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Moves Horizon skills from the perk tab to a new skills tab in the pipboy. Also allows you to see your exact skill level per skill.

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Horizon recently updated and introduced skills, which are awesome, but I don't like how cluttered my perk tab gets, especially in a heavily modded late game character.  This mod takes the Horizon skill perks out of the perk tab and puts them into their own SKILLS tab right next to it using the PipboyTabs framework by Neanka.  The skills tab should list out every Horizon skill and even shows the exact skill level of each as well as the current effect (the perk) your skill level provides.  It even highlights recent changes with a dot next to the skill!

Just a few notes:
  1. The dots next to the skills indicate this skill's perk changed within the last 12 in-game hours.  This means your rank in that skill either went up to the next tier, or went down to the previous tier.
  2. The skill level displayed in the tab is 100% accurate all of the time.  It's not actually possible to make that number NOT read exactly what your value is.  However Horizon doesn't necessarily immediately add the corresponding perk right when you meet the skill level threshold as that would be very inefficient.  It should happen pretty quickly, but it could take a few seconds for the perk to actually apply, and the tab to have it's descriptions updated.
  3. The tab does not live update while you're looking at it.  You have to move off the tab and back onto it to see updates.


This should be compatible with almost everything as I use almost entirely new forms to make these changes.  Future Horizon updates may break this plugin as I needed to touch all skill perks to make this work.  The good news there is I built a FO4Edit script to do most of the work for me so future updates should be very quick to make!


Should be safe to install or uninstall whenever.


Neanka for PipboyTabs!  This mod would not be possible without his framework.  Thanks very much Neanka!

Zawinul for Horizon!  ...This would be pretty pointless without Horizon...

The F4SE team, as PipboyTabs itself relies on it to work.

The FO4Edit team, because I use FO4Edit to build and test all my mods.

Bethesda for making such a wonderfully moddable game.

Thanks and enjoy!

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