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A script extender for REDengine 4.

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RED4ext is a library that extends REDengine 4. It will allow modders to add new features, modify the game behavior, add new scripting functions or call existing ones in your own plugins.

This library is similar to:

This library is split into two parts:
  • RED4ext - This project which consist of the loader, it only takes care of managing plugins.
  • RED4ext.SDK - This project contains the reversed types and helpers to extend the engine, it can be used independently of RED4ext.

If you are developing a new plugin, add only RED4ext.SDK in your project structure.


  • Download the latest zip (e.g. red4ext_x.y.z.zip) from GitHub or NexusMods.
  • Extract the content of the archive in the game's directory.
  • Launch the game.
  • (Optional) Check the log file in <game_directory>/red4ext/logs/red4ext.log to make sure everything works.


  • Remove winmm.dll from <game_directory>/bin/x64.
  • (Optionally) Remove red4ext directory from <game_directory>.

The complete / most up to date documentation is now available at docs.red4ext.com.