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For the first time I can safely say this patch is 1000% Horizon compatible in every aspect ,I finally figured out how Horizon's scripts work , so no more mega patch or LL patches for my weapons just download and install. ^^

Permissions and credits
V1.7 Updated for Horizon (1.7.x)

-Updated to 1.7
-Some QoL changes along with some tweaks and little fixes.


Added it to even more LLs.

V1.0 (Release):

After few hours of head breaking tinkering I finally figured out Horizon :D ! so from now on my patches should be totally reliabe and hopefully always up to date with horizon. ^^

Colt 6520:

  • Components/tags/requirements for Hz systems.
  • Values  tweaked for better balance.
  • LL integerated via Horizon scripts.
  • Purchasable at the Market Trading terminal (TRADER:Trevor).
  • Set the base damage of the weapon to roughly what a similar weapon in Horizon uses.
  • Set the Critical Hit Multiplier to: 1.25x (like other Horizon weapons).
  •  Ammo Swapping System & Firing Mode.
  •  Weapon Condition.
  •  Experimentation Lab (Crafting and Reverse Engineering).
  • Augment system added.

Just a quick notice the receivers crafting liste is not organized ,so it might be confusing but everything is correct.