This article answers questions about problems and complaints that occur for some players.

Some players occasionally think that Horizon is not balanced right, and then find out their mods were broken.  Please make sure you read this article before reporting any problems.

I also want to make sure that every player actually enjoys Horizon how it's SUPPOSED to be like, and not have you playing a broken mod thinking it's not as good as it should be.

Q: My armor or weapon workbenches are crashing.

1> You need a recent version of FO4 that supports the Creation Club skins.

2> Horizon's Armorsmith patch only works with Armor Keywords v3.2.  It does NOT work with 4.x yet.  When Armorsmith gets updated to actually use 4.x, I'll update the patch.  Until then, I see no reason to mess with it until the new versions are worked out.

3> If you're using any unofficial Horizon patches, make sure they aren't broken because of one of the above things.

Otherwise, there's usually no problems with Horizon itself for these workbenches.

Q: Raiders (or other NPCs) are taking way too many bullets to kill, sometimes a full clip.  I don't like this type of bullet sponge gameplay.  Is this really how Horizon is supposed to be?

Absolutely 100% NO

A lot of people play Horizon because it removes a lot of bullet sponge gameplay.

You either:
A> Have mod conflicts or installation problems.
B> You're trying to snipe them with a gun from WAY outside the weapon's range. 
C> You're missing a lot.

(There is, of course, the chance that occasionally specific NPCs in Horizon aren't setup properly or bugged, but usually this isn't the problem.. especially in the first few levels of gameplay.)

This video by SeriousCreeper is a very good demonstration of how your Horizon should play at level 1.  If your playthrough doesn't look anything like this, your mod installation has conflicts or issues.

Another problem some players don't account for is WEAPON RANGE.  In Fallout 4, if you try to hit a target further than the weapon's range, it will do LESS and LESS damage the further out.  Don't try sniping people at level 1 with a unmodded pipe gun from 70 yards away.  It's BAD!

For reference, this is roughly (but not exactly), how level 1 should be:

  • Radroaches in Vault 111:  Should die in 1 baton hit, as long as you have 2 or 3+ strength.
  • Bloatflies/Radroaches in Sanctuary:  Should die in 1-2 hits, although some players report that Sanctuary spawns are a little buggy, and sometimes have extra health.
  • Molerats:  Should die in 2-4 hits average with a baton or pipe gun.
  • Raiders in Concord:  One single headshot from a .38 should drop their health to roughly 15-20% health.  A 10mm round may actually 1-shot them in the head, depending on the type of raider.  Raiders should only take a few bodyshots as well.  Realize you are using low caliber rounds.  As you level up, you'll often 1-shot most humans with headshots when you get higher caliber and more powerful weapons.

As you level up, you'll often 1-shot most humans with headshots with the proper weapons.  You also can't expect to always 1-shot enemies wearing armor and helmets.  Enemies like Gunners often have higher armor.

If this doesn't match your experience, then something is wrong with your mod setup.

Q: Enemies are hardly damaging me at all.  I can stand there in Concord and raiders can't kill me.

Same thing as above.   While your health bar IS higher (on average) in Horizon, and you can take a few extra hits more than normal.. you'll notice in the video that even the raiders there can chew you down in a short amount of time.

Unless you have some type of mod-created heavy armor on, you can still die fairly easily if you aren't careful.  Especially since healing is very limited.

Q: I'm not sure what to do to fix these problems mentioned above?

Unfortunately, it's probably not due to Horizon, so you're going to need to figure out what other mods you have installed, and what they are doing.  Anything that changes damage multipliers, or armor, may be causing problems. 

Horizon has a VERY VERY LARGE amount of gameplay additions to the game... you may even be able to remove mods completely if they aren't doing much, or you don't even know why you're using them. 

Otherwise, some mods may need patches to operate correctly.  In some cases, players have already made patches (which is awesome), but always be aware that any patch NOT made by me could be outdated or imperfect.

Q: My DEF_UI isn't displaying icons everywhere.

First, there are a few places in the game where DEF_UI does not have icons.  This would consist of mainly settlement building, and the top name text on some of the crafting menus.

Otherwise, you should see full icons for your pipboy (items and perks), loot containers, vendors, and even the crafting menu categories if you installed my DEF_UI addon.  Look at my images section and you can see what icons are supposed to look like.

Make sure when you install DEF_UI that you have both DEF_INV and DEF_HUD installed.  Then afterwards, make sure Horizon's configs are installed.  It's best to install DEF_UI first, then Horizon.

If you wish to use your own HUD settings, you can overwrite the DEF_HUD config... but never overwrite the INV config files.  The INV tells DEF_UI what icons Horizon uses.

Q: Some DEF_UI icons aren't displaying.

Make sure you're using the newest version of DEF_UI, because some versions have an updated Icon library, which has more icons.  Horizon uses a wide variety of these icons.

Q: I'm seeing blank icons for some of the Horizon settlement crafting objects.

This almost always means either: 
A> Your Fallout 4 isn't setup properly for modding.
B> You upgraded Horizon, and the files didn't get overwritten properly.

When upgrading from the mod manager, always make sure you FULLY uninstall the mod first, before trying to install it again.  Or the mod manager might see the files there and not allow the new version to overwrite them.

I've also heard that NMM sometimes has problems too.  You may need to manually copy in some of the files from the zip file if this happens.

Q: I'm not seeing any production for my Purifiers.

1> Make sure you have a Resource Manager, and it has maintenance kits added for the Purifiers to run.

2> Production by default goes into the "Scrap Storage."  You can change this destination to any workbench you own. 

3> Keep in mind if you use a workshop workbench, settlers MAY steal your items from there.

4> Make sure your purifier is powered, and that it shows up in the Resource Manager.

More FAQ will be added....

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