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A collection of patches for Horizon

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These patches are for Horizon 1.8 and have not been tested with Horizon 1.9. It is likely most, if not all of these patches need to be updated for Horizon 1.9. You may use these patches as a starting point for patching the original mods for Horizon 1.9. Please give me credit if you do and let me know so I can point people to the updated patch

The mods on this page are some of my favorites, but require some tweaking to work well with Horizon.

These patches remedy the situation by doing the following:

  1. Add icon/sorting tags to new items
  2. Move constructible items to either the Tech Lab or Weapons Lab to declutter the Chem Station
  3. Adjust crafting recipes to match Horizon's standards
  4. Adjust new food/drink/junk items to match Horizon's standards (effects/values/junk components)
  5. Adjust Leveled Lists to include Horizon items and appropriate amounts of items
  6. Adjust Armor / Clothing / Weapons to fit Horizon's standards
  7. Adjust NPC stats to fit Horizon's standards

More detailed change logs available in the spoiler below the mod name.

For your convenience (almost) all patch plugins are tagged as light (ESL flag). They will not count towards the plugin limit.

If you are looking for SKK mod patches for Horizon I have a collection of them HERE

  • Just because all these mods have been patched does NOT mean I necessarily recommend using all of them together. Please check the original mod's page for compatibility information
  • These patches are balanced to desolation-ish standards. Meaning items may be a bit sparse for standard Horizon, but not as brutal as true desolation mode. Some locations may still need some tweaking. If you find any locations with too much loot for the challenge please let me know.

Installation / Load order

All of these patches require the original mod and Horizon v1.8. They do not include any of the quests, scripts, or other assets necessary for the mods to function.
Once you have installed the original mod, Horizon v1.8, and a patch the load order should be as follows:

Patched Mods

Commonwealth Wilderness Overhaul v1.01
CROSS Crit Gore-verhaul v9.2beta
  • Based on TugaToga's Discord only patch
Hidden Corners v3.01
  • Newly Added
Inside Jobs - Commonwealth Interiors Addon v4.01
  • Update v002 - Now includes fixes from Inside Jobs Small Fixes. It is no longer needed with this patch
  • This ESP can not be tagged as light (ESL flag). It will count toward the plugin limit
Sanctuary NPCs Overhaul v1.1
  • All in one and individual versions available
  • Not all NPCs included in this mod needed patching. Only Marcy, Preston, and Sturges.
  • Update v002 - FaceGen Data now included to increase performance
Settler and Companion Dialogue Overhaul v1.01
  • Based on TugaToga's discord only patch
  • This patch is not needed if you are using SCDO LITE
Stumble Upon Interiors v4.02

Other Recommended Horizon 1.8 Patch Repositories:

Chrislor2882 - Armor patches and Weapon patches
Greb651 - General patches
Starguard (gpthree) - General patches
sushicid3 - Weapon patches
The Illusion (ThePrinceOfHell) - General patches


Special thanks to:

The original author of each mod - For making such great things for us to enjoy

Zawinul - For making Horizon

Tugatoga - For letting me use his patches as a base for mine

Greb, Starguardace, and PiningForTheFjords for their help and feedback in creating these patches (and for keeping me sane)