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Simple patch to add Horizon's vision mods to West Tek Tactical Optics Mod

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Note: Confirmed to work with Horizon 1.5 just fine. Please let me know if you find anything wonky!

Do you like the visors added by West Tek Tactical Optics mod?

Do you like the vision modes added by Horizon?

So do I! That's why I added this simple patch! All it does is allow you to add Horizon's vision mods to any of the items added by West Tek Tactical Optics mod. Easy peasy!

Being as Horizon adds these vision mods to any pair of sunglasses sitting in a box for two hundred years, I don't see this as a balance problem. I just don't want to take off the West Tek items to use those modes.

New changes for 1.5, thanks to RickTheNexus!
  • Increased costs of all of the goggles, and many of the modes, to more closely match Horizon's concept.
  • Added a new menu under the Chem Table where all the items will be found.
  • Changed requirements for many of the items to require slightly different perks, and the Covert Ops mags.

West Tek Tactical Optics - Night Vision Thermal Vision Goggles and More by fadingsignal
Horizon v1.5 by Zawinul
- Armor and Weapon Keywords Community Resource (AWKCR) by Gambit77 and Valdacil

Known issues:
- If you attempt to load this mod before AWKCR in the load order, it may crash when you hover over the mod in the Armor Workbench, or when examining the items. Just load it later, or use LOOT.