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A compatibility patch for Horizon and Tactical Flashlights.

Permissions and credits
-I have connected this mod to my armory activator to hide the crafting menu. The armory activator can be crafted in the equipment section of the Tech Lab. You can download the activator from this page if you don't already have it!

I have also made a patches for TNR Shoulder Lamp and Combat Helmet Illumination. You can find them at Horizon Armor Patch Central.

Note: When installing Tactical Flashlights use the “vanilla” option...

This is a patch to make Horizon more compatible with Tactical Flashlights.

-All of the flashlights get their appropriate eyewear/headgear mod upgrade(s).

-Two of the flashlights are placed on the ear (Sonic and Vanguard), so they do not get any extra upgrades other than the flashlight ones... This is because they do not take up an actual armor slot. They are also represented with the "hat" icon, but they can still be worn with a hat (or pretty much any other piece of headgear).

-I made a "non-functioning" version of each flashlight that can be crafted, so you can use them without the flashlight feature. They still get the appropriate upgrades for eyes or head.

-Everything can be crafted at the robotics lab under the Tactical Flashlights menu, requiring various perks and resources. I believe they are also added to leveled lists via script but i dont really know if they show up or not....

For me, sometimes the lights can get "stuck on" even when the flashlight is removed... I don't know if its from equipping multiple flashlights or what, but it seems to fix itself when I exit and return back to my game. This wont be caused by anything I changed, but it doesn't seem to be too big of a deal.

Its also suggested on the Tactical Flashlights page to use the Pip Boy Flashlight mod alongside it.

Required Mods:

Tactical Flashlights

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