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Collection of Horizon Patches for many high quality weapon mods.

Permissions and credits
>> HERE <<

Core Features

  • ZX-1 Lab & scrap support.
  • Balanced around existing weapons while retaining original features if possible.
  • Incorporated item conditions, weapons toolkit menus, and augments.
  • Updated crafting cost and perk requirements.
  • Adjusted weapon parts' stats & descriptions then sorted by "tech levels".
  • Dynamic naming (INNR) when appropriate.
  • Horizon loot table integration with some randomization to compliment but not overtake vanilla counterparts.
  • Obtainable via Market Trading Terminal and/or Weapons Lab.

Installation :

Horizon v1.8

is required
Fallout 4 v1.10.162 or higher

This example here uses Mod Organizer 2, but Vortex shouldn't be too different

  • Uninstall any old patches.
  • Choose whichever mod you want, but download the exact file version listed in the weapon categories below.
  • Make sure your file conflicts/overwrite priority for installed mods(Left panel) is set up like this : 

Original Weapon Mod > Addon Pack(if applicable) > Horizon Patch

  • NEVER install leveled lists/custom calibers/AWKCR patches
  • Tactical Reload patches are NOT SUPPORTED, make the the edits yourself!
  • DO NOT use unpatched weapon mods in your playthrough EVEReven if a patch might be available later

You must place HorizonPatch_sushicid3.esp BELOW z_Horizon.esp, then weapon .esp plugins AFTER

Example of a complete load order : 
CLICK > [Show]


BerettaM9FS.esl                     <----blank files, can be disabled
AKM_AKMS_NWPatch.esp    <---- or just ignore them

Wana_SA58.esp    <---- keep this above Horizon


HorizonPatch_sushicid3.esp    <---- always below Horizon, load weapon plugins after it

GR123 RE Samurai Edge Beretta.esp
Ducal Guard Service Revolver.esp


WM Chinese Assault Rifle - Standalone.esp




Vertibird Sword.esp


RobcoReconScopeHorizon.esp            <---- place somewhere below z_Horizon
Horizon_DEFUI_Melee_Icon_Fix.esp    <---- after z_Horizon_DEFUI.esp, obviously

ImiUzi_Addon.esp             <---- esl flagged blank plugin for loading .ba2, goes wherever
G3_R91_Expansion.esp    <---- but don't disable or delete

Z_Architect_EnhancedSettlements.esp            <---- always last
Z_Architect_EnhancedSettlements_DLC.esp    <---- seriously, last


(A) Pistols :

Install main file v1.02, then install the Animation pack v1.0a (Required)
BerettaM9FS.esl is a blank placeholder, disable or leave it as is.
Resized compact model, semi-auto only. Not compatible with Fiddler's Animations

Install main file v1.1, Beretta M9-FS mod is required

Recreated ESP to work as an add-on instead of separate weapon.


Install v1.03 then the Animation pack v2.2.a (ESP Replacer)

Semi-automatic with custom ammo set, unique no longer needed but its skin can be crafted.

Install main file v1.1, then the animations addon vCommunims (Required)

Swapped to SMG ammo set, changed name to Mauser M712 to differentiate the one in Horizon Merge Pack.

Install main file v.0.1h

Lower base damage but improves significantly with each upgrade.

Install main file v.3.0

An American classic, very simple pistol but packs a punch. OG Chrome finish included. 

Install main file v1.0

Fixed zoom data for each barrel thus fiddling the Artillery Sights is no longer needed. It just works™

Install main file v1.02hotfix, either one.

Uses lever-action .45-70 ammo set. Upgrading to Mastercrafted receiver unlocks Ranger Sequoia parts 

Important - Mandatory listen or patch will not work.

Install main file v1.0 (either one), then the v1.0.1 update.

Added quick reload magazine and custom ammo damage scaling.

Install main file v1.0, either one, then the 1.02 Update

Semi-auto pistol based on the Deliverer, integrated INNR.

Install main file

Adjusted magazine sizes and split slides from receivers.

Install main file

Merged unique parts with main weapon. Custom INNR.

(B) Submachine Guns :


Install main file v1.1

A craftable upgrade to shoddy pipe guns, comes in rifle and pistol configurations that work with respective perks.

Install main file v1.0.4.1

Entry level SMG, slow but very light & low VATS cost.

Install main file v1.3

Fastest SMG in this arsenal, adjusted extended magazines to fit better. 

Install main file MP40-24394-1-3.rar

Slightly slower than the Thompson but has better aim model. Can be upgraded to Tactical or Experimental version in Weapons Lab. 

