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Patch for making Ivy more in balance with Horizon.

Permissions and credits
Changes to Ivy:

- Carry weight corrected.
- Speedmulti 125 to 100.
- SPECIAL brought to Horizon companions levels.
- Added Horizon companions perks.
- Added Immunity to Poison.
- Added some energy protection to compensate her weaker dress.
- She will send gifts via mailbox when her affinity passes certain values (100, 200, 350, probably going to add more, or make them at higher levels) and when completing her affinity quest.
- Removed her handcannon from the inventory, and added a .44 in its place.

Equipment and Consumables:

- Lowered Armor Rating/Damage Resist and added Horizon keywords to Ivy's Dress.
- Ivy's Hand Cannon - Is more in line with Horizon Weapons.
- Ivy's Mutfruit Pie - No longer heals, or gives agility. +1 Endurance for 10 minutes.
- Purple Haze Weed - No longer heals, no luck/perception/strength stats change. Cures Insomnia. +1 Intelligence for 1 hour.
- Ivy's Pussy Juice - No longer heals. Equivalent to Purified Water. +2 Luck, +10 Damage, Energy, and Rad Resists for 15 minutes.

Added Tags:

- (^) Ivy's Combattant Stopper
- (^) NX-2C Local Teleport Signal
- (^) NX-2C Remote Command Signal
- (^) Overkill!

- All [#Note] tags to notes.
- All [Mag] tags to all magazines.
- All Holotape have the Holotape and Settings tags.


- Removed Laser Pistol from the suitcase in Sanctuary.
- Removed hat from inventory.
- Replaced her .44 Revolver with a 10mm.
- Porn Mags can be sold on the mailbox.

Next version:

-Add a Horizon style signature weapon. Her original weapon (.44ivy) is available through the trader after reaching 750 Affinity with Ivy. (Don't know how, yet)
- Nerf her perks? (Not sure yet)
- Add more mails.

PatchesTheClown for the Heather Casdin patch which I used as a reference to make this patch.
zawinul for the Horizon mod, which makes the game more challenging and fun.
Reginald_001 for the Ivy companion mod.