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Adds a new feline companion, Elmo, to the Japantown apartment. Includes 12+ different spots for her to use, as well as the option to pet her the same way as in the Pet The Cat mod.

Permissions and credits
Adds a new feline companion, Elmo, to the Japantown apartment!
You can find Elmo there once you have purchased the apartment.
Elmo has 12+ different spots she can be found at around the apartment, and can also be petted the same was as in the Pet The Cat mod.

Change the cat's appearance?
You can pick and choose what the cat looks like with the Apartment Cats: Custom Cats mod!

How to pet Elmo:
Upon entering the apartment, approach Elmo and Greet/Fuss her (not available if she is asleep*, let her sleep!)
Once fussed/greeted enter and leave the shower or wardrobe.
If you showered she will be sat at the food bowls, if you used the wardrobe she'll be next to the record player.
Now you can give her pets!
(*If she is asleep simply use the bed, or run out of the apartment, to the stairs/vending machine and back, and she'll change to a new spot)

Who is Elmo?

Friendly neighborhood cat, Elmo

Is this compatible with other cat mods?
Yes! This mod is fully compatible with Pet Your Cat, Apartment Cats: The Glen / NaliApartment Cats: Corpo Plaza / Leia,  Apartment Cats: Motel / Jack

and Cat Replacers for Nibbles (but the replacers shouldnt affect Elmo)

Ko-Fi link:
Really like my mod(s)?: Ko-Fi: Deceptious

How to install:
Unzip the main .zip file into the "Cyberpunk 2077" folder so that:
The .archive and .xl end up in the "Cyberpunk 2077\archive\pc\mod" folder.
The .yaml wants to be in the "Cyberpunk 2077\r6\tweaks" folder.

How to install the REDmod (coming soon) version:
Unzip the REDmod .zip file into the "Cyberpunk 2077" folder so that:
The MotelCat folder ends up in the "Cyberpunk 2077\mods" folder.
The .yaml wants to be in the "Cyberpunk 2077\r6\tweaks" folder.

Required mods:
TweakXL: Needed for the cat to work at all! (Essential)
ArchiveXL: Needed for the cat's name change (Non essential)
RED4ext: Needed by one or both of the above required mods

How to uninstall:
Remove the JapanCat.archive and JapanCat.archive.xl files from the "Cyberpunk 2077\archive\pc\mod" folder.
(REDmod) Remove the JapanCat folder from the "Cyberpunk 2077\mods" folder.
Remove the JapanCat.yaml file from the "Cyberpunk 2077\r6\tweaks" folder.

Like this cat mod?
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Apartment Cats: Motel (Jack)
Apartment Cats: Corpo Plaza (Leia)
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Pet Your Cat

Thank you to Zwei for the main/banner photos!
Thank you to Halk for the Cat Mom shirt seen in the images: GonkWardrobe - Custom Clothes

Fully localised for the 2 new interactions (Fuss/Greet and Pet).

Compatibility risks:

Low, I'm still one of the only ones modding these files currently.
Does not edit any files I use in my other mods so they are all compatible too.

The mod edits the following files:
  • base\workspots\animals\cat\cat__sit_ground_food__eat__02.workspot
  • base\worlds\03_night_city\_compiled\default\interior_-13_15_0_1.streamingsector
  • base\worlds\03_night_city\_compiled\default\quest_b0ee5744da29cf3b.streamingsector
  • dlc\dlc6_apart\loc_dlc6_apart_wbr_jpn\quest\scenes\dlc6_apart_wbr_jpn_interactions.scene
  • base\localization\<lang>\subtitles\quest\dlc6\dlc6_apart_wbr_jpn_interactions.json

The mod adds the following file:
  • base\localization\japan_cat_name.json
  • base\quest\main_quests\prologue\q003\characters\japan_cat.ent

Known issues/limitations:
I had to expand the apartment's trigger volume to prevent you seeing Elmo appear/vanish. This just means you are considered to be inside the apartment a little earlier than in the base game, it shouldn't have any other effects.

If you find any, particularly with the Greet/Pet localisations in this mod or in the wider game, please let me know using the bugs tab!