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Unofficial patch between Synth Overhaul - C.A.S.T. and Horizon.

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No longer being maintained as of Horizon 1.2

I feel Horizon has made enough changes to factions to no longer warrant external mods covering factions.  I'll leave my faction patches up in case anyone wants to use older Horizon versions or wants to take over but I will no longer be making updates.

Unofficial patch for Synth Overhaul - C.A.S.T. and Horizon.  

This is considered a BETA until I am convinced there are no bugs or inconsistencies.  If you find any bugs or inconsistencies please report via the bug tracking tab.  I only offer support for the latest version of Synth Overhaul and Horizon.  If you're using older versions of either I offer no support.

This will probably need some more adjustments to prevent automatic weapon mods included from Synth Overhaul from appearing at lower levels.  Submit a bug report through the bug reporting tab to let me know!

Synth Overhaul 3.0 (New):
Synth Overhaul was just updated to version 3.0.  This includes a number of new options, such as built in support for Armorsmith Extended and Armor and Weapon Keywords Community Resource.  Since these are highly suggested mods, even for Horizon, this patch now requires both be installed. I might make some more versions if there is demand, but I suspect most people running both Horizon and Synth Overhaul will be using AE and AWKCR anyways.

3.0 also brings the ability to select if the new white/black weapons should be included. To support this optional install I have built two versions of this patch, one for the default (weapon included) and one for the no weapons version.  Download which-ever version you prefer, use one or the other, not both.  The weapon version has the crit damage reduction and leveled list edits necessary to make them Horizon friendly.  It also forwards the companion weapon changes in Horizon so X6-88 can use the sweet sleek black institute weapon from Synth Overhaul without being overpowered.

This is a very small somewhat small patch to forward the new black/white institute weapons, make sure they still appear in leveled lists, and include the new crit damage reduction from Horizon (optional, see above).

(New with 2.0!) Adjusts the new armored leveled lists so instead of the medium/heavy armor spawning at level 30/45 they now spawn at 15/30.

(New with 2.1!) Adjusts when automatic mods spawn on institute weapons to be later in the game (level 28+)
(New with 2.1!) Now supports Horizon's weapon naming rules

(New with 2.2!) Now supports Horizon's armor naming rules and includes an optional patch for Horizon's DEF_UI clothing tags.  To preserve characters some tags were shortened.

Load Order:
... (other mods)
Synth Overhaul.esp
... (other mods)
... (other Horizon patches)
-- or --

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