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Balances Sim Settlements with Horizon.

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  • Mandarin
Official balance patch for Sim Settlements, and Horizon.

Not compatible with Sim Settlements 2!

I only offer support for the latest version of Sim Settlements and Horizon.  If you're using an older version of either of these I offer no support.

Edit 5/5/2019: Added some DEF_UI tags to some new and previously missed items and changed mined items from advanced plots to weigh as much as their components.

Edit 1/21/2019: Updated for Horizon 1.7.0.  The latest 1.6.4 version is still available under the old mods section.

Edit 1/19/2019: Not a lot changed for SS 4.0.0 so this is mostly just a balance tweak update. Most plot recipes have changed to include a kit or component of some sort; E.G. commercial plots now require a vendor contract. I haven't taken a look at Conqueror at all yet, so no news on balancing that in particular.  It is probably just as balanced as rise of the commonwealth.

Edit 1/13/2019: Added optional patches for Workshop Framework (no more free caps from vendors) and the Mega Pack Year One SS addon.

Edit 12/4/2018: The auto patched file is now an ESL file as it is not load order dependent and only relies on ESMs.  If your mod manager doesn't support ESL files, I suggest you upgrade.  Also moved the Trade and Doctor Plots patch from my Horizon Job Plots addon to be hosted here and cleaned it up.  Most edits were redundant to the new ESL auto patch anyways (they were nearly all identical changes as that old patch was built from a prototype of my auto patching script).

This balance patch is an official attempt to balance Sim Settlements a little better for Horizon.  This mod contains two files, one with handmade edits, the other with auto generated edits using an xEdit script of my own making (the one with AutoPatch in the name).

Zbrn_Horizon_AutoPatch_SimSettlements.esl 12/4/2018: changed to an ESL file as the changes are load order independent and only rely on ESM masters

The auto patch attempts to cover the following large areas where Sim Settlements could integrate better with Horizon.
  1. Books, holotapes, food, beer, etc. have had appropriate DEF_UI prefixes added.
  2. Chems, beer, and food items were also nerfed/buffed appropriately to match with Horizon equivalents.  This includes removing endurance buffs, reducing strength/luck/charisma buffs, reducing value, etc.

Both of these esp's require the official Sim Settlements Horizon Patch be installed through the Horizon installer.
The required ESP is now bundled with this mod, so no additional install steps necessary!

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