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Patches some popular npc replacers to work with Horizon

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If you are like me and use horizon you know that you can't use npc replacers because of the changes that horizon makes. So I took it upon myself to make patches for them. This if my first time making a patch so let me know if there are any problems and I will try to get them fixed as soon as possible.

Please go to each mod page and endorse their mods because they took time out of their life to make them for us and I just patched them to work with Horizon. Also, while you are there look at what required mods are needed for these patches to work so you get the same look as their screenshot.

List Of Mods:
Tri-Companion (Cait - Curie - Piper)
Wasteland Heroines Replacer and Presets AIO
Concept Art - Characters
Dread Cait Overhaul
K-Pop Curie Overhaul and Looksmenu Preset
Occult Piper Overhaul
Vermillions Cait Overhaul and Looksmenu Preset
Bluewave Curie Overhaul
My Piper and Curie and Cait
Piper -Natural Mom-
Cait Fidelity(New Cait Moria Version)
Agemo's NPC
Deathclaw Infused Cait Overhaul
Mechanic Cait Overhaul