.  Currently the system is really only setup for getting to "Trailblazer Rank 3."  Anything passed that is only going to give you basic quest rewards, but no new utilities or perk recipes or anything.   So just don't kill yourself trying to grind out settlement ranks unless you really want to.

I plan to continue to add quest objectives and side missions that are more interactive in future updates.

NEW: The Command Table 
  • This crafted object can be interacted with to start quests and check settlement stats
  • The concept is to make building up settlements more interactive, immersive, rewarding, and ultimately feel like it has a purpose
  • This is only the first update - more quests, missions, and tasks will be added to this over time
  • All of the new utility objects can be found in the workshop menu under "Resources->Misc"
  • A new custom model is created for this object

NEW: Main progression quest line: "The Commonwealth United"
  • This quest line is the backbone of the new settlement progression system
  • It is entirely geared towards players who enjoy settlement building (i.e. optional)
  • It can be accepted and advanced through the Command Table
  • Most rewards are based around settlement crafting
  • It currently has 7 stages
  • Each stage requires building settlements up to a certain population and happiness rating (15 settlers at 75% happiness)*
  • Each stage rewards a rank of a new perk called "Trailblazer", plus 1 additional item reward
  • Each stage rewards 1 Cargo Bot (ideally it's so you have 1 of each utility for free.)
  • Each stage also offers a choice of 1 of 4 bonus rewards (each stage is different)
  • The main quest line is intended to be faction-neutral (there may be some faction-specific side quests in the future)
  • The quest takes up to 6 in-game hours to run it's check to see if you advanced

*I plan on creating an advanced quest line for high-charisma local leaders as well (most likely 24 settlers at 85% happiness)

NEW: (Perk) Trailblazer
  • This perk grants access to schematics and recipes based around settlement crafting
  • This perk currently has 7 ranks, 1 is rewarded for each stage completed in "The Commonwealth United"
  • Each stage unlocks new settlement resources
  • Some minor unlocks are scattered around as well, such as personal beds
  • More schematics and recipes will be added over time

NEW: Resource Management Table
  • This crafted object can be interacted with to control resource production
  • All resources produced through the Manager, are done globally for all settlements
  • Some resources require Fuel to find/process materials (purified water, wood, concrete, steel)
  • Fuel can be found from existing junk containing "Liquid Fuel" or can be crafted as a more expensive last resort
  • Fuel must be added through the resource management interface in order to run your utilities
  • Fuel that is added, needs to come directly from your inventory (it doesn't know how to check the workbench. If I can add this, I will.)
  • Fuel can be stored up to a maximum amount: 20 base + 5 for each completed settlement
  • Resources produced generally have a low re-sell value, and are intended to be directly used for crafting
  • Resources produced are stored directly in the "Scrap Storage System" container (not the workbench)
  • The Scrap Storage container can be accessed from this device
  • Requires 1 cargo bot to build (which is given free if you complete rank 1 of the main questline)
  • Resource utilities will give a very small amount of happiness (this is mainly just to flag it as a workshop object)
  • A new custom model is created for this object

Water Purifiers
  • Water purifiers are the only way to produce purified water bottles now, through the Resource Manager console
  • The generic "Water" settlement resource now gives Dirty Water to the workbench instead of purified water
  • To produce purified water bottles, it takes 10 units of purified water (globally) per bottle per day
  • 1 medium purifier is 10 units of water.  1 large purifier is 20.  1 industrial is 30.
  • Water units in the resource manager aren't lowered by the amount of settlers you have
  • Producing water bottles requires 1 fuel per bottle per day
  • Surplus water output is limited to:  4 + "Successful Settlements" per day (these numbers may change)
  • Surplus water output has a hard cap at 20 per day (these numbers may change)
  • Purified bottles go into the Scrap Storage
  • Each purifier grants a significant amount of happiness for the settlement
  • Large and Industrial purifiers give more water units/happiness but require skills to build

NEW: Settlement quest line: "Engineering an Empire"
  • This quest line is somewhat of a tutorial for the Resource Management Table
  • It's main purpose is to guide you through constructing and managing utilities as they unlock
  • (TODO: Ideally.. I will add a water purifier step in between here...)
  • The first step rewards you a free "Carpenter Saw" so you can always build your first Lumber Yard
  • (more steps will come later..)

NEW: Lumber Yard
  • Each Lumber Yard built (globally) will increase production of lumber
  • Each yard produces 75 wood per day (this value may change)
  • Requires Trailblazer Rank 1
  • Requires 1 settler assigned to each yard to function
  • Requires 1 Fuel per day to produce wood
  • Requires 1 cargo bot and a "Carpenter Saw" to build
  • A new custom model is created for this object

NEW: Stone Yard
  • Each Stone Yard built (globally) will increase production of concrete
  • Each yard produces 25 concrete per day (this value may change)
  • Requires Trailblazer Rank 2
  • Requires 1 settler assigned to each yard to function
  • Requires 1 Fuel per day to produce concrete
  • Requires 1 cargo bot to build
  • A new custom model is created for this object

NEW: Small Oil Well
  • Each Oil Well built (globally) will increase production of oil
  • Each well produces 4 oil per day (this value may change)
  • Requires Trailblazer Rank 3
  • Requires a fair amount of power to function
  • Requires 1 cargo bot to build
  • A new custom model is created for this object

NEW: Steel Yard
  • Each Steel Yard built (globally) will increase production of steel
  • Each yard produces 40 steel per day (this value may change)
  • Requires Trailblazer Rank 2
  • Requires 1 settler assigned to each yard to function
  • Requires 1 Fuel per day to produce wood
  • Requires 1 cargo bot, a Hack Saw, and Ball-peen Hammer to build
  • A new custom model is created for this object


WARNING: Many changes are listed below.. reading all of them may cause drowsiness.

Table of Contents

  1. The Goals of this mod
  2. Health Management
  3. Radiation
  4. NPCs / Combat
  5. Experience and Levels
  6. Perks
  7. Survival Mode Changes
  8. Allies - Carry weight Expanded
  9. Caps / Vendors
  10. Items
  11. Loot
  12. Medical Crafting
  13. Weapon Scrapping
  14. Settlement Changes
  15. Quick Travel
  16. Game Saving
  17. Future Plans
  18. Survival Tips
  19. Bugs and Unfinished Work
  20. Notes
  21. FAQ
  22. Recommended Mods
  23. Incompatible Mods
  24. Uninstalling
  25. Feedback I'm Looking For
  26. About This Mod
  27. Special Thanks


One of the biggest things I've wanted this mod to help fix, is the gap between settlement crafting and "realistic" carry weights.  

The problem is, those 2 things do not mix well.. at all.  If you want the game to have challenging realistic carry weight options, you wind up not being able to take any junk with you to craft with.  Some players don't care about settlements, or crafting much, so it works fine with them.  My goal, is to find a system that works well for crafting, but doesn't trivialize carry weight. 

