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Adjusts the stats of the NPCs in NPCs Travel to be consistent with Horizon difficulty and gameplay changes.

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OUT OF DATE!!! Please use instead! sushicid3 has written a new and up to date patch for Horizon and NPCT. Unfortunately due to life circumstances, I no longer have time to keep up with modding.

I tried my best to match up the NPCs in NPCT with their closest vanilla counterparts and carry over the changes to stats added in Horizon. I also removed the damage reductions and amplifiers added in by NPCT to make sure that enemies would not be overpowered.  I'm using this in my current play through and everything seems to be working great. Small adjustments may still need to be made like removing stimpacks from inventories I may have missed or making other small stat adjustments. Please leave a comment if you feel I made a mistake anywhere and I'll do my best to adjust it in a way that keeps it as consistent as possible with Horizon.

This file requires the all DLC versions of both mods.

I made this patch originally for personal use because I love both mods. All credits go to win2009 for NPCs Travel and zawinul for Horizon.