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Compatibility Patch for Horizon 1.7 and Unique NPCs - Creatures and Monsters of the Commonwealth 2.1

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  • Mandarin
Horizon - Unique NPCs Creatures and Monsters of the Commonwealth Patch


Compatibility Patch for Horizon and Unique NPCs - Creatures and Monsters

Chinese Translation by so668


What this does

Forwards Horizon changes to

- Loot Lists and Meat chances
- Food Effects, Disease Chance and Recipes
- Item Prices and Rarity
- Creature Health, Damage and Resistances
- Enemy Scaling and Perk Effects

for all new types of enemies added in Unique NPCs - Creatures and Monsters of the Commonwealth



Wasteland Workshop DLC
Far Harbor DLC
Nuka World DLC
Armor and Weapon Keywords Community Resource (AWKCR) v.8.x+
Unique NPCs - Creatures and Monsters of the Commonwealth 2.1
Horizon 1.7


Optional Files

These plugins will prevent the new creatures added by Unique NPCs Creatures and Monsters of the Commonwealth from spawning, either removing them completely or making them exceedingly rare. This does not impact the added visual diversity added to vanilla and dlc creatures. You can choose as many or few of these plugins as you want, mix and match, etc. Note: This will not despawn creatures already present in your saved game, you will have to wait for the relevant cells to reset. Load after the main patch.

- No Radspiders
- No Radchickens/Rabbits
(Big thank you to Tugatoga!)
- No Radsquirrels
- No Nightstrikers
- No Seaclaws
- No Deathwings
- No Bleaters


AWKCR Disabler

Small optional file to disable features redundant or broken from AWKCR when used with Horizon. Not dependant on main patch, currently WIP. Load after Horizon.

- Disables AWKCR workbenches
- Disables Stencil spawns
- Disables Paint Can requirements for paints (Horizon prevents most of them from spawning)



Unique NPCs - Creatures and Monsters.esp
Z_Horizon optional files
(Horizon AWKCR Disabler.esp)
Horizon Unique Creatures Patch.esp
Horizon Unique Creatures Patch optional files



Q: My game crashes on startup
A: 99% of the time a missing master error - double-check your loadorder and load plugins in the recommended order; Loot and Vortex do not reliably sort them correctly.

Q: My game crashes on loading a save / loading Main Menu
A: Check that you have the latest versions of Horizon and Unique NPCs Creatures; The latter in particular has a 2.1 hotfix you have to download separate from the main install - it is required for this patch to run, so double-check you have it. (for Vortex users: resolve the mod conflict warning it gives you by loading the patch after the main Unique Creatures file, otherwise it will load the wrong plugin)


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