Install main file v1.1

Low-mid level SMG that can be crafted in Weapons Lab with assorted gun parts. 

Install main file v1.0

Increased damage with slight reduction to speed. Semi-auto variant for NPCs only due to limited animations.

Install main file v1.0, then the addon v1.0 (Required)

MP5 & MP5K now have shared parts. Name changes based on stocks attached.

Install main file v1.21

Notable upgrade to the vanilla SMG. Remade Laser RCW as a standalone weapon.
Nerf Gun unique can be converted to 40mm grenade launcher because....reasons.

Install main file v1.4, either one

Separated barrels from muzzles, semi-auto for NPCs only because of limited animations.

Install main file 
v1.01a, then update v1.01e AnotherOne's IMI UZI Addon is optional
ImiUzi_Addon.esp is a blank archive loader, place it anywhere in load order
See-through Scopes is not needed

Install the addon if you want to use glow sights or wooden grips/handguards.

(C) Assault Rifles and Machine Guns :


Install main file v2.2, AKM_AKMS_NWPatch.esp is a blank placeholder that can be disabled or left as is

Based on Custom Rifle and Nuka-World Handmade Rifle, good damage but less accurate and slower.

Install main file v2.0

Higher per-shot damage to compensate for lower ammo capacity and rate of fire. Automatic only due to limited animations.

Install main file
v1.15, then the animations addon v2.2 (Required)

Added burst toggle to custom ammo menu, fixed shaders on barrels.

Install main file v2.0

Dynamic naming based on barrels installed, LMG config added to leveled lists.

Install main file v1.7, then the animations addon v1.3 (Required)

Moderately high damage and range with enough recoil to match. Sniper perks only work with scopes with generic reticles.

Install main file v1.4, then the animation addon v2.1 (Required)

A returning classic. Improved range and aim model slightly, added extra magazines. WhiteGvardio's Type-93 textures are included.

Install main file v1.2

Added burst toggle to custom ammo menu. Laser unique now a standalone weapon for both The Institute and BoS.

Install main file v4.3

Dynamic naming based on barrels installed, LMG config added to leveled list. See Article section for more details

Install main file v0.96, Nuka World DLC required. DO NOT use the 12.7mm Pistol patch.

Dynamic naming based on barrels installed, LMG config added to level lists. See Article section for more details.

Install main file v1.3

Chad509's STG44 New First Person Animations is recommended but not required.

Install main file v1.2

Based on Custom Rifle, removed the main quest due to compatibility problems. Paint job magazines are untouched. Compatible with AK5C Skin Packs.

Install main file v1.2

Rebalanced based on FNV descriptions, lower damage than LMG but much faster rate of fire. Spawns in Marksman configuration as well.

Install main file v2.0

Fairly standard service rifle. Spawns in rifle and SMG configurations, kept the stick grenade as novelty.

Install main file v1.4

Exceptional firing speed from barrel upgrades. Fixed and balanced turret. Semi-auto variant for NPCs only due to limited animations.

Install main file v2.0

Fixed grip and front sight categories, added optional Mini-MG deployable replacer. Semi-auto variant for NPCs only due to limited animations.

Install main file v1.0, do not need the update.

Made Para SMG a separate weapon, also comes with HBAR configuration.

Install main file v1.0a & v1.0f, then the Expansion Non-replacer 3.0 (Required)
G3_R91_Expansion.esp is a blank archive loader, place it anywhere in load order
See-through Scopes is not needed, Tactical Reload is not patched

G3, HK51, GSG/1(PSG-1) and R91 are now standalone weapons based on different firing modes and damage.

Install main file v1.0, then update 1.0.1

Custom burst mode added to ammo menu. Adjusted aim model and speed.

Install main file v1.04.2
per the author's request this is not a replacer patch - move Wana_SA58.esp above z_Horizon.esp then place Wana_SA58_Horizon.esp below HorizonPatch_sushicid3.esp

Did a quick balance pass to make the Bone Zone stuff usable, but don't go in there if you're concerned with lore/immersion.

Install main file

Streamlined the list of receivers, be sure to add a picatinny rail if you wish to use sights on the F1 model.

(D) Semi-automatic Rifles :


Install main file v1.1, then the Animation pack v1.0b (Required)

Important: This contains only the Infantry Rifle that doesn't have scopes nor scripted reload, NOT the sniper variant.

Install main file v1.5

Removed quest due to compatibility issues, unique version reworked to use .308 only with extra damage to certain enemies.

