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Many unofficial patches for Horizon. War of the Commonwealth, Tales from the Commonwealth, CROSS Crits, Diamond City Expansion, The Wild Wasteland, Commonwealth Challenges, Vault Girl Bobbleheads, Keke-bu NPC Face Replacer, Unique Player Body, Truly Unique Nick and more.

Permissions and credits
**Hz v1.5 Updates for patch 6 & 6.5** Keke-Bu Stuff April 29, 2018
**Update** CROSS Gore-verhaul greater HZ compatibility May 5, 2018

**Hz v1.5 update** Tales from the Commonwealth  May 5, 2018

**New Patch** #11 Truly Unique Nick hz v1.5 .esp Replacer May 10, 2018
**Update** #12 Inkblack's Gamepad Item Sorting May 25, 2018
**New Patch** #14 Random Load Screens Hz Compatibility Aug 2, 2018

**New Patch** #13 Laser Weapons 1st person reposition Hz Compatibility Aug 2, 2018

Horizon v1.5 updates are out

**New CROSS patch: make sure old patch has been deleted**

These patches are from my personal mod list. There are various dependencies for each patch so read carefully.
Install manually or NMM/MO2 **but uninstall old patches before updating**
Old News
Updated Commonwealth Challenges Apr. 29, 2018
updated Mod Settings DEF_INV_TAG Feb. 18, 2018
Wasteland Heroines by Keke-Bu Feb. 18, 2018
updated Gage & Longfellow options added Feb. 18, 2018
Diamond City Expansion Dec. 22, 2017
TftC +everyone Best Friend and Crafting options Dec. 10, 2017
**FOMOD** UniquePlayerBody and Keke-Bu Faces
Nov. 28, 2017
The Wild Wasteland Nov. 18, 2017
War of the Commonwealth
Nov. 2, 2017
updated Tales from the Commonwealth Nov. 7, 2017
Official Weapon Pack Needs some patches - RAO and Non-Generic VATS
Oct. 28, 2017
Commonwealth Challenges!
Oct. 12, 2017

Balance Patches:
1st Patch: Tales from the Commonwealth FOMOD Patch v1.5.1
This patch adds Horizon Item Sorting to Tales form the Commonwealth.
This patch removes food healing.
All interesting/unique quest-added items are no longer scrappable, rather they are sellable for a "horizony" amount of caps.

v1.1** NPC loot balanced v1.2**nerfed/balanced the vendors v1.3** Companion perks balanced v1.4** Update for TftC 2.7 + some Misc. tweaks
v1.5 now FOMOD - adds TftC unique armor crafting and Everyones best friend support
**Thanks to Zoeytrope, v1.5 is dedicated to her**
**NEW** v1.5.1 TftC Companions+Hz Skill system, check! other small fixes
Requirements: Horizon v1.5+ by Zawinul  Tales from the Commonwealth v3.0 by Kris Takahashi et. al. and DLC Far Harbor

2nd Patch:
War of the Commonwealth balance patch v0.1
This patch fixes the loot for CoA,RR, Synths,Triggermen, BOS, MM, and Gunners which are added by WotC. (including legendary drops)
This patch tries to match the stats/lvls of these NPCs to the changes made in Horizon. This patch balances WotC-added armor and Vertibirds.

Horizon v1.3+ by Zawinul and War Of The Commonwealth  by SMB92, coreyhooe, and Engager

3rd patch:
 Commonwealth Challenges  patch v1.1
This patch fixes the Cannibal perk so Commonwealth Challenges can add up how many corpses you've eaten, you monster!
You'll no longer gain health from CC added "Corpse Remains," but I cleaned up the cooking recipe with a nice icon and balanced it for Hz.
This patch also adds an icon to CC added "used energy cells," they are Misc. Tools, and I moved the recipe to craft them into Fusion Cells into the Tech Lab, under Energy Ammo. I also balanced the recipe so it doesn't rain Fusion Cells after you complete the Challenge.

Requirements: Horizon v1.5+ by Zawinul and Commonwealth Challenges by Pokepunch    

4th Patch:
The Wild Wasteland balance patch v0.4
This patch takes out food healing, and greatly reduces caps rewards. All DEF_INV tags are done, so the items will look good in the pip-boy.
v0.3** NPCs balanced plus containers **new v0.4** should be all items are tagged
Next: weapon fixing
Requires Horizon and Wild Wasteland by Watcherzero

10th patch: Diamond City Expansion Balance patch v0.1
Mainly item tagging, but some vendor balance and container balance.
Requires: Horizon v1.3+ and
Diamond City Expansion Balance v1.3 by Statsmakten (especially Nukaworld)

Extra: Horizon - Commonwealth Chickens and Rabbits BALANCE Patch with new food recipes by inkblack85    

Overwrite/Cosmetic Patches:
5th Patch
: Vault Girl Bobbleheads (.esp Version)
This patch makes sure your game uses the Vault Girl textures for the bobbleheads, if you use the .esp version of this mod.
This patch will work for all the .esp versions of this mod.

