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About this mod

Hides main HUD widgets by default and shows them only on certain events (configurable). Adds in-game widget toggle hotkeys and optional files to tweak minimap zoom and position.

Permissions and credits

  • Hides main HUD widgets by default and shows them only on certain events which you can configure
  • Included widgets: Action Buttons, Crouch Indicator and Weapon Roster, Hints, Minimap, Player Healthbar, Quest Tracker, World Markers
  • Adds new hotkey for your selected widgets group toggle (check the details below)
  • Adds new hotkey for minimap toggle
  • Adds config option to tweak minimap widget opacity
  • For minimap zoom tweaking use my Improved Minimap Zoom mod

How to install

  • Download the latest redscript release and unpack it into the game folder
  • Download Limited HUD archive and unpack it to the game folder
  • Configure LHUD hotkeys using included how-to guide
  • (Optional) Configure modules visibility as you like

Required redscript version: 0.2.4+

Limited HUD - Hotkeys

The mods adds two additional in-game hotkeys which you can use to toggle widgets visibility:

  • Global Toggle: global hotkey which you can use to toggle visibility for any module combination by your choice. By default it toggles Minimap, Quest Tracker and World Markers modules.
  • Minimap Toggle: minimap toggle hotkey (migrated from the previous mod version), I decided to keep it to prevent the game config files mess up for those players who already use LHUD.

Configuration options

Each module has IsEnabled option, set it to false if you want to disable the module and restore default game behavior for reladed widgets.

Besides that each module has BindToGlobalHotkey option, if set to true it means that you can toggle module visibility with Global Toggle hotkey so you can chose any module combination which you want to toggle.

And lastly you can configure visibility conditions for most widget modules, possible options are:

  • Combat: visible when combat mode is active
  • OutOfCombat: visible when combat mode is not active and stealth mode is not active
  • Scanner: visible when scanner is active
  • Stealth: visible when stealth mode is active
  • Vehicle: visible when player mounted to vehicle
  • Weapon: visible when weapon unsheated
  • Zoom: visible when zoom is active (on PC you can activate it by holding mouse right button)

LHUD config file located here: Cyberpunk 2077\r6\scripts\LHUD\hudConfig.reds

Limited HUD - Main modules

Action Buttons
  • Available options: Combat, OutOfCombat, Stealth, Weapon, Zoom (underscore means enabled by default)
  • Contains consumable, grenade, phone and vehicle buttons

Crouch Indicator and Weapon Roster
  • Always displayed when player has weapon unsheathed
  • Available additional options: Stealth
  • Fixed vanilla widget behavior when it popped up with scanner disabling no matter of your weapon state
  • Contains crouch icon and weapon roster panel

  • Available options: Combat, OutOfCombat, Stealth, Vehicle, Weapon, Zoom

  • Available options: Combat, OutOfCombat, Stealth, Vehicle, Scanner, Weapon, Zoom
  • Default widget opacity set to 0.75 (configurable)
  • Configurable minimap toggle hotkey (F8 by default, you can rebind it with in-game settings menu)
  • Optional files to tweak minimap widget position
  • Optional files to tweak minimap widget zoom

Player Healthbar
  • Default healthbar visibility conditions: HP or memory not full, player has active quickhacks or buffs, combat mode activated.
  • The mod add separate options  to enable or disable any of the default conditions
  • Available additional options: OutOfCombat, Stealth, Weapon, Zoom

Quest Tracker
  • Available options: Combat, OutOfCombat, Stealth, Vehicle, Scanner, Weapon, Zoom

World Markers
  • Available options: Combat, OutOfCombat, Stealth, Vehicle, Scanner, Weapon, Zoom
  • Markers include quest, POI, vehicle and loot mappins as well as some gameplay and combat mappins like grenades etc.
  • Parially compatible with my Muted Markers mod

Limited HUD - Optional files

Misc UI fixes and tweaks which can be used as standalone mods.

  • Dialog Widget Resizer: allows to scale dialog widget size, by default scale value set to 1.0 so tweak it as you like
  • Fix Evolution Icons: fixes wrong icons for Power and Tech weapons used in info popups
  • Hide Speedometer: hides speedometer widget for TPP camera view
  • No Aim Dot Sheathed: hides aiming dot crosshair when your weapon is sheathed
  • No Enemy Highlight: keeps red highlight effect active only for non-friendly NPCs under Ping effect, disables it otherwise
  • No Healthbar Texts: removes HP and max HP text labels from player healthbar widget
  • No Marker Pulse: disables pulse animation for tracked markers
  • Objects Coloring: allows to change or remove fill and outline glow coloring for different object categories (friendly and hostile NPCs, hackable devices, distractions etc.)


Minimap position
  • Adjusts minimap widget screen position
  • If you are using Modular HUD and UI Tweaker then install compatibility files and do not use Minimap positioning addon from LHUD.

I have plans to add more positioning addons in the future versions.

Limited HUD guide from Gopher


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