I literally want you to be able to take every piece of junk you find, back to your settlements to use for crafting.  I think that's a pretty important aspect for anyone who enjoys both exploring and the settlement/crafting systems in Fallout 4.   Not being able to, takes a large part of the game away from most players.

There's a "Carry Weight Discussion" thread in the FORUMS section, if you would like to contribute to the carry weight discussion.

I'm attempting to experiment with a few concepts to try and bridge this gap.  Some of these may be tweaked or even removed in the future, so I wanted to make that clear.

1> Scrap Storage System

The main carry weight game mechanic I've created is the "Scrap Storage System."  This consists of a settlement object you can craft to store scrap/junk in, and can access this remotely with a crafted consumable item.  This system has intended limitations, in that you cannot store most equipment in it (weapons, armor, aid, etc.)  This storage container is also used for the new settlement resource production, and is shared between all settlements that have one built.  The "Resource Management Table" also acts as Scrap Storage container as well.

I like how this system is working so far, and will probably keep it going.  It works well to bridge the gap between crafting supplies and survival supplies, in that you can ONLY transfer junk/scrap/misc items to and from the storage system. 

2> Alpha Wrist Device

This system consists of an equipment item that can be upgraded to grant you fairly large amounts of carry weight based on perks and alliances.  Some players may find this a little overpowered, especially if you want realistic carry weights, but it does the job of allowing you more freedom for carrying crafting supplies, etc.  

Some players like it, some don't.  I'm unsure if I like this system, and may change it down the road.  If you don't want easy carry weight, just don't use this device.


  • Make combat more challenging (without just adding bloated damage/health.)
  • Make healing/radiation not feel trivial.
  • Make survival supplies (ammo, etc.) more difficult to acquire/buy.
  • Make exploring feel more worthwhile.
  • Make crafting, vendors, and caps feel more useful.
  • Make a wider variety of perks feel more useful.
  • Make setting up multiple settlements feel beneficial to your character.
  • Make enemies more challenging throughout your entire playthrough.
  • Make carry weight not an artificially restricting factor.
  • Make new objects to fill gaps and add more variation.
  • Make small fixes to misc things that needed tweaking or bug fixing.


The overabundance of cheap and easy-to-get healing in the Fallout games really trivializes any sense of a true survival feel, and it needed to change.  

The only way to heal now, is through actual medical treatment.  Eating food or sleeping to heal off all your injuries or limb damage is gone.

The wasteland is a harsh place, it doesn't make sense that healing injuries would be so easy or so ridiculously cheap in price.

Even though regaining health is severely nerfed, your health pool will be higher than normal.  This allows the player to have a larger buffer for dealing with injuries.  The idea is that enemies will wear you down, but usually can't just 1-shot you at full health.  This also helps counter "ping-ponging" of constant damage and healing.

  • All food no longer regenerates health.
  • All water no longer regenerates health (including environmental water you can drink.)
  • Sleeping no longer regenerates health.
  • Leveling up no longer regenerates health.
  • Any health regeneration from perks and magazines is removed or converted into increased health pool.
  • The player's health pool no longer receives a scaling bonus with level.
  • Base starting health is 190 (up from 80)
  • Endurance gives +10 health per point (up from +5)
  • Perks and magazines give larger health pool increases.
  • Stimpaks will rarely drop from loot and are the only source of healing in combat.
  • Item such as Bandages, can only be used outside of combat to heal yourself.
  • Stimpaks/RadAway/Antibiotics are all increased greatly in cap prices.
  • Doctors charge significantly more for all recovery services (a new doctor overhaul is coming in v0.999)
  • You can only heal limbs from Trauma Kits and doctors (more info below.)

Make sure any healing effects have finished BEFORE sleeping.  Sleeping will remove all healing conditions.

(If I can figure out how to fix this, I will.)

Healing can be achieved [and is limited] by the following:
  • Stimpaks (In combat)
  • Bandages, Medicated Bandages, First Aid Kits (Out of combat)
  • Paying caps to a Doctor for treatments.

Stimpaks are now "Combat Stimpaks":
  • Is usable in combat.
  • They heal a fixed amount of health now.
  • No longer heals limb damage (with 1 exception*)
  • Is boosted with the Medic Perk.
  • All static Stimpaks in the world still exist, but almost never drop from containers or NPCs.
  • Available through crafting.
  • "Ultra Combat Stimpaks" can be crafted if you have Medic 4.

*Stimpaks will heal a very minor amount (5%) of limb damage to both legs only.  I added this in as a safety precaution.  In the case that someone accidentally forgets to bring trauma kits with them, I didn't want them to have to limp 3 miles in order to get healed.  But be warned, 1 shot to the legs could cripple you again until you get real limb treatment.

New Adrenaline Injector
  • NOTE: This item replaces ALL vanilla "Stimpaks"
  • This item is consumed when reviving fallen companions
  • Can be used on yourself if you wish, gaining 1 stack of adrenaline
  • Heals 5% leg limb damage (like the original stimpak, it's still useable as an emergency limb recovery)
  • Using this item has an addiction chance that applies with the "Overdrive" addiction
  • Trauma Kits require this item for crafting
  • Can be used by NPCs to heal themselves
  • Sorting/icon is categorized under "Chems"

New - Bandages
  • Is not usable in combat.
  • Any active healing ticks will not work while in combat.
  • They heal a fixed amount of health.  
  • They heal slower than Stimpaks. 
  • Applies a -50% action point refresh reduction.
  • Cannot sprint for the first 30 seconds of healing.
  • Is not boosted with the Medic perk.
  • Available only through crafting - does not drop as loot.

New Medicated Bandages
  • Same as Bandages except:
  • They heal a fixed amount for double what standard bandages do. 
  • They apply their healing faster than standard bandages.
  • They require different materials to craft.
  • They require Medic Rank 1 to craft.

- First Aid Kit:
  • Same as Bandages except:
  • They heal a fixed amount for more than triple what bandages do. 
  • They apply their healing faster than bandages.
  • They require different materials to craft.
  • They require Medic Rank 2 to craft.

New - Trauma Kit
  • They heal all limb damage (this is the only way to heal limb damage, other than doctors.)
  • They heal a very small fixed amount of your health.
  • Is usable in combat.
  • Applies very slowly over time.
  • Applies a -30% action point refresh reduction.
  • Cannot sprint for the first 30 seconds of healing.
  • Available only through crafting - does not drop as loot.

At first, this may sound rough.. but it's not difficult to manage as long as you travel prepared.  Always craft a few trauma kits, and make sure to have a couple bandages and/or first aid kits on you.


