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A compatibility Patch for Horizon and Retro Fashion Overhaul

Permissions and credits
-Everything has been moved to the Tech Lab. You must craft my the Retro Fashion Catalog which can be found in the equipment section of the Tech Lab.
-Ive also updated the World Distribution patch. (Download and use this version. DO NOT use the version on the Retro Fashion Overhaul page)

This is a compatibility Patch for Horizon and Retro Fashion Overhaul. Everything can be crafted in the chem lab. I changed it so the menus will remain hidden until you craft the Retro Fashion Catalog and have it in your inventory. The catalog can be found within the utility section of the chem lab. The menus will disappear if you drop/scrap/store the catalog. I have also separated everything into several catagories so they are easy to access.
Everything can still be found in the level lists and are added via script the same as in the original mod, so things should still work ok.

I also included a version of the Retro Fashion Word Distribution file, found in the optional section. I have solved any conflicts it had with Horizon. This file adds the new outfits to certain npcs. Use my patched version INSTEAD of the original.


-All outfits can now be worn with armor parts.

-The chest piece is purely cosmetic. You can use any chest armor part you like for defenses and hide it (done via the armor workbench) and then use the cosmetic part for the look of the retro chest piece. It will look ok with some outfits and will clip with others.

-Everything has Horizon's linings/weaves etc.

*This mod adds TONS of content. If I missed anything, let me know and i'll fix it ASAP! And don't forget to give the mod author of Retro Fashion Overhaul a kudos and endorse his mod--ITS AWESOME WORK!!!!

Required Files:

Retro Fashion Overhaul

My other files:

Horizon and Gloves of the Commonwealth Patch
Horizon Campsite Patch
Horizon and NCR Patrolman and Trooper Armors Patch

Horizon Adventurer Outfit Patch
Horizon and Ranger Veteran Armor Patch
Horizon Wasteland Sniper Patch
Horizon Cross Pre-War Cybernetics AND Uni BoS Uniform Patches
Horizon and Chinese Stealth Suit Patch
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