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(Outdated) (Do not use for any Horizon version past 1.4.8)
This patch aims to balance and add most of Wasteland Imports items to Horizon whilst trying not to disrupt Horizon's balance.

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UPDATE 11/10/2020

Unfortunately I think merging these 2 mods wasn't that great of an idea, for a couple of reasons, first of all my experience with modding was and still is quite limited, so the extent of the changes I could make for this patch are very superficial, I'm very slowly learning my way around CK and FO4edit though so this may change in the future... however since I last updated this patch Horizon's newest version was 1.4 and quite a lot has changed, effectively making this patch need a lot more work to integrate properly.

Another very important reason is that Horizon already adds many items that serve the same function of those in Wasteland Imports, so I would either have to disable/eliminate some from Wasteland Imports, making this merge patch somewhat pointless.

So with all that being said, I won't be updating this patch anymore, but anyone is free to pick it up and continue where I left off, modify and share it in anyway they'd like, it's all fine by me, also my apologies for not checking on this mod sooner. 

However I do want to make some other simpler patches for Horizon, when I have something that works nicely I'll upload it/them.

Horizon 1.4.7 and 1.4.8 is supported. (Horizon 1.5+ is NOT supported)

Both Horizon and Wasteland Imports are truly fantastic mods, unfortunately they are highly incompatible with each other. W.I. balanced its content for vanilla FO4 which means that its leveled item lists are rather "generous" (at least compared to Horizon), which means the new items would show up way too frequently if loaded after Horizon and on the other hand they wouldn't show up at all if you were to load W.I. before Horizon.

That's where this patch comes in, I balanced and added a lot of W.I. items to vendors, loot and, in a few cases, enemies; I tried to not mess with Horizon's balance too much, or course this is subjective, some may think the patch makes Horizon too easy by making the new items too abundant, or even feel like Wasteland Imports isn't installed at all by making items too rare, that's why I'd like to hear your guys' feedback, opinions and ideas.

The items themselves were also re-balanced to better fit Horizon's balance, healing properties were mostly removed for food and drinks, some healing items have been disabled, (at least for now, until I figure out a better way to implement them) chems have also been balanced as well as the new weapons, overall they shouldn't feel over-powered.

Crafting requirements for both Wasteland Imports items and some vanilla FO4 chems were also rebalanced, I'm talking about perk requirements and ingredients. This is currently WIP and will most likely change, unless you guys like how it's currently set up of course.

Some new items in W.I. are somewhat redundant for Horizon, for example, the Super and Ultra Stimpaks, (Although their auto-inject variants are interesting) I'd like to repurpose these items into something different, and I'd really like to hear your guys' ideas for this.


To sum it up, this patch integrates Wasteland Imports' content to work better with horizon.


  • Automatron DLC
  • Far Harbor DLC
  • Nuka World DLC
  • Wasteland Imports
  • Horizon 1.3.1+
  • AWCKR 3.1.1+ (If you use the optional AWCKR/Armorsmith Extended Patch)


First of all, you need to have both Wasteland Imports and Horizon installed, in that order, that means mojaveimports.esp can go anywhere as long as it goes before horizon's plugins (Z_Horizon.esp, specifically), then put my patch in after that, it should be near the bottom, and that's it.

Uninstalling the patch shouldn't cause any issues, just make sure any effect from the new chems, food and aid items aren't currently affecting your character, they could get stuck otherwise. And you will need to uninstall wasteland imports as well otherwise the new, already spawned items will still remain in your game.

  • Zawinul
  • Mikado and customtemplar
  • LuisAdeur
  • RedBaron
  • ArcherDown
  • MajorDick
  • Cedzilla
  • Skyman
  • McGuffin
  • lilmoefow
  • waster93
  • And everyone who has downloaded my patch!