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Serves the only purpose of adding this 2 amazing mods together to have a more immersive gameplay.

Permissions and credits
Current Version 1.3

Initial Release

This mod is currently a beta , i have been playing with the 2 mods and the patch for about 50 hours even until mid game fixing some of the bugs or unfairness while i go, use it at your own risk.


I always wanted to have a more immersive gameplay while adding multiple stuff from old games since i missed those items, came along of wasteland imports and already was playing with horizon so decided why not make them both compatible without breaking the immersion? so took 22 hours of my busy life since i love both mods and made a patch.


Currently my patch disables the ability to force lock the locks, which is a perk/ability added by wasteland imports. After an excessive testing on both mods without disabling anything had couple ctds or if i forced opened a lock the animation for horizon using tools would play and gets stuck on that endless loop. edited the key in which wasteland imports uses for the force lock and still didn't play well with horizon added ability of using tools or explosives on locks , at the end decided to disable wasteland imports force lock ability. Sorry! but my knowledge making patches and mods is not to a professional level so if someone feels like helping out with the scripts and all that feel free. the mod is for the community and not to make any kind of profit or credit for none of them, just helping out for those out there wanting to use both mods.

All wasteland import Grenade&Mines where added to horizon's weapon lab with the correct Tag
they got nerfed/buffed price changed weights and even materials to make them to keep it horizon friendly.
yes some of them require perks and some don't. i felt like just dynamite didn't need a perk to make it if anyone disagree i can always change it to require perk or magazine.

Healing Items from wasteland imports like the healing powder , ultra stimpak , auto-inject ultra stimpak and auto-inject stimpak etc got their values fixed, edited, names changed and more!. Currently
healing powder does -2 PER for 22.5s and adds 45 Dam Res for 22.5s. ultra stimpak name changed to small combat stimpak, add -50 rad res for 50 secs, disables you from running and heals you 1.2s for 1m20secs needs chemist one and science 2. does not have a cooldown like the combat stimpak from horizon. Price for the small combat stimpak is about 38 caps, auto-inject stimpak now changed to auto-inject small combat stimpak does same effects value a little bit higher and requierements. auto-inject ultra stimpak is now auto-inject Ultra Adrenaline , yes the companions will auto use it and yourself will also use it adding 2 ranks of adrenaline compared to horizon adrenaline injector.

Doctor bag removed the cure limbs to do 60% limb health instantly but requires a trauma kit as componen to make it and they are not cheap.

Everything has the proper tags for horizon/def_ui


Only supporting latest version of both mods, older or newer unreleased versions are not supported and no i won't make it compatible if it works it works if it doesn't then it doesn't.

Once mods update i will update this to work with both after testing.
please do not rush me i work full time real life and this is a hobby and a support to our modding community.

Do not ask the authors for problems related to this patch.
Do not post on their pages about bugs from the patch.
There is always a place for that , you wouldn't want to bother them while they try to make update for their mods right?!!!! :)

Thanks to HAAWAAW he made a patch to complete the level list from this patch with horizon if you would like to continue to see updates on this mod go to his patch.

Unofficial Horizon and Wasteland import integration patch

Current Bugs or issues:

None, but if you find any please report so i can fix them.


Install wasteland imports first then Horizon then this patch.
load order as follows:


If you have any suggestions feel free to post them to make the patch more suitable for other players.
if you do not like anything here feel free to post why and why shouldn't be that way, i edited everything the way i felt it should be played and the way i like to play it.

Mod Permission

If any of the authors from horizon or wasteland imports feel i did something wrong or don't like something i will take the patch down. thank you.

All the credit goes to the original authors of the mods.

Horizon By Zawinul
Wasteland Imports By Mkdo40

Tools Used:

Creation Kit