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A compilation of my autopatch scripts: VISifier, Horizonifier, AWCKRifier.

Permissions and credits
These scripts attempt to automatically create patches for various mods, by generating overrides with certain changes.

Extract the "Edit Scripts" folder in this archive into your FO4Edit directory. There should be a folder of that name in there already.

Open your mods in Fo4Edit, select the relevant entries or just the whole mod, then rightclick -> apply script -> select the script you want to run. You will be asked to select an ESP into which to insert the overrides. You will probably want "<new file>" if it's your first time, or the patch file you generated previously.
Caution: More often than not Fo4Edit will break if you try to process your entire load order. It's usually better to process individual mods separately, and hit CTRL+S inbetween.

The Scripts:

Adds VIS sorting tags to the names:
  • Shipments and Scrap: {Scrap}
  • Resources (aka, scrap which represents one certain component): {Resource}
  • Loose mods: {Mod}
  • Collectibles: [Collectible]
  • Quest items: [Quest]
  • Currency (weightless valuables): (Currency)
  • Valuables (with weight): (Valuable)
  • Useless junk: [Trash]
  • "Good" chems: (Chem)
  • "Bad" chems: [Chem]
  • Food (mostly cooked): (Food)
  • Raw food and crops: [Raw]
  • Packaged food with rads: [Prewar]
  • Generic drinks: (Drink)
  • Alcoholic beverages: [Liquor]
  • Nuka Cola: [Nuka]
  • Syringes: [Syringe]
  • Devices: (Device)
  • Tools: {Tool}
  • Newspaper (currently, only SimSettlements New Bugle can be recognized): [News]
  • Notes: [Note]
  • Perk Magazines: [Perk: Mag]
  • Mines: (Mine)
  • Grenades: (Grenade)
  • Keys: |Key|
  • Ammo: (Ammo)
  • Holotapes: [Holotape]

Adds Horizon's sorting tags to item names:

  • Shipments: [  ] (two whitespaces)
  • Scrap: [Junk]
  • Resources (aka, scrap which represents one certain component): (_)
  • Loose mods: [Mod]
  • Collectibles: [Collectible]
  • Quest items: [Quest]
  • Currency (weightless valuables): (Currency)
  • Valuables (with weight): ($)
  • Useless junk: [Misc]
  • "Good" chems: (+)
  • "Bad" chems: (~)
  • Food (mostly cooked): [Food]
  • Raw food: {Raw}
  • Crops: {Crops}
  • Packaged food with rads: {Prewar}
  • Generic drinks: [=]
  • Alcoholic beverages: {Liquor}
  • Nuka Cola: [=C]
  • Syringes: [Syringe]
  • Devices: (^)
  • Tools: (X)
  • Notes incl Newspapers: [#Note]
  • Perk Magazines: [Magazine]
  • Mines: (Mine)
  • Grenades: (Grenade)
  • Keys: |Key|
  • Ammo: (Ammo)
  • Holotapes: [#Holotape]
For consumable items, healing effects are removed.

Certain recipes are moved from the Chemistry Workbench to the Tech Lab or the Weapon Lab:
  • Grenades are moved to the Weapon Lab to GRENADES
  • Mines and Traps are moved to the Weapon Lab to MINES AND TRAPS
  • Weapons are moved to the Weapon Lab to WEAPONS
  • Ammo are moved to the Weapon Lab to AMMUNITION (Special)
  • Holotapes are moved to the Tech Lab to DEVICES
  • Misc devices are moved to the Tech Lab to TOOLS AND PARTS

Changes to recipes:
  • In explosives, 1 point of Fertilizer is replaced by 10 points of Explosive Material
  • Perk requirements for Cooking, Chemistry, Armor, Power Armor and Weapon workbenches are changed to match Horizon.
  • Perk requirements and costs for Shops are also changed to match Horizon. This means they will mostly use Vendor Contracts or Vendor Credits
  • instead of Caps.
Other changes:
  • Powered water pumps are changed in according to Horizon: The power requirement is set to 1/2 of the water production value (3/4, if the pump doesn't require dirt). A bonus happiness value of twice the water production value is added.
  • Sinks/Water fountains (that is, things which you can drink from) which produce clean water will be changed to produce irradiated water instead.