I always found that curing radiation was a complete joke in FO4.  There is way too much Radaway, and doctors charge basically nothing to remove it.  It's supposed to be a danger, yet it's completely trivial.

Radiation should be something to be avoided if possible.  You will find yourself needing a real doctor to cure yourself of any sizable radiation damage.

  • RadAway will almost never drop from loot or containers, but continues to exist in static locations (which is almost too much still.)
  • RadAway cures half the amount of rads now, but the immunity debuff is also half the duration.
  • RadAway can still be increased by the Medic Perk, but the amount is reduced to be in line with the radiation rebalance.
  • RadAway, drugs, and alcohol, no longer dehydrates the player (since I've made curing rads harder now, there's no need to penalize the player with annoyances like this.)
  • RadAway also no longer causes starvation (again, this is a pointless annoyance to the player.. removed.)
  • RadAway no longer benefits from Chemist or BioComm mods (this should never have been like this to begin with.)
  • The price for buying Radaway is greatly increased.
  • The price for curing radiation from doctors is significantly increased.
  • RadAway takes a few extra ingredients to craft it.
  • Food and water that cause radiation damage now cause significantly more radiation.
  • All drinkable water sources now cause some radiation damage and are considered dirty water (which is everything except Purified Water bottles)
  • Filling bottles at any water source (including water pumps) now gives dirty water.

    4. NPCS / COMBAT

The base Survival mode damage multipliers don't work as well in my rebalance.  So I'm balancing the game closer to the normal damage ratio.

  • Player damage is 1.0x in Survival Mode.
  • NPC damage is 1.5x in Survival Mode (down from 2.0x)
  • The NPC health scaling bonus with level is reduced (may need tweaking)
  • The NPC max level for encounter zones is boosted.  Generic NPCs should scale with your level better.
  • Specific NPC types that were too "spongey" (especially higher level versions) had their health reduced.
  • Many bosses (and some named NPC's) are now guaranteed to scale above the player's level.
  • Not all NPC types are scaled up, so that there is still some variation on the NPC's combat skills.
  • Very low level NPCs in the first starter areas have increased health (although they're still fairly easy.)
  • Some generic low level NPCs are increased in level.
  • Vertibirds and their pilots have more health/armor (I always thought they got shot down way too easily.)
  • Most Super Mutants will more appropriately carry Molotov Cocktails now, instead of frag grenades
  • Grenade-wielding Raiders use a wider variety of grenades based on level
  • Some enemies that wouldn't care about caps, no longer carry them or work with fortune finder
  • Far Harbor DLC: Many NPC types were reduced in health (in order to fix Far Harbor's runaway bloat.)

Legendary Enemies
  • Legendary enemies will now spawn from level 3+ (instead of 6+)
  • The level ranges for "legendary chance increases" are rescaled to fit Horizon's leveling
  • The chance for an enemy to be legendary is slightly lower
  • Some legendary enemies are stronger now
  • Legendary humans now drop an "Empty Mutagenic Serum" item (makes it more believable as to why a human is mutating)
  • Legendary synths and robots now drop a "Burnt Overdrive Unit" item
  • Legendary Melee weapon rolls will now choose better types (it will no longer roll boards, canes, pool cues, etc.)
  • Legendary weapons will now roll melee weapons less often (but the ones that are melee, are more often better types)

Synth and Robot Overhaul
  • Robots drop new items that fit with their genre
  • Synths (Gen1/2) drop new items that fit with their genre
  • Synths (Gen1/2/Courser) only drop relevant ammo for the scrounger perk
  • Synths (Gen1/2) no longer drop caps, or work with fortune finder
  • Coursers drop new unique items of value


Leveling is rescaled, in order to balance out combat progression better.  Reaching level 30, is like reaching the old level 60.. but everything is rescaled around this.

This keeps the player's level within a stricter boundary that can be controlled better.  The game should continually be challenging all the way until the end content.

Don't worry, even though you are getting half the levels, you will still get extra perk points to customize your character with.  Bonus perk points can be acquired every 5 levels.

Unfortunately crafting experience needed to be significantly reduced.  I didn't want to completely remove it, but its somewhat of an imbalance against gameplay experience, since the experience scaling is different now. 

    6. PERKS

The perk system needed a massive overhaul to accommodate the new health and leveling system.

Even though more XP is required to level, I still want players to have a lot of customizing options.  VANS will now provide you with free bonus perk points to spend every 5 levels.

  • Starting SPECIAL points increased from 21 to 29 (this helps offset certain things based on the new slower leveling system.)
  • Perk level requirements were adjusted for almost all perks.
  • All perks that contained health regen either had their regen replaced, or are temporarily disabled until I can re-work them.
  • Magazines with health regen were coverted to increase health pool instead.
  • Gunslinger/Rifleman reduced to 5/10/15/20/25% damage.
  • Commando reduced to 10/15/20/25/30% damage.
  • Demolition Expert reduced to 10/20/30/40%
  • Big Leagues reduced to 20/30/40/50/60%
  • Iron Fist reduced to 20/30/40/50/60%
  • Adamantium Skeleton reduced to: 15/30/50% (down from 30/60/100%)
  • Medic gives +75 radaway per rank (at rank 4 radaway does 500 rads total.)
  • Medic gives less bonus to stimpak healing, but also includes increases to trauma kits.
  • Medic Rank 4 allows Ultra Combat Stimpaks to be created.
  • Lone Wanderer reduced to 5/10/10% (down from 15/30/30)
  • Sneak no longer ignores tripwires and mines (this trivialized traps and mines too much.)
  • Life Giver increased to: +30/+30/+30/+30 health per rank (up from +20 per rank; rank 4 added)
  • Solar Powered rank 2 now gives +2 Perception and Luck (instead of rad regen)
  • Solar Powered rank 3 now gives +20% movement speed (instead of health regen)
  • Better criticals reduced to: 25/50/75%
  • Idiot Savant reduced to 2x/3x/Kill mod 2x (down from 3x/5x/Kill mod 3x)
  • Gun Basher is reduced to 2 ranks, but both ranks are increased damage.
  • Ricochet no longer instantly kills a target, but does moderate damage instead.
  • Chem Resistant is reduced to 1 rank.
  • Fortune Finder is reduced to 2 ranks.  The amount of caps you can find is reduced.
  • Nerd Rage is reduced to 2 ranks.
  • Ninja is reduced to 2 ranks. Also fixed a bug that should now properly account for 2h melee weapons in Rank 1 and 2.
  • Strong Back now gives +50 carry weight per rank, up to rank 4.
  • Scrounger is reduced to 2 ranks.
  • Scrounger will only find a small amount of ammo from time to time.  In addition, it can find extra junk now as well.
  • Cannibal is reduced to 2 ranks and no longer heals from eating corpses.  [This perk needs to be revamped later on.]
  • Ghoulish is reduced to 1 rank and no longer heals (Ferals can still assist you in combat)  [This perk needs to be revamped later on.]
  • Danse's perk reduced to 10% damage (down from 20%)
  • Preston's perk reduced to 10% damage (down from 20%)
  • Curie's perk reduced to heal for 50 (down from 100)
  • Piper's perk reduced to +20% XP (down from +100%)
  • Adrenaline is reduced to 20% damage maximum (down from 50%)
  • Magazine: Wasteland Survival Guide #9 - Allows you to get leather from animals (instead of extra meat, which is moved into the new "Hunter" Perk.)
  • Aquaboy/Aquagirl now only reduces radiation damage from water
  • Blacksmiths can now craft some tools