Install main file v1.5

Slight increase to base damage, reload speed, and bolt-action delay speed.

Install main file v2.0, choose esp plugin.

Strong single shot rifle, tweaked reload speed and damage. Craftable in Weapons Lab.

Install main file v1.0, then the 1.0.1 update.

Fairly standard sniper rifle. Suppressed Barrel reserved for unique version only.

Install main file v1.0

Semi-auto version of the M14. Replaced quest with Horizon's, added filter for Reflex Sights.

Install main file v4.4

Rebalanced scopes and other attachments. For See-through Scopes patches, use this instead.

(E) Shotguns :


Install main file v1.0

Modified pristine barrels to provide increased reload speed and range.

Install main file v0.06, then the animations addon v1.1 (Required)

Adjusted aim model closer to Horizon standards, slightly worse accuracy and range but better recoil control.

Install main file v2.6.3

Adjusted aim model for lower pellet spread, dynamic naming based on chamber modifications.

Install main file v1.4, then the Animation Replacer v1.2 (Required)

Removed uniques and NPCs. Rebalanced barrels and stocks.

Install main file v1.0

An formidable upgrade to the Double-Barrel shotgun. 

Install main file

Trimmed down the number of receivers and scopes, added material swaps. Slam-fire mode disabled.

Install main file v1.0
See-through Scopes is not needed, Tactical Reload is not patched

Consolidated the number of sights and muzzle attachments with material swaps.

Install main file
 v1.21DLC requirements removed

Completely revamped and split into 3 different weapons with their own custom ammo sets.

(F) Energy Weapons :


Install main file v1.24hotfix1, either one
Automatron & Non-Lethal Addons are NOT patched.

Reworked most of the barrels, slightly lowered perk bonus. Balanced and integrated Tesla Baton and LAER Turret. Institute and Railroad versions can be crafted in Weapons Lab once you obtain their blueprints.

Install main file v1.1

No longer based on the Laser Musket, reworked to a high power projectile weapon that is strong against inorganic targets.

Install main file v1.3.1

Increased damage but lowered speed. Reworked barrels and added lens modules. Spawns in Pistol, Rifle, and Sniper configurations. Disabled most uniques are they are redundant.

Install main file v1.2.2

Adjusted damage to be above .44 revolver, added Compressor modules. Can be crafted in Weapons Lab.

Install main file v2.0 (not ESL)

Reworked & moved most attachments around, added Compressor modules. 

Install main file v1.1

Significant overhaul that changed almost everything to be more like its counterpart in older Fallout titles, see Article section for more details. New sounds by XanKrieg0r.

Install main file

Remade the entire weapon into an energy revolver, added more Greek pantheon themed attachments. Fixed modules textures.

(G) Melee Weapons :


Install main file v1.1.0, delete this mod's MCM folder if you wish.

An axe equivalent of Shishkebab. Can be crafted in Weapons Lab.

Install main file v1.2 1-handed Version. Automatron DLC required. Do not install Leveled lists Integration

Several upgrades, always deal extra limb damage. Recipe can be unlocked in Weapons Lab from Grognak magazines.

Install main file v1.2, Do not install Leveled lists Integration

Probably need to adjusted further, damage modifiers on Ripper type weapons are rather finicky. Can only be crafted in ZX-1.

Install main file v091a

Adjusted base damage across the board, throwing knives are affected by the Commando perk. Moved recipes to Weapons Lab.

Install optional file
v1.4 (ESP Version)

A host of powerful attachments. Swapped stunning explosion from Discharger to Mjölnir. Can be upgraded from a regular Super Sledge in Weapons Lab.

Install optional file v1.1.1

A futuristic hi-tech sword. Can be crafted in Weapons Lab.

Install main file

A simple immersive flavor weapon for NPCs.

(H) Others 


Install main file v1.3

Refer to this article if you wish to remove certain weapons.

Install main file
 v1.0, then update 1.0.3
Russian Assault Pack Fixes is highly recommended but not required.

Refer to this article if you wish to remove certain weapons.

Install main file 1.03

Added resized scopes to "Custom-type" rifles, may or may not be compatible with weapon replacers.

(X) Retired :

Will be removed when Horizon v1.9 releases!!

(©) Credits :


Please endorse their mods and perhaps consider supporting their high quality work!

Horizon - Zawinul
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Creating a Custom Perk Magazine - Tutorial - Zorkaz
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M2 Flamethrower Redux - EvTital - i_code_i

Please let me know if your name is missing on the list

(+) Other Patches :