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A patch to allow Horizon to work well with NCR Patrolman and Trooper Armors

Permissions and credits
-Everything has been moved to the Tech Lab. You must craft my Armory Activator which can be found in the equipment section of the Tech Lab.
-You MUST update to my latest version if you haven't downloaded it from another one of my pages. The Armory Activator it can be found here.

New in 3.0:

(3.2-added 2 more upgrades for the mods for the Stormtrooper/Commander outfits...you may need to drop your outfit and pick it back up for changes to take place)

I added in the armor chest piece, but its purely cosmetic. Use whatever chest armor piece you want for the defenses and hide it. Then you get the looks of the NCR chest piece and the defense of the armor you choose.

I've added in a new variant called the "Stormtrooper" for the trooper outfit and  "Commander" for the patrolman outfit.  They use the same outfits as the original mod but they both share the following features:

-The outfits cannot be used with any limb armor parts.

-There are 2 mods that can be installed separately:

*Underlying Cooling System: Faster AP regen.
*Trench Assault Boots: Faster movement speed.

-Both of the upgrades are unlockable using the same magazines as the NCR Patrol and Trooper Armor outfits.

Having items only craftable is a little boring, and level lists can be a pain with compatibility issues...so I wanted to give this mod a unique feel and more of a point to having it only craftable. The changes aren't that drastic, but I hope losing some of the armor parts but getting some upgrades can give you more options when gearing up your character!!!

I see this as being more of a close combat type of outfit, so unlike a couple of my other patches where you lose the ability to wear any armor parts, I decided to give only two upgrades and keep the chest armor piece.

How to get:

Armory Encyclopedia:

I wanted a way to group together all of my armor/clothing patches for Horizon. One thing I wanted to avoid is creating a whole bunch of extra menus in the chem lab. I also HATE having mods I've downloaded getting mixed in and lost with Horizon's menus--its hard to tell what's added by another mod sometimes! 

So--I created a separate .esp called "Horizon and RicktheNexus Armory Activator". It is available in the download section of all my armor patches. They are all the same file--no need to download it more than once! What it does is allow you to craft a book in the utility section of the chem lab called the "ArmoryEncyclopedia". Equipping the book will show all of my patched armor mods in the crafting menu of the chem lab. Dropping/scrapping/storing it will make them go away. This gets rid of all the clutter of menus my patches will create and still allows me to keep them all separate and organized!

All gear added requires survival magazines. This is because Horizon has a limited number of perk points and I don't want you to miss out on any gear because a perk is out of reach. Another reason is that I hope my patches can have a real sense of progression on your game. I hope it feels rewarding to check back every so often to see if you've unlocked any cool gear!

Texture Clipping:

Some textures will definitely clip with armor parts and backpacks. Especially with mods that add capes/cloaks. If you don't like the way something looks, just go into the crafting menu and hide that particular backpack or armor part!!!

Notice on NCR Patrol and Trooper Armors and my patch:

I recently added the gloves and handwrap. There is no icon to display gloves, so they will use the casual armor icon. They only give 1 to armor and cannot be upgraded, so they are basically cosmetic. If they had any sort of upgrade they would be too powerful and throw Horizon's armor balance off.
But--they look pretty nice.

I didn't incorporate mantel clothing pieces (clothes that cover body AND head). They aren't really set up to work in Horizon. I could maybe patch them but they would have duplicate entries in the crafting menu making things confusing....and they become redundant once you aquire the raincoat, so I don't really see the point.
One last thing is that you might get some clipping issues with the raincoat, definitely when wearing a backpack...but like I said above, hide the gear and your good to go!!!

I really want to encourage you to download all of my patched mods for Horizon!! I've listed them below and I really intended for them to be all used together. I hope to add more soon!

Required Files:

My Armory Activator (available in the optional downloads section)
NCR Patrolman and Trooper Armors

Load Order:

NCR Patrolman and Trooper Armors
Horizon Armory Activator
Horizon and NCR Patrolman patch

My other files:

Horizon and Gloves of the Commonwealth Patch
Horizon Campsite Patch
Horizon and NCR Patrolman and Trooper Armors Patch

Horizon Adventurer Outfit Patch
Horizon and Ranger Veteran Armor Patch
Horizon Wasteland Sniper Patch
Horizon Cross Pre-War Cybernetics AND Uni BoS Uniform Patches
Horizon and Chinese Stealth Suit Patch
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