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Patch for Horizon and some famous backpack mods, for now there are patches for:
-Survivalist Go-Bags by Tookie Jones. v1.4
-Dogmeat's Backpack by Higeyosi v2.0

Permissions and credits

This is a compatibility and balance patch between Horizon and Survivalist Go-Bags and Dogmeat Backpacks, it adds Horizon's  Carry weight values and slot usage to all the backpacks added by Survivalist Go-Bags. It also changes other stats from the backpacks to be consistent with horizon and improves upon the patched mod by adding 3d previews of each backpack and a new backpack upgrade mod.

You need to install Horizon v1.2, 1.5.4  to 1.6.3 by Zawinul and the patched mod. This patches are esp replacers so they must be loaded after Horizon plugins.


--- Patch 1: Survivalist Go-Bags - Horizon Patch v2.1
You need to Install: Survivalist Go-Bags by Tookie Jones. v1.4
You need DEF_UI for the icons to show up.

-Change the slot that this backpacks use to be 54 and 55 for the (double slot), you can add two carry weight modifiers.
-The book backpacks are consider upper backpacks so they only use slot 55 and have one carry weight modifier.

New in v2 of this patch:
-Added a unique nif mesh of each back pack so now they all have a unique preview model on the crafting menu so you know how the backpack looks before crafting it. Also you can drop the backpack in the world and it will look like the real model you equipped.
-Remove def_inv_tags.xml to avoid conflict with future Horizon Versions.
-Added custom instance naming rules to handle icons and modification names.
-Added pick up and put down sound.
-The backpacks are craft-able at the Tech Lab or Chem Lab depending on which version you choose under their own category.
-Added a new upgrade mod to the backpacks called tokens, this is similar to how Backpacks of the Commonwealth or Modular Military  Backpacks work, they will add buffs and debuffs depending on the type of character you want to be and they require the perks appropriate to that type of character, it's good for role players. Right now there are Tokens for: Medic, Raider, Trader, Scavenger, Spy, Soldier, Scholar, and Survivalist.
-All new meshes are pack into bsa along side the original nifs so it is safe to overwrite the main bsa for the Survivalist Go-Bags mod. (You still need to download the original mod for the textures).

--- Patch 2 - Dogmeat's Backpack - Horizon Patch v1.4.8
You need to Install: Dogmeat's Backpack by Higeyosi v2.0 
You need DEF_UI for the icons to show up.

-Added custom instance naming rules so the backpacks and collars appear with icons and proper names for the updates.
-Added Horizon's backpack modifications to the human backpack.
-Added new Carry Weight upgrades to the dog backpacks, so they will have a base CW value and can be improved by investing materials and having the right perks.
The small backpack is now named "Pup Backpack"  has 50 CW and can be improve with the follow upgrades: Chihuahua: +30 CW, Shih Tzu: +60 CW and Pug: +80 CW.
The medium backpack is now named "Doggy Backpack " has 100 CW and can be improve with the follow updrades: Labrador: +50 CW, Bulldog: +80 CW and Siberian Husky: +100 CW
The big backpack is now named "Dog Backpack" has 150 CW and can be improve with the follow upgrades: German Shepard: +70 CW, St. Bernard: +100 CW and Great Dane: +150 CW
-Two versions, you can craf them on the Chem Lab under "UTILITY" or the Armorsmith workbench under "ACCESSORIES - BACKPACKS" and "ACCESSORIES - DOG" (Requires AWKCR)

Tookie Jones

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