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Attempt to make Horizon and Immersive Fallout work together.
Tested with Horizon 1.6.4 and Immersive Fallout

Permissions and credits
Immersive Fallout = IF
Horizon = H

Immersive Fallouts: Weapon Accuracy + recoil, Movement (Player+NPC), ADS.
Horizon: Weapon damage, mods, values.

All values below are for default installation DLC of Immersive Fallout.

Movement speed
Horizon does not touch jump, so this is default from Immersive Fallout.

Immersive Fallout and Horizon both changes movement speeds, this patch preserves IF.

Immersive Fallout also changes NPC speed, by either buffing or nerfing. IF takes precedent.


Player run with pistol (not sprint):
Base: 360
H: 350 (3% decrease)
IF: 300 (20% decrease)

Backpeddling with pisol:
Base: 270
H: 240 (11% decrease)
IF: 175 (35% decrease)

Immersive Fallout changes NPC too where Horizon does not.


FeralGhoul run/sprint, decrease by 50%

SuperMutant run/sprint, increase by 50%

Aim down Sights/Recoil

Horizon only touches a few weapons and it is only about recoil and shotgun spread.
The following:
Double Barrel, Combat Shotgun, Cryolator.
In general Immersive Fallout makes the recoil more punishing than vanilla, where Horizon makes it less punishing than vanilla.