Redesigned Perks:

VANS is completely redesigned:
  • No longer gives quest pathing help.
  • Instantly grants 5 additional perk points to spend per rank.
  • Every 5 levels you can purchase another rank, up to level 30.
  • This allows you to receive a similar amount of perk points based on time spent, since levels are gained slower.
  • I choose to give extra points this way, because I didn't want to muck with auto-granted points per level.
  • (NOTE: After purchasing a rank, you may need to exit the Pip-Boy and go back in to see your updated points.)

Toughness is now "Hunter"
  • (NOTE: You can no longer harvest meat from animals without the Hunter perk.)
  • Rank 1: You can now harvest meat from animals, and can build caltrops (Far Harbor DLC.)
  • Rank 2: You gain a 50% chance to harvest extra meat/bones/misc, and can build bear traps (Far Harbor DLC.)
  •              Also grants you the chance to harvest exotic creatures.
  • Rank 3: You gain 100% chance to harvest extra meat/bones/misc, and can build bleeding bear traps (Far Harbor DLC.)
  • Rank 4: Gain +10 Damage Resistance.
  • Rank 5: Gain another +10 Damage Resistance.

Lead Belly is now "Survivalist"
  • Rank 1: Ability to grow food using wild plants; Unlocks certain cooking recipes.
  • Rank 2: Unlocks exotic recipes for cooking, and Herbal Remedies.*
  • Rank 3: Unlocks recipes for:  Cutting fluid, Vegetable starch, and purifying Dirty Water*

* Some recipes include:
  • Crafting "Clean" bottles, which are not considered scrappable junk.
  • Cooking a mixture of pre-war foods, to create new purified prewar meals
  • The purified water recipe has steeper mats, but outputs 2 bottles at a time

Refractor is now "Technologist"
  • Rank 1: You have a keen eye for technology!  Each rank gives an increased chance to salvage extra components from robots and synths.
  • Rank 2: You've learned how to deal with technological attacks.  You now gain +10 Energy Resistance.
  • Rank 3: You can rebuild it.. you have the technology.  You can now re-assemble some electronic components in the Robotics Lab.
  • Rank 4: You now gain an additional +20 Energy Resistance.
  • Rank 5: No machine can hide their secrets from you.  You now have a chance to salvage rare technology from robots and synths.
  • (Rank 5 includes new robot parts that contain rare materials, including adhesives and nuclear material.)


I'm glad they finally put in the hardcore system, but the way it's balanced by default feels awkward and somewhat irritating.

Eating a good meal should proactively prevent severe hunger for a fair amount of time.  You shouldn't have to suffer through a day or 2 worth of debuffs in order to make good "caps" usage out of cooked food.  It doesn't make sense.

I've rescaled the food/water consumption so the first stage lasts longer.  But the total amount of food/water you need to eat (over time) remains exactly the same.  It feels much smoother now without pestering you so often.

In short: If you eat a big meal (real cooked food that gives ~100 value) when it says you're "Hungry", it will actually use most/all of that value, and you will be "Well Fed" for longer.  It makes more sense than the vanilla version, and it is less annoying.

  • The time it takes to reach the first hunger level is ~24 hours (up from 6 hours)
  • The food points required for the first hunger level is 4 times higher (roughly 96 food points.)
  • Every 12 hours after that, you will reach the next hunger level (similar to before.)
  • The total amount of "food points" (which is based on the caps value) that is needed to stop hunger per hour, remains exactly the same.
  • The total time it takes to reach the last "starve to death" level is slightly extended to 3 days (up from 2.6 days)
  • The time it takes to reach the first thirst level is 8 hours (the max level remains the same; water per hour remains the same.)
  • "Fed" is now "Well Fed", since that level range effectively lasts much longer.
  • "Peckish" is now "Hungry"
  • "Hungry" is now "Very Hungry"
  • Bottles of Purified Water now grant a buff
  • Bottles of Purified and Dirty Water give slightly more hydration
  • The time while sleeping to check food/thirst is increased to match a standard 24-hour eating cycle.
  • The penalty of engaging in combat is reduced slightly.
  • Lethargy's penalty is lowered.
  • Many cooked meals are worth more "food points" (i.e. value) now.
  • Cooked meals require more ingredients to craft.
  • Raw meat is worth less "food points" now.  They are also prefixed as "Raw", to make them more easily visible.
  • All foods that give radiation damage, now give more radiation damage.
  • Molerat disease is reduced to 2 hours and then it will wear off (that icon needed to go.)

So basically, eating garbage food is much worse now.  The goal is to aim for real cooked food.

NOTE: I removed the "requiring companions to be healed or they go home" mechanic for the time being.  This is entirely too much to deal with since my mod nerfs your own healing a lot.  In the future, I may add some type of cheaper "Companion Stimpak" to use and then I'll re-enable it.


WARNING:  These system are still considered experimental.  Drastic changes may be made to adjust this system.  These systems are also optional.

Let's face it.. players love Fallout because you get to explore everywhere and grab all sorts of items so you can craft things.  Not leave 95% of it behind.  
In my opinion, carry weight can ruin this aspect of the game.  And with the reduction of fast travel, this makes it even worse.  Strict carry weight is an artificial block, and I would rather curb the actual loot itself, but allow you to carry more of it over time.

Instead of just increasing the base carry weight, I wanted to add in some immersion-friendly methods to significantly increase your carry weight as you progress through the game.

SYSTEM #1 - Alpha Wrist Device

You can craft and equip a communications device called the "Alpha Wrist Device":

  • This device can keep in contact with your robot workers and allies, to help offload jobs such as helping carry items.
  • It is equipped in it's own unique slot (the "shield" armor slot, which appears to be completely unused.)
  • The more allies you have, the more carry weight options you have access to.
  • It is crafted in the new "Robotics Lab" workstation.
  • It has 3 cosmetic variations:  Leather, Tech, and Invisible.
  • The device appears on your character's right forearm (unless it's the invisible one.)
  • If you want to change the "shell" of the Wrist Device, you can pop out the mods and transfer them over at any time.
  • The wrist device itself is simple to craft, but the transmitter mods require a large amount of materials each.
  • (In the future, I'd like to make a custom model, but for now it uses some existing forearm armor models.)

