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A compatibility patch for Horizon and Smokeable Cigars - Cigarettes - Joints - With HardCore Auto Save.

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Update: Added a new "Hardcore" version. Less Xp, addictive and more rads. Found in the optional section.

I stuck the smoking holotape in with the smokes section in the chem lab. Fixed the missing companion recipes in the no addiction versions and lowered the skill required to craft smokes.

-I moved the settings holotape to the equipment section tech lab!
-I uploaded a new version that doesn't have addiction, but the smokes give SLIGHTLY more radiation. Using items like addictol will cure the addiction, but I'm not sure how to make it so doctors can cure other addictions in Horizon...so I figure its a good option to have so your not walking around addicted constantly.

V1.3 update:
I lowered the smoking animation to a little more than half. It was 36 seconds but it is now 15 seconds. Time is a lot more important in Horizon than in Vanilla Fallout and I didn't want to feel the need to start skipping the animations every time I lit up a smoke. I think now its a nice little break and you wont feel the need to stop the animation halfway. 

V1.2 update:
This update brings it more in line with the original mod. I removed the carry weight bonus and replaced it with the bonuses to perception and agility that the original mod has. The joint only gets 1 perception instead of the 5. Cigarettes and the joint now give less rads and everything is a bit more addictive, but still a lot less addictive than the original mod.
So its fairly similar to the original mod except the bonus to sneak attack damage has been replaced with the Xp bonus, so it should still be a lot more balanced for Horizon.

V1.1 update:
Joints are now crafted in the "Smokes" section in the chem lab. You can now craft cigarettes,cigars and sunlights. There are two versions now, one for def ui users and one for those who do not use it. Other details in the change log!

This is a compatibility patch for Horizon and Smokeable Cigars - Cigarettes - Joints - With HardCore Auto Save

Just a note--I left the smoking settings holotape in the utility section of the chem lab.
You can disable the autosave feature if you dont want it, its on by default. (I don't use it)

The way the mod works is when you aquire any cigar boxes/cigarette packs in the game it now replaces it with a "useable" version.  Any cigars boxes or cigarette packs are now moved into the Aid category of the pipboy. From there, you can use the them like any other item. You will then get a random number of cigarettes and cigars from the pack/box and an empty (junk) pack/box. These cigars and cigarettes are usable like any other food/chem.
*Lit cigars/cigarettes that you find are now used for crafting smokes!
*You might need to drop and pick up any cigar boxes/cigarette packs that already have in your inventory if you install this on an existing save for the changes to take place!

I have always given myself a boost to Xp when playing Horizon, so I really took interest in this mod because I wanted to give myself an immersive way of doing so!


Cigar boxes and cigarette packs (and cartons):

-The new replacement versions of the boxes/packs were made using vanilla Fallout's values, so these had to be changed to mirror Horizon's values.
-They were given the tag of Horizons cigar boxes/cigarette packs to reflect the fact that they still have a high value for trade.

Cigars and cigarettes:

-Much less addictive.
-They now give a 30% bonus to Xp instead of a sneak attack bonus.
-The more common the smoke, the more addictive it is. (Cigarettes are the worst/Cigars are average/Sunlights are the best)
-Cigars and Cigarettes that you aquire from boxes/packs are now moved into the Aid/Chems section of the pipboy and given the Chem tag.
-Can be crafted in the chem lab under the Smokes category.
-Lowered animation time.


-Now give 5 rads upon use.
-They now give a 30% bonus to Xp and Highlight living targets and +1 perception for 4 minutes. (I found the highlight bonus goes really well with the new visuals of the joints. It sort of makes up for the original +5 to perception in a more immersive way)
-Slightly more resources to craft.

-Joints that you craft are now moved into the Aid/Chems section of the pipboy and given the Chem tag.
-Lowered animation time.
-Can be crafted in the chem lab under the Smokes category.

Other changes:

Because of the way the mod replaces the default cigarette/cigar items, there were two crafting recipes that had to be changed. Cait and Nicks unique Horizon weapon recipes had to be given the new cigar box and cigarette carton or you would never be able to craft them.

Any changes you want let me know! I'm open to suggestions!
...or if somethings not working in Horizon...let me know!!!


Required files:

Smokeable Cigars, Cigarettes and Joints

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