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A patch to make the awesome Phantom of Far Harbor-mod work better with the essential Horizon Overhaul.

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A basic patch to Crimsomriders awesome Phantom of Far Harbor that makes it work better with zawinuls great Horizon overhaul. 

*Currently it lowers the resistances to be more Horizon-like (not 100% sure on the current ones, suggestions are welcome) and added the "linings" etc.

*Made a small bit more expensive to craft and moved the whole crafting bit to Horizons "Tech Lab"-workbench. You find it in "Equipment" tab. 

* To swap colors, you do it in the vanilla armor workbench. The mod still requires AWKCR since I think it is needed to change the colors. 

Keep in mind, patching armors and dabbling in fo4edit is not something I am level 100 in yet, so you might encounter something weird or a bug or whatever, if you do please let me know and I will try to correct it to the best of my abilities. 
It also gets buggy when you have more than one of the Phantom Armor in different colors in your inventory, you will need to drop one before you can equip the other. Not sure if this is present in the original mod or something I screwed up, but it is a minor nuisance.
This is for the vanilla body version, I have not used CBBE etc. for Fallout 4.

Links to the required mods:

The Phantom of Far Harbor



If you are looking for more armor patches and great addons for Horizon, check out RickTheNexus page, and as usual credit to RickTheNexus for helping a noob conquer fo4edit.

Pro Tip: this armor goes along with another fantastic mod by Crimsomrider called Crimsomrider's Accessories which also has a Horizon patch Horizon and Crimsomrider's Accessories Patch