Horizon - Tales from the Commonwealth- Keke-bu Face replacer- CROSS crits- assorted patches by inkblack85
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Last updated at 13:34, 22 Oct 2017 Uploaded at 13:56, 30 Sep 2017

**NEW Patch Up** Sim Settlements!!!! OMG Page Updates Oct. 22nd, 2017
**Update** Tales from the Commonwealth! Page Updated Oct. 21st, 2017
**NEW Patch Up**Commonwealth Challenges! Oct. 12th, 2017

These patches are from my personal mod list. There are various dependencies for each patch so read carefully.
Install manually or NMM **but uninstall old patches before updating**

First Patch: Tales from the Commonwealth Patch v1.2
This patch edits all notes, keys, holotapes, Misc. items and ingestibles from TftC so that they fit into sub-categories and have icons in Horizon.
This patch removes food healing.
Also, all interesting/unique quest-added items are no longer scrappable, rather they are sellable for a "horizony" amount of caps, they also have the proper icons.
**New w/ v1.1** NPC loot balanced; but lemme know if corpses still have too good loot.
**New w. v1.2** I nerfed/balanced the vendors, so there's not weapons/armor/food/junk/chems galore for every vendor.
This patch also balances the weapons, this is BETA so let me know if something's off, e.g. menu icons.
Requirements: Horizon v1.3 by Zawinul  Tales from the Commonwealth v2.6 by Kris Takahashi et. al. and DLC Far Harbor

Second Patch: Keke-Bu All-in-one face replacer
This patch merges all the 50+ NPC's (in question) from Horizon with their face changes from Keke-bu's all-in-one replacer.
I like this face replacer, it's big (170 NPCs) and looks good. **You must use the all-in-one pack** 
Just delete any character entries from this patch in xEdit, if you don't want to change or change them with another mod.
Curie Cait and Piper are now included. ('optional files' has a minus Cait Curie and piper version) 
Requirements: Horizon v1.3 by Zawinul and Companion and NPC's Face replacer All-in-one Pack by keke-bu
**Notes: optional Better Settlers patch, in optional file sections**
Notes: Unofficial Better Settlers-Horizon Patch by RedBaron  <-- if you use this patch it must come before mine.
Because of Eli's Armor compendium, you might also want to copy Eli's X6-88 Outfit into my patch in xEdit. 

Third patch: Commonwealth Challenges **NEW** patch v1.0
This patch fixes the Cannibal perk so Commonwealth Challenges can add up how many corpses you've eaten, you monster.
You'll no longer gain health from CC added "Corpse Remains," you sick-o's, but I cleaned up the cooking recipe with a nice icon and balanced it for Hz.
This patch also adds an icon to CC added "used energy cells," they are Misc. Tools, and I moved the recipe to craft them into Fusion Cells into the robotics lab, under Energy Ammo. I also balanced the recipe so it doesn't rain Fusion Cells after you complete the Challenge.
Requirements: Horizon v1.3 by Zawinul and Commonwealth Challenges by Pokepunch    

Fourth Patch: CROSS Gore-verhaul Crits **NEW** patch v1.0
This patch will make CROSS Crits work, simple. It also puts the icon on the Holotape Settings.
This patch "nerfs" the crits in Gore-verhaul (just like Vanilla FO4) so they match Horizon. 
I edited both settings; normal mode and Always Crit FX mode.
Required: Horizon v1.3 by Zawinul and CROSS Crit Gore-verhaul by Niero

Fifth Patch: Vault Girl Bobbleheads (.esp Version)
This patch makes sure your game uses the Vault Girl textures for the bobbleheads, if you use the .esp version of this mod.
This patch will work for all the .esp versions of this mod.
Required: Horizon v1.3 by Zawinul and Vault Girl Bobbleheads by AnTiWoMaAgNoT

Sixth Patch: Sim Settlements+Industrial Revolution Menu tags v0.2 (yeah, only INV tags, nothing special :p )
If you're interested in this patch, you really must use Sim Settlements Building Plans Tags and more by ArcherDown
It's so much better than mine.
This patch applies Inventory tags to all the beer, recipes, news articles, components, ingestibles, and scrappable crap from SIM+IndRev. yes, all 150 million items, I hope this helps!
Also, takes away food healing from Beer Mashes and (w/ v0.2) irradiated beer when you get Wasteland Survival Guide#3

Required: Sim Settlements *and* Industrial Revolution by kinggath

Assorted Horizon and/or VIS Mod settings items v0.3
Sorts the items for mod settings from several mods so they don't clutter up the pip-boy.
They are separate esp's-
Delete/uncheck unneed .esp's from your fallout data folder/NMM, they're labeled "Horion menu tags [mod name]"
Required:Horizon v1.3 by Zawinul
Optional (when deleted):
Autosave Manager by Yohane |
FO4 Hotkeys and/or Holotime and/or Outfit Switcher by registrator2000 | Better FO4HK/OS combo patch available here
True Storms by fadingsignal |
War Of The Commonwealth by SMB92 |                                                                                                     

Optional for Horizon v1.2:

Re-enable animation scrapping in Horizon
Required: Horizon v1.2 by Zawinul and Scrap Everything by shadowslasher410 and VIitS

Recommended:Unofficial Horizon v1.1 Sorting Items Mod by Archerdown

My other patches:
Horizon - Chickens and Rabbits BALANCE Patch with new food recipes by inkblack85     
FO4 hotkeys and Outfit Switch UI clean up patch by inkblack85
Commonwealth Chickens and Rabbits super patch     

Thanks to all the mod authors and creators of tools mentioned above