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This is a very small collection of patches that I hope to expand on in the coming months. It currently patches the Light Support Weapon, Simonov PTRS-41 Anti-Tank Rifle, and the Colt 6520 Revolver. It also has a patch for the Anti-Materiel Rifle.

Permissions and credits
Weapons that are currently included:

Creation Club:

  • Anti-Materiel Rifle by asXas/Kris Takahashi



Horizon specific features:

  • Sorting Tags for all Weapon Modifications and Miscellaneous Items.
  • General rebalancing of all Weapon values, Modification values, Base Damage, Critical Damage Multiplier, and Component costs.
  • Descriptions for Weapon Modifications, in addition to the names of some Stocks, Barrels, and Receivers have been changed in order to conform with Horizon standards.
  • Leveled List integration through scripts provided by Horizon. Weapons will start spawning on NPC after the level conditions have been met.
  • Weapons can be purchased through the Market Trading Terminal.
  • Weapon Conditions and Augmentation.
  • Ammunition Switching and Selective Firing modes.
  • ZX-1 Experimentation Lab support.
  • ...And more.

Additional features:

  • Blueprint and Technical Manual system that will declutter the Weapons Lab and Workbench. Only the options that are specifically purchased will become visible.
  • Purchasing a Blueprint through the Market Trading Terminal will allow you to craft the Weapon at the Weapons Lab.
  • Purchasing a Technical Manual through the Market Trading Terminal will allow you to craft additional Weapon Modifications at the Weapons Workbench. Currently, these Modifications are purely cosmetic. See "Weapon Standardization" for additional information.
  • General edits to Load Screens, adding additional Weapon Modifications, and removing redundant Weapon Modifications.
  • ...And more.

Weapon Standardization:

  • I have decided to standardize all Weapon Modifications. What this means is that any Modification that does no include a unique model, or offer a set of unique characteristics, has been removed from the game. Any Modifications that do provide a unique model, but possess generalized characteristics have all been standardized and included as alternative options. These Modifications can be unlocked by purchasing a Technical Manual at the Market Trading Terminal. I have done this because of the increase in time and energy that would be required in order to balance everything to Horizon standards.

Planned Features:

  • Add additional weapons to the collection.
  • Possibly add a Sealed Blueprint Package, and burnt Blueprint variants to the Mailbox Leveled List.



Additional Credits:

Horizon by Zawinul/zawinul
Leveled List Injection Toolbox by a_blind_man

Concerning future updates. I am currently taking a temporary break and will only be updating the patches that I have already released. My initial release is primarily for feedback, although the patches are complete and will work as intended. I will begin adding new patches once I start feeling a little less burnt out.