Warning: do not use this script on Horizon itself.

Regarding Weapons and Armor: a rudimentary tagging system is in place now. It will just assign vanilla naming rules to any equipment which is lacking them. Existing naming rules aren't being updated yet.

Moves workbenches to the new menu added by Organized Workbench Menu. This should also be able to create new submenus for new, mod-added workbenches as well. Submenus for mod-added benches will be named after the first bench of the corresponding type the script encounters.

There is one caveat:
If you have mod A which adds a new workbench type, and then a mod B which adds a variant of said workbench, you should select the same target file for both of these files. Otherwise the script would not be able to tell if the submenu for that type exists, and create a new one.
An example to clarify:
You run this script on AWKCR. It will create the submenus "Weaponsmith Workbench", "Armorsmith Workbench", "Ammunition Workbench" and "Explosives Workbench", and write everything into my-awesome-awkcr-patch.esp. Then you install a mod which adds clean, pre-war versions of these workbenches and want to run the script on this mod, too. Now you should select my-awesome-awkcr-patch.esp again. If you don't, the script won't know that the four aforementioned submenus exist already, and will create new versions of them.

Update OWM-Master:
Similar to above, but instead of creating new patches, this mod will write changes directly into OWM-Master.esp (or .esl).
Unless you only ever want to process .esm or .esl files, you should definitely use the .esp version of OWM-Master. It can be found under optional files on the mod's page.

Moves certain things into AWCKR benches. Use "ExtraWorkbenches.esp" to add two additional benches for certain things.

  • Grenades and Mines will be moved to the Explosive Workbench.
  • Ammo will be moved to the Ammo Workbench. 
  • Weapons and Traps (like the Caltrops or Bear Traps) will be moved to the Weaponsmith Workbench.
  • Armor, or other clothing items, will be moved to the Armorsmith Workbench.
  • Holotapes and misc. devices will be moved to the Electronics Workstation; Tools and craftable scrap to the Utility Workbench.


If you have both Horizon and AWCKR, you can use this to make the new AWKCR workbenches more useful. Run this script on Horizon, or on any patch you made using the AWKCRifier, and it will copy some recipes to the respective benches:
  • Ammunition crafting and disassembly at the Weapon Lab is copied to the Ammo workbench
  • Weapon crafting is copied from the Weapon Lab to the Weaponsmith Workbench
  • Grenades and Mines & Traps are copied from the Weapon Lab to the Explosives Workbench.
  • Equipment from the Tech Lab is copied to the Armorsmith Workbench

Creates patches for Auto Doors. If applied to a mod, this script will create overrides for any
contained doors with the keyword "AD_CrossModUniversalDoorSupport"

Replace Placed Objects
Replaces placed objects in a mod with other objects. This changes the mod you call it on directly!
Replacements are configured in the file replace-map.txt by putting in lines in the form of: "<some editor id>=<another editor id>"
That is, the editor ID to search for, an equals sign, and the editor ID to replace it with.
For example:


Recompiles scripts and fragments in selected records. Obviously, you must have the corresponding PSC files, and probably also the CK installed. See below about configuring the compiler.

By default, the CK doesn't put your fragments into any namespace. You have to manually rename them first. This script automates this.
It asks you for a namespace, then checks whenever the fragments in the selected records have any, and if not, adds it. It makes a copy of the PSC file, changes the script name in there, and recompiles it. See below about configuring the compiler.

Tagging configuration:
For VISifier and Horizonifier, tags can be set manually by creating text files under "Edit Scripts\tagging-overrides". If you do not enter a tag, the item will be ignored by the script.

someEditorID=[VIS PREFIX]

; empty lines are ignored, just as lines starting with a semicolon

; This means that the item with the Editor ID "doNotTagThis" will not be processed:

Compiler configuration:
For AddNamespaceToFragments and RecompileScripts, you can change some options in praCompiler.pas.
To use Caprica instead of the default compiler, put the path to Caprica's root directory into the variable "CapricaDir". Maybe you will have to change the includes, too. See the comments in the file.