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This is project that I've had for quite a while and decided to give it a go again. What this does is to make some of the Power Armor mods available here on the Nexus to be compatible and not overpowered/underpowered for Horizon. Since it's my first time messing with Power Armors, these will probably get some updates to further increase balance in the game. This will consist in two files: One will be the patch for Some Assembly Required, and the Second patch will contain all my changes to the Power Armors that i've patched into one file (saves some load order space), but all patches WILL still require the original .esp's, let me explain:

The reason is because most Power Armor mods make changes in Cells (interiors or exteriors), therefore things would go haywire if you're using a mod that alters the lighting (ELFX, Ultra Interior Lightning) or mods that alters pre-combined meshes (like tree mods, and any other mod that changes the landscape in some way).

To correct this, you're gonna need to load any mods that alters the landscape or lights AFTER Power Armor mods, and make a Merged patch to solve compatibility issues later on (this is something that everyone playing Bethesda games on PC with mods should be aware of), Unfortunately I cannot do this for you, because my load order and the mods that I use will never be the same as yours.

I've implemented a system very similar to the one I've made for my weapon patches. If you want the high end stuff, you'll need Mutated animal parts, Horizon's alloys and a craftable item named "Top-Secret Sealed Package" at the Tech Lab (Requires Science IV Perk!), under Contracted Work., wich gives a "Military Secrets #1" magazine.

A friendly reminder: If you come here reporting bugs or any other issues without even reading the mod description with my advices and tips, your comment will be ignored or deleted.

To all newcomers: Do NOT update the original weapon mod UNLESS i release the updated patch here, otherwise things will not behave as intended. And if you have any sort of bug, check the original weapon mod page on the comments or bugs section FIRST before reporting here.

Remember to ALWAYS check the POSTS and FORUM sections, since the front page is only updated with basic information regarding what mods are patched and their versions.


REQUIRES Horizon v1.4.8
Some Assembly Required v1.4 (All my patches will be made with this mod in mind, so it'll be perfectly compatible).
Enclave X-02 Power Armor v0.302
T-51C AirForce Power Armor v1.1

**My future plans are to add the X-03 Hellfire (not from CreationClub)  and T-49. Maybe more will come later.**

The .esp override plugins (my patches) should be ALWAYS be placed after the original mod AND after Z_Horizon.esp. DO NOT load the original mods .esp AFTER Horizon (seriously).
Here's an example of what it should look like:

Some Assembly Required.esp


A friendly reminder: If you come here reporting bugs or any other issues without even reading my mod page and the original mod page description with my advices and tips, your comment will be ignored or deleted.


zawinul, for creating Horizon

unoctium, for creating Enclave X-02 Power Armor

newermind43, for creating T51C AirForce Power Armor