The wrist device is moddable in the armor workstation with the following slots:

        Slot 1:  Robot Transmitter A - Adds a transmitter chip to keep in contact with a robot that can increase carry weight by an additional 200.
           - Anyone can build this.

        Slot 2:  Robot Transmitter B - Adds a transmitter chip to keep in contact with a 2nd robot that can increase carry weight by an additional 300.
           - Requires Robotics Expert Rank 1

        Slot 3:  Robot Transmitter C - Adds a transmitter chip to keep in contact with a 3rd robot that can increase carry weight by an additional 400.
           - Requires Robotics Expert Rank 3

        Slot 4:  Settler Beacon S1 - Adds a transmitter chip to keep in contact with a settler that can increase carry weight by an additional 200.
           - Requires Local Leader Rank 1

        Slot 5:  Settler Beacon S2 - Adds a transmitter chip to keep in contact with a 2nd settler that can increase carry weight by an additional 200.
           - Requires Local Leader Rank 3 (new)
           - Additional upgrade mod available

        Slot 6:  Minutemen Beacon Theta - Keep in contact with a Minuteman Scout that can increase carry weight by an additional 200.
           - Requires Preston's Perk "United We Stand"

        Slot 7:  Railroad Beacon Zeta - Keep in contact with a Railroad Agent that can increase carry weight by an additional 200.
           - Requires Deacon's Perk "Cloak & Dagger"

        Slot 8:  Brotherhood Beacon Delta - Keep in contact with a Brotherhood Initiate that can increase carry weight by an additional 200.
           - Requires Danse's Perk "Know Your Enemy"

I may expand on this more.  Possibly add mods other than carry weight, to allow allies to assist you in other ways too.

If you would really prefer a hardcore carry weight system, just don't build the wrist device then.  It's here for those who like the concept.

SYSTEM #2 - Scrap Storage System

The concept of this system is to help settlement building, without drastically effecting personal gear weight limits.
  • Build storage units in your settlements which can hold junk, scrap, and some misc items
  • Weapons, armor, ammo, and consumables CANNOT be placed inside the storage (some types of clothes may sneak by the filter though)
  • Storage units can be built at multiple settlements, and share the same inventory
  • Having the Robotics Expert perk will allow you to build storage units cheaper and with less resources
  • A consumable item can be used to call a Cargo Bot, which will directly open up the storage inventory
  • The consumable device is crafted in the Robotics Lab (1 is consumed on each useage)
  • The Cargo Bots used to craft the settlement storage units, are crafted in the Robotics Lab
  • Storage bots cannot be called in combat (work in progress - may or may not be working yet)

  • Cargo Bots are not real robots that travel anywhere - everything is instantly transacted to avoid issues
  • The storage inventory does not share with the workshop workbench
  • There is not a "Deposit all junk" button, sorry!

Display Bug: When you put something in that gets rejected, it may not show up in the list until another item updates the list)

Future plans: Eventually I'd like to actually show a little Cargo Bot when you summon it - cosmetic purposes only, but would look cool.


Caps actually feel like they're worth something now.  You should feel more like a real citizen of the wasteland, rather than a big spender who can easily buy anything at will.

Ammo is very expensive now, as it should be a more rare/treasured commodity in the brutal wasteland.

  • Ammo and medical supplies are significantly more expensive.
  • The maximum value you can sell items for is lowered to half the value of the item (down from 80%)
  • Vendors take 10 days to restock their goods (up from 2 days.)
  • Vendors stock less rare goods than usual.
  • Purchasing Home Plate is reduced to 750 caps, and it works with the new fast travel system.
  • Certain crafting materials are higher in value.
  • A large amount of items were given more appropriate buy/sell values.


  • Many new flavor items were added for junk, to give more variety
  • Weapons and Armor are named with affixes based on their mods.
  • "Padded" armor mods now give 10% reduced damage against explosives (down from 25%)*
  • "Dense" armor mods now give 15% reduced damage against explosives (down from 50%)*
  • Rad Scrubbers no longer remove rads from food/water (this will be replaced later)
  • The legendary property "Wounding" is reduced to 10 damage total (down from 25)
  • The legendary property "Explosive" is reduced to 5 damage (down from 15)
  • The legendary property "Powerful" is reduced to 15% damage (down from 25%)
  • The legendary property "Two Shot" is reduced to 40% damage (down from 100%)
  • The legendary property "Crippling" is reduced to 25% damage (down from 50%)
  • The legendary property "Violent" is reduced to 15% damage (down from 25%)
  • "Auto-stim" property on legendary weapons will no longer be rolled on new weapons
  • Existing "Auto-stim" legendary weapons have been significantly reduced
  • "Cloaking" property on legendary armor only lasts 4 seconds now
  • "Steadfast" property on legendary weapons reduced to 20 DR
  • "Resilient" property on legendary weapons reduced to 60 DR
  • The legendary property "Bloodied" is reduced to "up to 40%" damage
  • The legendary property "Freezing" is reduced to 5 damage
  • The legendary property "Nocturnal" has it's damage reduced in half, but also drastically reduces the daytime penalty
  • Hunting Rifle increased in damage.
  • Alien Blaster slightly reduced in damage.
  • Railway Rifle slightly reduced in damage.
  • Misc junk was given salvage components (folders, burnt books, subway tokens, etc.)
  • MacCready's toy is no longer scrappable.
  • Danse's holotags are no longer scrappable.
  • Annika's Locket is no longer scrappable.
  • Mary's Locket is no longer scrappable (renamed from "Locket")
  • All wild plants are now prefixed with "Wild"
  • All raw meat is now prefixed with "Raw"
  • All pool ball numbers (instead of just cue/eight/two) will now drop off of small junk loot (usually from Feral Ghouls, etc.)
  • Far Harbor DLC: Caltrops/Bear Trap damage is increased.
  • Far Harbor DLC: Caltrops now craft 10 at a time and require the Hunter perk rank 1.
  • Far Harbor DLC: Bear Traps now craft 5 at a time and require the Hunter perk rank 2.
  • Far Harbor DLC: Some of the DLC's perks and damage buffs were nerfed.
  • Automatron DLC: Crafting robot repair kits has moved to the Robotics Lab (new)
  • ... And a lot more. (Many of these changes are listed in the change log, but unfortunately haven't made their way into the docs yet.)

