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Horizon compatibility patches for Accelerator, Wattz, Archimedes II, Plasma Sword, Break Action Laser, F4NV Recharger Weaponry and Courser Strigidae.
Also includes a personal tweaks addon.
No merging or file replacing required, just load the patch after the original mod and Horizon.

Permissions and credits
  • Mandarin
This page will regroup all compatibility patches I've made for Horizon v1.9.3.
Feedback & bug reports are appreciated.

These patches must be loaded after the original mod and Horizon core files.

Contains patches for :
Accelerator Plasma Energy Weapon
- Archimedes-II
- CROSS_BreakActionLaser
- F4NV Recharger Weaponry
Plasma Swords
Wattz Laser Gun

- Courser Strigidae

- Bullet Time - Slow Time
- Pip-Boy Flashlight (Pipboy - Power Armor - Lamp Overhaul) (main version)

Core philosophy

1. Complete integration with Horizon and its mechanics :
-> Use of skills instead of perks
-> Initial rebalancing using existing weapons as a point of reference
-> Weapon parts overhauls
-> Experimentation Lab support
-> Removal from leveled lists for maximum compatibility

2. Opinionated changes if I find some aspects of a mod too convoluted and/or script-heavy
(ex: Accelerator ammo script calls removed and replaced by specialized ammo for some barrels, untying projectile customization from skins or receivers...)

3. At least 2 ways of obtaining gear :
- Weapons -> Crafting from blueprint, Trading, sometimes found in the world
- Armor -> Special Trading, sometimes found in the world