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A series of blueprints for various settlements around the Commonwealth. They aren't faction based, and more will come as I get there.

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Like it says on the tin, this is a slowly growing collection of Workshop Framework blueprints that I use.

I always feel like a settlement in a post apocalyptic world would, or should, be walled to be easier to defend, but you almost never see them in Fallout 4, aside from Diamond City, Covenant, Bunker Hill and Goodneighbor.

Well, now you too can have a selection of walled settlements defended by trigger happy unhackable turrets. I plan to do a blueprint for every settlement in the Commonwealth and Far Harbour, but I can only build for so long before I am overcome by the need to play the game, so I'll do updates as I go.

This release contains blueprints for the following:
  • Sanctuary Hills
  1. Sanctuary Base: Designed for Horizon's Expanded Settlements and Sim Settlements 2, this base has well over 800 defense, 21 Residential Plots, a full set of S.P.E.C.I.A.L. Recreational plots, 36 points of food production, municipal plots for waste, water and a hospital. Also included is the Roadhouse Bar, an 8 plot shopping center, Vault Tec 500 Power Plant and a massive Power Armour Storage, along with a full crafting center, weapon storage and player bedroom.
  2. Institute Center: Designed for Horizon's Expanded Settlements and Sim Settlements, this base has 888 defense, 25 Residential Plots, a full set of S.P.E.C.I.A.L. Recreational plots, a Bioscience building housing 120 points of automated food production, 30 points of water production along with water purifiers and a brahmin pen (brahmin not included).
  3. Also included is a 12 plot shopping lane, an Advanced Systems building housing a Vault Tec 500 Power Plant and a SRB Power Armour Storage Facility, along with weapon storage, design, display and a four lane shooting range. A player home sits on the North side of the residential area.

    a) The power lines in the Advanced Systems building did not upload correctly, so must be manually reattached, along with some of the power lines on the walls to bring the defenses up to the full 888.
    b) The constant high pitched tone is caused by the soundboxes in the SRB Shooting range. Restoring power to the building and shooting the targets fixes this.
    c) The SRB Door must be replaced and rewired. Not sure why it refuses to operate correctly after construction.
    d) The player house requires rewiring, and potentially one of the pipes in the roof picked up and released to function properly.

  • Starlight Drive-In
  1. Starlight Town: A full sized town, fully walled and defended. 3 Fusion Reactors give 300 power to the full site, which includes farming plots, and automated food production center, commercial district, residential district and a player house atop the sign.
  • Red Rocket Truck Stop
  1. Blue Rocket: Designed to keep the main building intact, this Sim Settlements 2 design is fully enclosed, with residential, agricultural and a few industrial plots, along with a hospital, full defenses and a small crafting center on top.
  • Tenpines Bluff
  1. Tenpines Fort: Designed for the Horizon Expanded Settlements and Sim Settlements, Tenpines is now fully enclosed with over 400 defense, 7 residential plots, a municipal water plot and small hideaway for the player.
  • Abernathy Farm
  1. Abernathy Fort: An expanded and enclosed fort around the farm, the main building has been left intact. Several residential plots have been put in, along with water production, and room for the player to expand as they like!
  • Outpost Zimonja
  1. Zimonja Farm: Designed for Horizon's Expanded Settlements and Sim Settlements 2, Zimonja farm is a simple 8 person outpost. It comes with 3 solar arrays, seperate protected housing and protected agriculture plots.
  • Oberland Station
  1. Oberland Station: A partially enclosed settlement with close to 400 defense and a multi-level layout.

  • Graygarden
  1. Graygarden Tower: Graygarden, walled, defended and built up onto the collapsed freeway. The central tower has space to add in interior plots if you so desire!

  • County Crossing
  1. Crossing Town: Thanks to the incredible overhaul of County Crossing, you now can have a small town where this tiny settlement used to be!