Some pre-war items are now considered "Collectibles" or crafting ingredients:

  • Collectible items are worth more caps, are no longer scrappable, and may have reduced weight.
  • These items contain a ($) symbol in the name, so it's easy to spot.
  • Boxes of cigars, cartons/packs cigarettes, Nuka cola, Gwinneth beers (not the fresh cold ones)
  • Certain "Undamaged" pre-war items.
  • Giddyup Buttercup (can be sold or crafted into a settlement decoration)
  • Pool Balls (can be sold or crafted into a settlement decoration)
  • Jangles the Moon Monkey (I may make a decoration in the future)
  • (Individual cigarettes/cigars and empty bottles are still considered junk.)
  • Many tools are now used in crafting, and no longer junk to scrap

New - Crafting component:  "Packing Material"
  • This component category can consist of any kind of scrap used for paper products, stuffing, foam, etc.
  • This component is now a primary ingredient for crafting objects such as beds, couches, etc.
  • Many appropriate junk items now contain this component
  • Many appropriate scrappable settlement objects now contain this component
  • Paper-based items that had placeholder materials now use this component instead (Newspapers, folders, etc.)
  • New crafting recipes (robotics lab) are added to create this component (optional, in case you can't find enough normally)

New - Crafting component:  "Liquid Fuel"
  • Fuel is used to run certain settlement resources (lumber yards, etc.)
  • Gas Canisters and Mr Handy Fuel now give "Liquid Fuel" instead of oil
  • Some settlement scrap objects can give fuel (cars, tractors, etc.)
  • Items tagged with (Fuel) will appear at the top of the junk list so it's easy to find

New - Damaged Weapons

Some NPCs now have a chance to drop damaged weapons, instead of functioning weapons.  These items can be scrapped into components, including weapon parts (which are explained further down.)  Certain weapon types will have a higher or lower chance of dropping as damaged.

There's 3 categories of damaged weapons:  Disabled, Damaged, and Destroyed.  Each type gives different amounts of scrap.

The following NPCs/weapons are implemented so far:
  • Synths - Institute Laser Guns (high chance of being damaged)
  • Raiders - Pipe Guns (high chance of being damaged)
  • (more will be added over time..)


  • MANY containers in the game were overhauled to have more appropriate loot
  • Many new "flavor" items were added to give loot more variety and have a more appropriate feel
  • Ammo from containers and NPCs is severely reduced.
  • Rare crafting materials (from junk) drop more infrequently.
  • NPCs and containers rarely drop stimpaks and RadAway.
  • Crafting materials for medical supplies will usually be found in containers where stimpaks used to be.
  • Animals will not drop meat unless you have at least 1 rank of the Hunter perk.
  • Most static objects in the world, however, are still the same.
  • Ammo boxes behind some locked areas will have guaranteed ammo in them
  • Containers that realistically shouldn't respawn items, will no longer respawn
  • Many locked containers will now contain appropriate bonus loot
  • Many, many undocumented loot changes that are probably found in the change log (eventually I'll update this section better)


There are new components that are used for crafting medical supplies.

  • Common drugs (psycho[1], jet[1], mentats[1], med-x[1], daytripper[3] ) can now be broken down into "Pharmaceuticals" under the "Utility" category.
  • Pharmaceuticals are used to craft Antibiotics, Trauma Kits, and Stimpaks.
  • Jet, Mentats, and Psycho now require Chemist Rank 2 to craft.
  • Some liquor can be broken down into Antiseptics (vodka, rum, bourbon, whiskey)
  • RadAway and Stimpaks require additional materials to craft now.


I've designed a new system for dealing with scraping weapons and building turrets (and other objects.)  I wanted scraping weapons to actually feel more beneficial.

When you scrap weapons, you receive components called "[weapon type] Weapon Parts."  This is IN ADDITION to normal materials you receieve when scraping a weapon.

Weapon parts are used to construct turrets, guard towers, and other devices.  Example:  Scrapping a laser gun will give you it's materials, plus 2 "Energy Weapon Parts".  A regular laser turret might take 1 Energy Weapon Part to build, but the cost of the other materials required is lowered and simplified.

Weapon parts can also be sold to a vendor if you don't want them for anything.

Weapon parts salvage from the following:
  • Rifle Weapon Parts:        Combat/assault/hunting rifle, submachinegun, minigun
  • Shotgun Weapon Parts:  Combat and double-barreled shotguns
  • Energy Weapon Parts:    Laser, plasma, gamma, gauss, laser musket, gatling laser guns
  • Pistol Weapon Parts:      10mm, .44
  • Pipe Weapon Parts:        Any type of pipe gun
  • Heavy Weapon Parts:    Missile launchers, flamethrowers, etc.


I want having multiple settlements easier to manage, but be more interesting, and feel more worth-while.  At the same time I need to make sure it doesn't easily trivialize your own survival too much.

Settlements should feel like they're part of the gameplay.  I'd also like to expand on this more in the future.

  • Food/water that is generated to the workshop inventory is severely reduced.
  • Food can no longer be picked from crops.
  • Water pumps give radiation damage when drinking from them; Filling bottles now gives dirty water (should never have been purified in the first place.)
  • Fertilizer/scrap that is generated to the workshop is reduced.
  • All crops give 1.0 production value now.- Large water purifier gives less water.
  • Power generators give more power (and they cost slightly more resources to make)
  • Large water purifier gives less water.
  • The distance wires can be attached is increased.
  • Certain scrappable objects in settlements give more materials when salvaged (cars, houses, piles of cinderblocks, etc.)
  • Vendor stalls cost less caps to build, but require a few extra materials.
  • Food vendors are significantly lower in cap cost, to promote settlement expansion (because hey, every settlement needs a bar!)
  • The basic guard posts/towers are increased to 4 defense.
  • Most turrets are increased in defense value and health.
  • Laser turrets use Energy Weapon Parts and simplified materials.
  • Shotgun turrets use Shotgun Weapon Parts and simplified materials.
  • Missile turrets use Heavy Weapon Parts and simplified materials.
  • Increased the printing speed of terminals (the default is just unbearable.)
  • Workshop01 DLC: Disabled Decontamination Arch (Too easy to cure rads, sorry.)
  • Workshop02 DLC: Disabled All Factories (once again more trivializing of supplies.  I want to re-enable and rebalance these later on*)
  • Workshop03 DLC: Increased defense values of guard posts; added minor material costs
  • Workshop03 DLC: Tweaked various scrap values
  • [Temporary] Power generator recipes are replaced to fix a bug with ingredients (I can't figure out why the vanilla recipes sometimes bug out?)

New: Robotics Lab - A crafting station used to construct many items.
  • There's no requirement to build the workstation itself, as I want everyone to have access to it.
  • Can be used to craft the new settlement deployment kits/parts
  • Robotic repair kit recipes and a few other items were moved to the Robotics Lab

New: Watchman's Tower - A new guard tower with 8 defense (requires weapon parts.  It has a new custom mesh.)

New: Command Tower - A new guard tower with 16 defense (requires weapon parts.  It has a new custom mesh.)

