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This is a Balance and consistency patch between Horizon by Zawinul and CROSS mods by Niero:
CROSS BrotherhoodRecon
CROSS Courser Strigidae
CROSS Jetpack
CROSS BreakActionLaser

Tweaked weight and values, adds Horizon´s new armor modifications.Removes S.P.E.C.I.A.L. stats.
Changes crafting requirements, materials

Permissions and credits

Here is my collection of patches Between Horizon by Zawinul and CROSS mods by Niero and any other future of his mods to come, (I hope more will come).
Mods cover: CROSS BrotherhoodRecon , CROSS Courser Strigidae, CROSS Break Action Laser and CROSS Jetpack.

This Patch Does:
*CROSS Strigidae and Brotherhood Notes:
-Change weights, DR and price values, adds Horizon´s armor modifications: linings, utilities, eyewear utility, mask filter and addon.
-Adds AE gloves modifications to the armguard and gloves.
-Removes S.P.E.C.I.A.L. stats.
-Adds Sorting Icons to the armors and clothing with a modified Instance Naming rules.
-Changes crafting requirements and materials now they are expensive to make and upgrade on the early levels.
-Moves the crafting recipies from the Chem lab to the new Horizon's "Tech Lab - EQUIPMENT" but:
For the Courser armor recipes to show up you need to have in your inventory the  "CROSS Strigidae Install Holotape" or else they wont appear. You can craft this items in the Chem Lab - UTILITY.
-Now you can also craft the Recon or Strigidae armors and accessories on the Armorsmith Workbench, under OUTFITS - BOS or OUTFITS - INSTITUTE respectively no note or holotape require (Requires AWKCR and AE now).
*CROSS Break Action Laser Notes:
-Changes dmg, weights and price values. Tweaked upgrade values and adds a more detail description.
-Break Action Laser is craftable at Weapons Lab. Adds Horizon's components and perks as requirement to craft and upgrade the weapon.
-Adds Degraded, Deteriorated, Destroyed and good condition variants of the Break Action Laser. Adds sorting tags and weapon modification keywords.
-Tweaked Level List to make the guns rarer and appear at higher levels.
There is a small problem with the ammo of the Destroyed variant, I can't force it to use the destroyed fusion cell ammo type, so you end up with infinite ammo on the destroyed variant. So to contrarest this I made the destroyed variant to have zero damage, no matter how many times you shoot you won't kill even a radroach with it.

Patches and Requirements::::
Install with NMM or MO2recommended and overwrite all..
Choose if you want the esp replacer or a new esp patch in the installer.

*Horizon - CROSS Brotherhood Recon Patch v1.4.1
- Horizon v1.4.1+
- CROSS_BrotherhoodRecon 091b2
- Armor and Weapon Keywords Community Resource (AWKCR) 3.2+
- Armorsmith Extended

*Horizon - CROSS Courser Strigidae Patch v1.4.1
- Horizon v1.4.1+
- CROSS Courser Strigidae 090c
- Armor and Weapon Keywords Community Resource (AWKCR) 3.2+
- Armorsmith Extended

*Horizon - CROSS Jetpack Patch v1.4.1
- Horizon
- CROSS Jetpack v.92

*Horizon - CROSS BreakActionLaser v1.4.1 beta
- Horizon 
- CROSS BreakActionLaser v091b3 esp version

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