Required: Horizon v1.3+ by Zawinul and Vault Girl Bobbleheads by AnTiWoMaAgNoT

6th Patch:
Keke-Bu All-in-one face replacer and/or Unique Player Body System FOMOD v1.3
*keke-bu needs the all-in-one pack**UniquePlayerBodySystem needs the companions option**Choose patch 6 or 6.5 NOT BOTH**
if you use either these two mods, you need a patch. I came up with 8 options for different combinations depending on what other mods you use.
FOMOD options: keke-bu only; UniquePlayerBody only; both together; both with Better Settlers and Eli's Armor Compendium; or any other combo.

v1.2 Gage and Longfellow options, now included
**New v1.3** Hz 1.5+ update
Requirements: Horizon v1.5+ by Zawinul
Optional: Companion and NPC's Face replacer All-in-one Pack by keke-bu | Unique Player Body System by jet4571
Supported (not a complete patch for...): Better Settlers by thom293 | Eli's Armor Compendium by Elianora

6.5th Patch: Keke-Bu's Wasteland Heroines All-in-one face replacer FOMOD v1.1
***for Wasteland Heroines All-In-One Pack only****Choose patch 6 or patch 6.5 NOT BOTH***
If you use Keke-Bu's Wasteland Heroines you can now have all the support that I offered in my first Keke-bu Patch. the Other Patch is not needed.
I Changed a few Hair styles back to vanilla because there were clipping issues. I'm not gonna change the hair back. You can try Wasteland Salon
Required:Wasteland Heroines Replacer All-in-One  | Appealing Moles  | deLuxe Makeup  | Female Neck Tweaks  | Valkyr Female Face and Body Textures
Masters:MISC Hairstyle  | Commonwealth Cuts - KS Hairdos  |  The Eyes Of Beauty Fallout EditionHorizon v1.5+ |  |  |
Optional: Companion and NPC's Face replacer All-in-one Pack by keke-bu | Unique Player Body System by jet4571
Supported (not a complete patch for...): Better Settlers by thom293 | Eli's Armor Compendium by Elianora

7th Patch
: Reverb Ambience Overhaul and/or Non-Generic VATS:  FOMOD
v0.1, choose the patch that fits your load order
This is just a patch. These two mods overwrite each other and the Official Horizon Weapon Patch over writes them both, so they're patched.
The FOMOD will allow you to choose between any combination of the four mods mentioned here: RAO, Non-G VATS, Horizon, and the Weapon Pack. So you only need one .esp to patch what you got. - Install with NMM why don't you.

All mods are optional: Non-Generic VATS Sound Effects by Killian, Reverb and Ambiance Overhaul by mm137, Horizon v1.3+ by Zawinul and Official Horizon Weapon Merge Pack

8th Patch:
CROSS Gore-verhaul Crits  patch v1.1
This patch will make CROSS Crits work, simple. It also puts the icon on the Holotape Settings.
This patch "nerfs" the crits in Gore-verhaul (just like Vanilla FO4) so they match Horizon. 
I edited both settings; normal mode and Always Crit FX mode.

Required: Horizon v1.5+ by Zawinul and CROSS Crit Gore-verhaul by Niero

9th Patch: Assorted Horizon and/or VIS Mod settings items v0.5 - FOMOD
Sorts the items for mod settings from several mods s
o they don't clutter up the pip-boy.
**To find your Settings holotapes, Look in Pip-boy Misc tab->"modSettings" or AID tab-> "devices"**

FOMOD Installation just select the mods you need
Autosave Manager by Yohane |
FO4 Hotkeys and/or Outfit Switcher by registrator2000 | Better FO4HK/OS combo patch available here
Helmet Toggle by R2k | **new w/ v0.5**
Holotime by R2k |
True Storms by fadingsignal |
Endless Warfare by
Devilswish182 | **new w/ v0.5**

11th Patch: Truly Unique Nick v1.0 FOMOD
This mod is great but it needs an update for Horizon v1.5+ This FOMOD has the option for Valentine Reborn.
This will replace the .esp with an updated one; load order friendly.

Horizon v1.5+ by Zawinul and Truly Unique Nick by TheInfamousDH   
Optional: Valentine Reborn by 83Willow                                                                                          

12th Patch: Inkblack's Item Sorting v0.1
This patch is based on Archerdown's patch. I used a lot of his great ideas; i also learned how to do all this by looking at his original work. I have been using my own customized version of this sorting mod for a long time and now I'm releasing it here because the more the merrier, and mine is focused on Gamepad users. which mean's maximum submenu use! it's also updated for hz v1.5
Horizon v1.5+ by Zawinul and DEF_UI by Neanka and Old Nick et. al
Recommended: DEF_UI Controller Tweak by ngliii74
Special thanks to Archerdown

13th Patch: Laser weapons 1st person reposition v0.1
Just a compatibility patch for this mod. the .esp for this mod is called "InstitWeapPosit.esp"
Horizon v1.5+ by Zawinul and Laser weapons 1st person reposition  by akir4

14th Patch: Random Load Screens v0.1
Compatibility patch, plain and simple.
Requires: Horizon v1.5+ by Zawinul and Random Load Screens by Bretton


Unofficial Horizon Sorting Items Mod
and Sim Settlements Building Plans Tags (Horizon compatible) by Archerdown

My other patches:
Horizon - Chickens and Rabbits BALANCE Patch with new food recipes by inkblack85     
FO4 hotkeys and Outfit Switcher UI clean up patch by inkblack85
Commonwealth Chickens and Rabbits super patch     

redbaron148, Archerdown, RickTheNexus, OGGrinskin and ThaMan have a whole bunch more horizon patches, check them out!:
Horizon Patches from ThaMan 
Horizon Patches from redbaron148 
Horizon Patches from Archerdown
Horizon Patches from RickTheNexus
Horizon patches from OGGrinskin

Thanks to all the mod authors and creators of tools mentioned above
Special thanks to Wenderer for:FOMOD Creation Tool