New: Sentry Post - A simple rubber mat with a decal (so you can see which way it's facing) for a guard to stand on - 5 defense

New: Sentry Chair - A simple chair for a guard to sit on - 4 defense

New: Custom Pipe Turret
  • This gun is specifically designed to be easily deployable at new settlements
  • It can be created using "Turret Deployment Parts" which is crafted at the Robotics Lab
  • Turrets require 2 parts to make, and building the parts gives you 2 at a time.
  • Turrets require 1 part to repair, and they give 1 part if you salvage them.
  • This allows you to carry parts around with you, and not worry about micro-managing to carry scrap with you.
  • Contains a new weapon mesh that is attached to a standard turret platform

New: Converted machine gun turrets to 4 specific types (instead of being random):
  • Machine Gun Mk I (5.56mm) - 5 defense  (uses Rifle Weapon Parts)
  • Machine Gun Mk V (Incendiary) - 7 defense (uses Rifle Weapon Parts)
  • Heavy Machine Gun Mk III (10mm HE) - 10 defense (uses Rifle Weapon Parts)
  • Heavy Machine Gun Mk VII (Explosive) - 12 defense (uses Rifle Weapon Parts)
  • The "Mark" level is written on the actual turret itself so you can tell them apart after they're placed.

New: Personal Beds - Beds that can only be used by your character, but don't count towards settler bed counts

I created a few new decorated vendor meshes that I've always wanted to see:

  • New: Full Bar (Rank 3 Food Vendor)
  • New: Diner Counter (Rank 3 Food Vendor)
  • New: Weapon Warehouse (Rank 3 Weapons Vendor)
  • New: Medical Center (Rank 3 Medical Vendor)
  • New: General Store (Rank 3 General Vendor)
  • New: Armor Outlet (Rank 3 Armor Vendor)
  • New: Tailor Shop (Rank 3 Clothing Vendor)
  • These are new vendors, and do not replace the vanilla vendors (although I renamed some of the old ones.)

The following objects are now craftable (and moveable if they exist by default):
  • Red carpet squares/rectangles (Boston Airport - "Decor - Floor Coverings")
  • Double bar (Boston Airport - "Furniture - Misc")
  • New: Small Diner Counter ("Furniture - Misc")

Collectible Decorations:
  • New: Giddyup Buttercup ("Decor - Statues" - it requires 1 intact Giddyup Buttercup) - Adds Happiness to the settlement
  • New: There's also a new recipe in the robotics lab to rebuild a Giddyup Butterup item from broken parts
  • New: Decorated Pool Table (requires a full set of pool balls - combined in 2 sets in the Robotics Lab) - Adds Happiness to the settlement
  • More to come (possibly including a Jangles decoration)

None of my settlement changes modify the workshop menu categories.  All the objects exist inside vanilla categories.

*On a side note: I love the idea of those builder factories.. but there's already too much ammo and gear in the vanilla game, and the DLCs are just making it even more unbalanced.  I want to rebalance the factories later on, so we can still use them.


It's good that survival mode limits fast traveling, but I think it goes too far.  So I created a small fast travel system, that you can travel between allied settlements (including Home Plate, which has a real purpose now!)

To build a Caravan Transport Hub:

  1. You will need to craft deployment kits from the Robotics Lab under "WORKSHOP."
  2. The Caravan Transport Hub can then be placed under "Resources - Misc" at any settlement workshop (including Home Plate.)
Details on the system:

  • Constructing the kit or the hub requires Local Leader Rank 1
  • Kits require a fair amount of food/water/materials to construct.
  • Kits can be carried with you so you can setup caravan hubs easily at newly acquired settlements.
  • It doesn't require that the destination also has a caravan hub
  • The caravan works just like Fast Travelling, in that it advances time, etc. 
  • Each settlement location unlocks when you own access to the workshop
  • Being allied with the Brotherhood allows you to travel to the Prydwen
  • Being allied with the Railroad allows you to travel to the Railroad HQ
  • Completing "Art Appreciation" or "The Big Dig" will unlock travel to Goodneighbor
  • DLC Automatron: Mechanist's Lair supported
  • DLC Far Harbor: All 4 settlements supported
  • DLC Workshop03: Vault 88 supported


Although optional, I HIGHLY recommend using a mod that allows you to save your game manually from time to time.

I'm not a fan of the strict only-sleep-to-save mechanic at all.  There's too many cases where you just need to save a game, or make a "hard backup" save every once in awhile in case something goes terribly wrong, or the game bugs out, or crashes, or something.

Fallout 4 is generally a pretty stable game (compared to FO3), but it does crash sometimes.  Especially when you throw mods into the mix.


  • I really hate the default lockpick and terminal mini-games, and I think 90% of the Fallout population does also.  They were cool for the first few attempts, then they get tedious.  I'd like to implement a better alternative than just using a mod that allows you to bypass them instantly.

  • I'd like to continue to redesign perks that aren't popular, or serve little benefit.

  • I may create my own method of allowing save games in the future.


  • Your health pool may be much larger than normal, but do NOT let this fool you into a false sense of security.  Getting that health back will be much more of a challenge now, since the only sources of healing are actual medical attention.

  • Make sure you craft enough bandages, trauma kits, and stimpaks for any trip.  If you can't tend to your own wounds in the field, you're dead.

  • You may come to the point where ammo is so low, you'll need to melee targets down here and there.  Keep a gun on hand for each ammo type.

  • Explosives and traps will suddenly become much more useful (and much more deadly towards you) now.  Use tactics with these.  Setup mines/traps before you engage tough enemies, throw grenades down hallways, rockets from range, etc.

  • Sneaking is also extremely helpful, and a huge part of the survival feel.

  • Eating a real cooked meal is much better than eating a lot of small garbage food (especially if each one stacks extra rads.)  Cooking has become much more useful now, and the Hunter and Survivalist perks go along with it very well.

  • For settlements, I always recommend using self-contained food and water production at each settlement.  The supply line works great for sharing workbench resources, but it doesn't seem to work well for sharing food and water.  The way I balanced food and water, it is easier for high populations to manage now.

  • If you want surplus food/water from settlements, make sure to take out water and food from your workshop workbenches every once in awhile.  The game has a limit to how much surplus can go into there based on what's already in there.  Store your extra food and water in another container.


  • The display numbers on out-of-combat healing items show "0" if you try to use them while in combat.  It will auto-correct the next time you consume one out of combat.

  • When you craft an item that has multiple versions of the same product, it sometimes changes to another recipe.  So if you want to spam a few items real quick, it may change under the cursor.  I don't know how to get around this, its part of the clunky design of their crafting system.

  • When you assign an NPC to one of the new vendor stalls, it may have trouble walking to the counter.  Don't worry though, it will eventually get there.  After a couple seconds if it can't reach the spot, it will teleport to it.

I haven't run into anything that is game-breaking yet.  Let me know if you spot any bugs.

    20. NOTES

What this mod contains:

  • 1 Main ESP file
  • 1 BA2 archive file
  • 1 ESP file for each DLC addon
  • 1 ESP file for optional Blur Removal
  • Optional mod compatibility patches
  • 1 modified Bethesda Hardcore script


Q: Can you add an option for [insert specific thing]?
A: Unless something is actually causing some gameplay problems, I most likely won't be adding many customized options.  It really depends on what it is, and if it's easy to do.

Q: Is there console versions available?
A: IF everything in the mod works and exports properly through the CK, I will release Xbox and PS4 versions.  I want to make sure the PC version is stable before I do so.

Q: I really like all the new changes, but the gameplay is just too hard for me and I'm stuck in a save game where it's impossible to advance.
A: Try re-installing Horizon with a lower difficulty mode.  Either use the Nexus Mod Manager to reinstall the mod, or copy in the desired difficulty.  Just make sure to leave Fallout 4's difficulty setting on "Survival Mode."

Q: Can you make this mod compatible with [insert mod name]?
A: It depends.  I'm more than willing to try and add compatibility if it's feasible and I have time to spare.  Any mod that changes gameplay could potentially go against the design of this mod.  If it's a mod that won't disturb/break my mod's gameplay, I'll see if I can add a compatibility patch in.

Q: Can you make a stand-alone version of [insert part of mod]?
A: Maybe.  I may consider making a stand-alone mod for Caravan Travel or the Robotics Lab stuff, but I can't promise anything.

Q: You're evil by making us use precious adhesive to heal ourselves.
A: Yes.  Yes I am.  But even with the loot nerfs, there are LOTS of places you can scavenge for duct tape and glue.  Get out there and explore stuff on the way to your quests.  I find plenty of adhesive out in the world.

Q: Why did you add bonus perk points to VANS and not just auto-grant 2 per level to even it out?
A: To be honest, I didn't like the idea of having an auto-grant script modify your stats on level-up.  I just felt it's "safer" to have the player manually increment their VANS perks.  It's sort of like a milestone bonus that feels special too.  The vanilla version of VANS needed to be removed anyway.. as that guidance system doesn't fit with the Survival Mode theme (many players felt it was useless also.) 

Q: How do you get your Pipboy screen to look so sharp looking and show colored objects?
A: You'll need to edit your "Documents\My Games\Fallout4\Fallout4.ini" and add the following:


The simple fact is that any mod that changes the same gameplay elements that I do, probably won't be compatible with my mod.  If it's a popular enough mod that won't ruin my gameplay balance, I'll try to add compatibility if requested.  But I can't guarantee anything.

Incompatible mods:

  • [Any mod that modifies perks]
  • [Any mod that modifies items that I've modified]
  • [Any mod that modifies loot drops from containers or bodies]
  • [Any mod that modifies existing medical/chem crafting]
  • [Any mod that modifies existing settlement defense crafting]
  • [Any mod that modifies settlement power/water/food crafting]

  • Scrap Grinder:  It will delete all "Weapon Parts" or "Pharmaceuticals" that you put into the container from your junk inventory.  I would possibly need to add a patch for it to work.


Armorsmith Extended 
  • I prefer to play without power armor, so I enjoy using this mod to extend the customization of regular clothing/armor.
  • Let me know if you notice any aspects of this mod that feel too overpowered, I don't want it to diminish my game balancing.

Everyone's Best Friend 
  • NOTE:  Make sure this mod is loaded BEFORE Horizon, especially if you're using 2.0, or it will break one of Bethesda's scripts I modify.
  • This is originally how the game was intended to be released, and I like it.  It makes sense, especially with some quests.
  • I haven't found any problems or conflicts with it so far.
  • Having a 2nd companion may make the game slightly easier, but it doesn't seem to unbalance things that much.


This mod can be uninstalled, but please note it is NOT meant to be uninstalled during a playthrough.  This is not a "drop in" mod.  It essentially plays as a new version of Fallout 4.

Does uninstalling break the game? No. But realize many stats are part of your save game... not the mod.

Bethesda even says that "Mods weren't meant to be uninstalled during a playthrough."  My mod, happens to fall in that realm, because of the way stats are added with each level-up.

The following will remain in your save game after an uninstall:

  • SPECIAL points you selected on character creation
  • Your maximum health pool
  • Your total experience (this will change your level based on vanilla values)
  • Perk points that were consumed (possibly extra points from VANS as well)
  • Some NPC spawns (and loot) may still retain the mod's level changes
  • Some vendors may retain the mod's changes until they recycle

I don't have a way to fix this magically, that's part of how save games work.  You may be able to adjust some of it through console commands if you wish, but you do so at your own risk.

If the "leftover" stats don't bother you, you should be able to continue to play through the rest of the game just fine.

NOTE: If you need to (or want to) re-install my mod, do NOT use a save game that was saved after you uninstalled it.  All of your experience gained will give you the wrong levels, and you CANNOT reduce levels in the console.  Only re-use a save game that was used from my mod.


  • What weapons are overpowered and need a nerf?
  • What weapons are underpowered and need a buff?
  • Is ammo still too easy to obtain?
  • Are important resources too easy or too hard to obtain? (i.e. crafting mats for stimpaks, radaway, bandages, etc.)
  • Is surviving too hard or too easy early-game?
  • Is surviving too hard or too easy mid-game?
  • Is surviving too hard or too easy late-game?
  • Is power armor too powerful?


I began making this mod over 6 months ago, but I didn't resume working on it until after 1.5 came out.  It's been slow going, but I didn't want to release it before I got everything into it that I wanted (as well as play-tested it a fair amount.)

Please note that this is NOT a mod compilation.  Everything is custom created by myself.  Months of painstakingly tuning overrides and creating new objects and custom scripts to make everything work how I wanted it to.

I use FO4EDIT, Creation Kit, and NIFSkope to create everything included in this mod.

The mod installer was created with "FOMOD Creation Tool" by Wenderer.


First, special thanks to EVERYONE who has helped beta test Horizon and provide feedback!  There's literally too many people to mention there.

Neanka - For providing script functions to allow Horizon to be compatible with Survival Stats Widgets
Bunfuz - For helping to setup all the suffix tags in the DEF_UI component patch
swcarter - Excellent feedback, ideas, a large amount of beta testing, and a great story journal!
Engager - I came across a forum post explaining how to query workshop data to get settlement info, and it was definitely helpful.
Sharlikran - For looking over the Homemaker patch and helping start the SKE version of the patch.
fireundubh - For help with fixing bugs with vanilla's scrap data, and other things

And thanks to all the mod makers over the years (in and out of Fallout) who have inspired us to keep making new mods.